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When you’re looking for an event production company to put your event together, you want to make sure you are choosing an innovative, experienced event management company that is passionate about delivering their service.

We have experience in creating and producing events ranging from product launches and exhibitions to gala dinners and corporate functions. All of our events, no matter their budget, bear the creativity and professionalism we are known for.

Our Event Production Services Include:

  • Bespoke Event Design
  • Building your event from scratch (and taking it down afterwards)
  • Bespoke Props & Decorations
  • AV & Lighting Services
  • Event Theming
  • Venue Sourcing
  • Venue Dressing

Choose an experienced Event Production Company

Event Production involves a lot of planning, creativity and technical knowledge, so you should always choose a company that has a lot of experience in producing events.

An event production company with plenty of experience in creating events will be able to deal with any issues that may arise much quicker than a company with little experience. They will also have more of a creative input and understand what is possible in the venue space.

Looking at what a company has produced in the past will give you a good idea of the standard they operate at.

We have produced a variety of events for all types of clients, sizes and purposes. Our event planners strive to make every event we work on distinctively special for every client.

Our work has attracted high-end clientele such as Mercedes-Benz, Royal Bank of Canada and Amazon and has featured in numerous industry publications nationwide.

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What does event production include?

There’s more than meets the eye to produce an event from scratch.

A full event production service includes designing the event from scratch, coming up with several concepts to choose from, venue sourcing and dressing, AV & Lighting services and much more.

We have a range of themes and styles available to choose from and can create a bespoke design for your event. Our event planners are very passionate about what they do.

Our Event Production Services Include:

  • Event Design & Concepts
  • Venue Sourcing
  • Venue Dressing
  • Event Theming
  • AV & Lighting services
  • Prop & Decoration services

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Event Production company providing Venue Sourcing and event Design

Create an impact on your guests with our Venue Sourcing & Event Design.

Twisted Circus Themed Event
Aynhoe Park venue

Venue Sourcing

Working all across the globe, we have built up connections in the industry with some of the world’s best venues.

Choosing the right venue is very important in creating a successful event. It’s important that the venue is in a suitable location that accommodates to the number of guests in attendance.

You need to consider your budget for the event when choosing a venue.

Once you have found a suitable venue, the next step is transforming it into an event space to meet your requirements.

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Event Design

Our event planners are very passionate about what they do and are experts in transforming venues into creative, elegant spaces.

We design, from scratch, concepts for your event based on your requirements. Whether you want an Alice in Wonderland themed event or just a simple, minimalist finish, we can transform your event space to suit you.

Presenting to you several design concepts, you can decide on one that is perfect for you. We use professional CAD software that will give you a real insight into what your event will look like. We can give you a virtual walkabout of the event space using this software, so you can be sure you are choosing a design that suits you.

Over the years, we have transformed venues for a range of clients, creating a range of designs to meet different requirements.


Event Theming

A common option for creating a unique event is choosing a theme to suit your event purpose.

With the experience we have creating themed events for a range of clients, we can transform any venue to a particular theme. Our portfolio of themed event productions covers events of all sizes and scales.

From department-level corporate parties to huge companywide gala dinners, we cover everything and are available for hire for events across London and the UK.

We use bespoke props and decorations to transform your venue into a truly unique event space.

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AV & Lighting Services

A crucial part of creating a successful event is getting the right audio/visual balance. As a result, it’s very important to book an AV company with the right credentials.

Creating bespoke events for a range of clients, we have built up relationships with industry-leading suppliers.

We work alongside our suppliers to make sure that we deliver an AV experience to your event that has a wow-factor like no other.

Having people on your side with experience and creative flair is the only way this technology can be used to its full potential and your initial vision can be achieved.

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