Picture this, it’s Summer 2021, you’re in a field watching an amazing dance and music performance. You’re surrounded by friends, the sun is shining and you’ve got your favourite drink in hand. Many of our clients are now looking ahead to Summer 2021 and the events they’ll be hosting, and, consistently we are finding that festival themed events are appearing as one of our top enquiries.

Therefore we- along with the majority of the UK population- are looking forward to a summer full of amazing festival-inspired events filled with music and fun. With many of our clients enquiring about dancers to hire for these kinds of events, we’ve collated a list of our top 10 dancers for festival events.

Whether you’re hosting a corporate festival event, private party with festival theming or a large scale commercial music event, we’ve got a huge selection of dancers for parties available to hire for your festival themed party or event.

1. LED Glow Performers

We absolutely love our LED glow performers for festival themed parties and events. Not only are these a brilliant option if your festival themed event extends into the evening, but, they are also a great way of incorporating costumes and outfits into the performance.

Our event managers have a whole host of different LED glow performers to recommend to our clients. These include:

Not only can these dancers for hire perform on stage, but they can also walkabout and meet and greet festival and party goers, making a great photo opportunity and a fun guest interaction moment.

Each of our brilliant LED glow performers has their own style and genre of dance, but all of them are guaranteed to set a great mood for your festival themed event.

technology and halloween entertainers

2. Carnival Inspired Dancers

From Notting hill carnival to the streets of Rio de Janeiro, nothing creates a party atmosphere more than the amazing dancers you see performing in their colourful costumes. Our Carnival inspired dancers create a brilliant party atmosphere, ensuring all guests are having a great time.

Performing the Samba as well as other dances, these dancers are a brilliant addition to any festival themed party. Our event managers will be able to guide you on the right group to book for your event. However, below are just a few of our favourites:

Our dancers for hire are highly skilled professionals, with years of experience in performing and dancing at parties and events. Furthermore, our carnival-inspired dancers have the highest quality costumes, ensuring they look authentic.

Our performers can also be booked for festival party and event meet and greets, as well as parades and photo opportunities.

Group of brightly coloured female Brazilian carnival inspired festival dancers for hire

3. Fire Dancers

If you’re looking for a truly spectacular dance show that will leave your guests talking about your festival event for years to come, then we highly recommend our fire dancers.

These specific dancers for parties and events are ideal for festival themed, outdoor events due to the nature of their show. Combining multiple different methods and moves, our fire dancers are an excellent way to welcome in an evening full of fun entertainment.

Depending on our clients and their venues requirements, we are able to offer multiple different dancers with varied routines. Some of our favourites include:

Female fire dancer wearing sequin playsuit twisting fire sparklers around her body as part of her fire dancing performance for a festival themed party.

4. Breakdancers

If you’re looking to book high energy, modern and inspiring dancers, our breakdancers could be an excellent solution. With various different dance groups and dance troupes available, our break dancers can offer bespoke and custom dance routines to suit the music at your festival themed party.

Offering male, female and mixed dance groups as well as solo dancers and break dancers that can incorporate multimedia visuals into their shows. Below are a few of our favourite performers:

Additionally, our breakdancers don’t necessarily have to perform on stage. Some ways we have incorporated breakdancers into our festival themed events and parties is by having them break out into dance in crowded areas, surprising the surrounding guests. This can also work really well if you’re looking to incorporate a flash mob into your event.

Male and female breakdancers standing in a v shaped unit on performing on stage at festival themed party wearing street fashion clothing

5. Showgirl Dancers

Our showgirl dancers and burlesque performers are an excellent option for entertainment at corporate festival events and parties. They can perform on stage between musical performances to a selection of different music.

One of the brilliant things about booking showgirls and burlesque performers is that each act has its own unique style. Therefore, meaning that you can pick exactly the right performer for your festival themed party. For example, we have burlesque comedy acts, cabaret-style burlesque, showgirl can-can dancers, showgirls that can dance within the crowds, sultry burlesque shows and much much more.

Our event managers will work with each client on a bespoke basis, sourcing the right burlesque dancers and showgirls for each event. However, below are just a few of our favourite options:

Vegas showgirls with light up wings performing in front of guests at Las Vegas Themed Gala Dinner. Available to hire London UK

Additionally, we offer all kinds of themed entertainment, therefore if your festival themed party or event has a specific theme we can provide matching entertainment. As an event management company, we specialise in offering full-service solutions. Meaning that you can either book a singular act such as a festival dancer. Or, you can book a full-service solution including event theming, venue styling, management services, staging lighting and AV, catering and more.

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