Online Chinese Calligraphy

Our virtual Chinese calligraphy workshop will teach you how to write Chinese calligraphy online!

Price From: £600 + VAT

REASONS TO BOOK OUr online Chinese calligraphy:

  • Duration: 1-2 hours
  • Available for step-by-step teaching or writing demonstrations
  • Virtual Chinese calligraphy workshop hosted by a professional teacher
  • Learn how to write your name using Chinese calligraphy
  • Understand artistry techniques used to write Chinese calligraphy
  • Learn how to write lucky Chinese phrases and words for Chinese New Year!

Celebrate Chinese New Year with your very own online Chinese calligraphy demonstration!

Your teacher is knowledgeable in the art of writing Chinese calligraphy and will provide you will a demonstration of how to write certain phrases and words.

Your teacher will also be able to discuss the strokes and styles used when writing Chinese calligraphy and will explain the meanings behind Chinese words.

Furthermore, if you are looking to learn Chinese calligraphy, a live Chinese calligraphy workshop is also available.

Your teacher will guide you through the stages of writing Chinese calligraphy, explain how to use the artistic methods in practice and will also discuss the writing tools used to give you an in-depth understanding of Chinese calligraphy.

This Chinese calligraphy zoom workshop is available to book as part of your virtual Chinese New Year entertainment and is the perfect addition to any Chinese New Year party or corporate event.

Your virtual Chinese calligraphy workshop can also be paired with other virtual or live Chinese New Year entertainment offerings to create the perfect entertainment package for you. 

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decorative Fai Chun calligraphy

Decorate your Chinese New Year party with your very own Chinese calligraphy!

If you would like to create something to display yourself to celebrate Chinese New Year, then we have a special Chinese calligraphy workshop dedicated to creating decorative Fai Chun calligraphy.

Fai Chun calligraphy is usually written on red banners and displayed in doorways during Chinese New Year, depicting messages of good fortune. Select your own message of good fortune and learn how to write it during this virtual Chinese calligraphy workshop.

Learn Chinese calligraphy and make a spectacular decoration that is sure to impress! This Chinese calligraphy zoom workshop is the perfect event to add to any Chinese New Year party or corporate event and will provide your guests with a decorative keepsake.

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Write your name in Chinese calligraphy

Learn how to write your name in a dedicated Chinese calligraphy zoom workshop.

If you would like to learn Chinese calligraphy but want to keep it more personal, then our Chinese calligraphy teacher is on-hand to help you learn how to write your own name.

This virtual Chinese calligraphy workshop is perfect for those looking to create decorative place cards or those looking for a unique keepsake. Whatever way you plan to celebrate Chinese New Year, you can’t go wrong with this Chinese calligraphy zoom workshop!


Chinese new year themed events

We have everything you need to celebrate Chinese New Year!

Whatever your event, we can help you create your vision with our Chinese event theming services. If you’re looking to create a Chinese New Year party or corporate event then we have plenty of decorations to suit any theme.

Our creative design team can incorporate traditional Chinese themes throughout your event, including popular Chinese decorations such as:

  • Chinese lanterns
  • Cherry blossom trees
  • Red pockets
  • Chinese couplets
  • And more!

If you would like to create a modern theme for your Chinese New Year celebration, we offer bespoke venue dressing with futuristic lighting and draping options to transform your event space.

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