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Kevin George, ex-professional football player, now educational speaker, is the perfect inspirational speaker to motivate and inform your guests at your event. With his diverse background in studying human behaviour, the educational speaker became passionate about emotional literacy, which has made him into the emotional intelligence speaker he is today.

Reasons to Book This Artist

  • This mental health speaker gives talks on personal and professional development
  • Our sports guest speaker has spoken for high-end clients such as Arsenal FC and schools across the UK
  • This inspirational speaker has an impressive eduational background in human behaviour / emotional literacy
  • A truly unique educational speaker – delivers talks based around ’emotional literacy’
  • An inspirational speaker with an impressive football background – played for huge club West Ham United
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Kevin George, the mental health speaker, will be a crucial addition to your event to get the most out of his audience – he is an inspirational speaker at the top of his game. With his specialist knowledge in emotional literacy, our sports guest speaker will deliver an interesting, engaging talk with a completely unique angle and topic to motivate and educate the audience.
Mental health speaker, Kevin, spent eight years playing football professionally for clubs West Ham United FC and Charlton Athetic FC, and then started taking part in films, programmes and commercials worldwide, where the sports guest speaker worked for huge clients such as Nike, Coca-Cola and Walkers Crisps. Alongside this TV career, our educational speaker began studying human behaviour, where he founded ‘Vivo Team LTD’, an organization specialising in human performance. This unique, diverse background of our inspirational speaker is what makes this sports guest speaker stand out in particular – it enables our educational speaker to take a different angle on his talks.

Our emotional intelligence speaker bases his talks around personal and professional development, where he uses creative ways to interact and engage with his audience. He is an educational speaker that enables his audience to take something valuable away from his talks that they can apply to their own personal lives. Due to the speciality of our mental health speaker in the emotional literacy field, our inspirational speaker has worked with some huge football clubs including Arsenal, Manchester United and Liverpool, has worked with several schools across the UK and much more.

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