Interview With Gary, Creator Of Better Air:

“You can live 3 days without water, 3 weeks without food but only 3 minutes without air. You choose what you eat and what you drink. Today, thanks to Julia Charles Event Management and our Clean Air Solutions everybody in this event got to choose to breathe very good quality air.”

And with this statement, Gary, the creator of Better Air, starts what will be a very insightful interview about organic clean air solutions with Julia Charles Event Management Director, Julia Charles.

“Generally,” he continues, “you are forced to breathe everybody’s germs. People have been coughing and sneezing and by the end of the day everybody will be feeling lethargic due to the bad quality of the air, hence will leave the conference with half a cold!”

Therefore, Better Air will be revolutionary for events.

Richard Lane and Julia Charles-Wiginton discussing the Better Air concept and Champions of Sustainable Events and the impact it had on the Rotable Repairs event.
Richard Lane and Julia Charles-Wiginton discussing the Better Air concept and Champions of Sustainable Events and the impact it had on the Rotable Repairs event.

Seems like we are becoming more conscious about air quality. That probably is because our environment is dangerously polluted. If Better Air starts being used in the Events Industry, we will reach a point where people will actually research the air quality of hotels and venues! People will be enquiring about Clean Conference Air and Eco-friendly Event Management!

Ultimately, organic clean air solutions being implemented or not will dictate whether the potential customer chooses the venue.

“Most people talk the talk however never walk the walk” expresses Gary. “But Julia Charles Event Management is happy to do something towards the environment. When Julia heard about Better Air, she saw the bigger picture: the possibility to bring clean air solutions to events. Above all, it is important to change the world one step at a time. Even more, take the product and champion with it towards something new!”

Julia reveals that she never knew that our air was so full of germs. When she got her eyes opened, she was slightly uncomfortable about the fact that she spent so many years unaware of the negative impacts of Indoors Air Pollution:

“We spend so many hours indoors, in our houses, offices, venues… And even cars! that are built air-tight, hence air does not circulate! When it comes to our events, our clients have a corporate responsibility and we want to provide them with sustainable, organic clean air solutions.”

Julia says “We are not experts, we are learning. We are looking to put together a few keen individuals between sectors to become Champions of Sustainable Events. Also, we want to learn and change the market towards a more sustainable future!”

So what do you think about Air Quality Management?

Would you want to have Cleaner Air magically brought to your event? Are you concerned about the integrity of the air that you breathe in confined or crowded spaces?

And finally, how far are you willing to go to make this world a cleaner and more breathable place? Sometimes, all it takes is the help of a small never-seen air purifier to change the world!  

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