If you’re anything like me, the moment you hear the phrase ‘team-building retreat’ you instantly think of those cheesy American team building events you’ve seen in the films. The ones full of 90’s cliches were the team have to do trust falls, personality quizzes and brain exercises.

Not very appealing right? But one thing we’ve learnt through 2020, 2021 and now being into 2022 is that as much as virtual team events are brilliant and have their place, they also lack the ability to bring a team together in the way that an in-person event does.

For many employees, the idea of team building is a great opportunity. It is a break from their normal day to day routine and is like a field trip for adults. They know the day will be filled with something different, something other than answering emails and speaking to clients. However, unless done right, virtual team building does not have that same impact.

As an event management company that have been running team building events for many years now, we know what works. Therefore, we know that asking an employee who has been remote working for almost a year to spend another 2 hours on Zoom, at their desk, in the same environment that they work in every day can often feel unappealing.

So, if you’re looking to run a team-building event in 2022 you need to think bigger. If you want to run a virtual team building event, do it! But think about your employee experience. Pick an activity where they can get moving. Encourage them to sit in a different room, provide them with a hamper of treats to accompany the workshop or virtual team game. Speak directly to that employee, get them involved and make them feel seen.

What Is Team Building? Why Is It Important?

Team building is the process of bringing people together by encouraging collaboration and teamwork. Be it through interactive games, team games or other activities. The idea is to get your team working together cohesively towards a common, shared goal. You create a strong team that works together well by forming strong bonds and connections between them, which is done through shared experience.

One thing that brings employees together most on a team-building day is being part of a shared experience. Where they can reminisce and laugh about how Sally lost her welly to the sheep whilst they tried to navigate their way on a team treasure hunt. Or how Bob accidentally threw his boomwhacker at the instructor during their musical team-building experience.

In the virtual world these experiences, this opportunity to really come together, to partake in an activity as a team, can get lost. Because the reality of it is that Sally and Bob are now in separate houses, potentially on other sides of the country, trying to virtually connect with one another through their 4th Zoom call of the day.

Team-building retreat involving fun inflatable challenges for the team to complete
Image from one of our Amazon team-building fun days we organised

Team Building 2022 Style

Therefore let us reintroduce to you the team retreat! But not the cheesy 90’s cliche retreat, oh no, we would like to introduce to you, team retreats in 2022 style!

With the likelihood of work bubbles being in place later this year, and with the vaccine rollout appearing to be going ahead successfully, we’re looking to the future of team events. Many other countries are already offering same-day covid testing enabling guests and attendees to take part in live events safely!

With the 2022 team-building retreat, you will form a work bubble with your co-workers. Having been tested and the results for covid coming back negative, you and your team will head to your team retreat together and in-person.

This is were, as event managers, we can start having some fun. We can design whatever kind of event you want, we take time to understand your desired outcome and what you want to achieve, and we will create a bespoke live event for your team.

Whether you want to run a day-long event or a couple of days of team building. This will be a really important and key opportunity for you, as a director, to reignite your team.

Team-building retreat, drinks and networking session for colleagues to reintroduce themselves and catch up with one another at the start of the 2 day team-building retreat
Team-building retreat, drinks and networking session for colleagues to reintroduce themselves and catch up with one another at the start of the 2 day team-building retreat

The Benefits of In-Person Team-Building Retreats

After so long of not being able to see other people face to face this will be an opportunity that your employees will leap at. Furthermore, post-event it is guaranteed to get your team working and communicating better.

Having been able to reconnect with their colleagues you’ll find that the team’s ability to work together will have improved. Furthermore, it will make them feel valued and important and a vital part of your team.

With excellent technology and clever thinking, we can create a team-building retreat that is both safe and fun. By incorporating Hybrid technology we can invite guest speakers to your event to present to your employees. We can also offer Hybrid workshops, where the presenter still presents virtually, but all of your employees will be together connecting and building memories and shared experiences together.

Furthermore, if you’re looking for a multi-day long event we can organise hotel rooms on the same floor, conference spaces and meeting rooms that are covid compliant and multiple different delicious and safe catering options.

We understand that as clients you want to see a return on your investment. This also applies when spending money on team building activities. However, we can not stress enough the benefits of hosting a live team-building event in your work bubble. We’ve listed just a few of the benefits of team building bubbles below:

  • Increased motivation
  • A team that knows each other and therefore communicates better
  • Creating shared, live experiences that they can bond over
  • Improved communication skills
  • Making employees feel like they are a valued member of the team
  • Increased productivity
  • Improved morale
  • Ability to identify and showcase leadership
  • Improved mental health
team-building retreat, employees taking part in group task to in which they have to work as a team to complete the task
Teams working together to achieve an outcome through challenging and fun tasks

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Team-Building Retreat

The key to all teamwork experiences is to ensure that fun doesn’t feel like work. Physical experiences are always more bonding which is why we see work bubbles and team-building retreats as a really big trend in 2022.

In 2018 a study took place that suggested that teams who faced adverse challenges, such as eating chillies or doing upright wall squats (essentially a challenging or difficult task), experienced a greater sense of being a team and having a shared support network, compared to teams who were faced with the task of eating hard boiled sweets or balancing on one leg.

Now we’re not saying use your team-building retreat to put your team through their paces. However, we are saying that a team that has worked and struggled together is a team that ultimately can feel more united and supportive of one another. The likelihood is that your team have already struggled together through the challenges of covid and working from home. Now is your chance to bring them together and get them to bond.

With your team-building retreat ensure that there is a good balance of fun vs. teambuilding. By making the experience enjoyable you will get more out of your employees. In terms of fun activities, we can provide all sorts! From culinary classes to gin tasting, inflatable bucking bulls to navigational challenges or team sports days.

Get in touch with us today to see how we can organise your future team-building retreat. As well as seeing how we can make virtual team-building work for your company!

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