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Looking to hire Brazilian Dancers for your event?

Are you looking for some of the most entertaining Rio themed entertainers in the UK and around the globe that specialize in Brazilian carnival dance?

We offer a wide range of Brazilian Samba dancers available to hire for corporate events, festivals, themed parties, carnivals, Olympics events and more.  Our Rio themed entertainment keeps your guests in the Brazilian vibe. We supply Brazilian themed entertainers for events all around the world and take pride in the expert level that our Brazilian carnival entertainers perform at.

Our Olympic Rio dancers are all ready to make custom Brazilian theme shows and Olympic style costumes to be ready for your Olympic themed Rio event.

We offer several different groups of Rio themed entertainers that all can offer a wide range of performances from Brazilian dancers, capoeira dancers, summer stilt walkers, Latin bands and more.

Samba Dancers "Feeling of Brazil" 1

Where can we provide our Rio Carnival Dancers?

We can provide Brazilian dancers as day and night entertainment to anywhere around the world for people of all backgrounds so everyone can have the chance to feel the heart and soul of Brazil.

Our vibrant Rio dancers are not only experts in the art of Brazilian dancing but they are also professional costume designers, so if you are planning a Rio themed event, our dancers can accommodate with a custom-made, bespoke costume!

All of our Brazilian themed dancers are based in different locations around the UK or based internationally so if you are hosting a Rio themed event or Brazilian themed night then you can request the closest performers to you and start planning your Brazilian themed event.

For more information on our extremely talented Olympic Rio dancers, you can send us an email and receive a quick response or simply drop us a call and ask our trained events professionals about our vibrant Brazilian dancers!

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Can we help with Brazilian Samba Dancers?

Speak to one of our Event Managers to see how we can help with all your Entertainment for Events.

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