What Event Production Services do we offer?

As an experienced and creative Event Production Company, we offer Event Production Services to deliver spectacular events for private and corporate clients across the UK and Internationally.

Our creative event production services go above and beyond traditional event planning by combining event management with creative and technical production.

This results in a real focus on the event experience as a whole, leaving you and your guests with a very memorable experience.

Our Event Production Services Include:

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Everything an event production company does should be focused around the client experience.

The difference between event planning and event production management is the experience.

As an event production company we focus your whole event around user experience.

A unique and captivating experience guarantees your clients’ undivided attention and creates a really positive event experience.


Every single element of your event must be considered to create the perfect atmosphere.

As an event production company we plan every element that goes into creating your event.

Using technology and creativity to fully engage with your audience.

Our event production company therefore strategically plan lighting, sound and other sensory experiences to tap into your audience’s mood and emotions and create a positive atmosphere.


Every service your event production company provides must add value to your event.

Therefore it is not enough to add a service just because it’s relevant to your event.

All services must have a measurable value.

Ensuring our clients achieve optimal results and output from every aspect of their event. Therefore ensuring that their budgets are well spent and achieve the desired results.

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Production Services prior to The event

Our event production agency offer bespoke service hire. Therefore, we have a variety of services available to hire in preparation for your event.

Additionally, all our Event Production Services are available to book individually or as a full package.

Take a look at some of the services we can offer:

  • Concept Design
  • CAD Drawings
  • Venue Sourcing
  • Venue Dressing
  • Event Theming
  • Supplier Sourcing
  • Creative Event Production Hire
  • Corporate Event Production

We were hired by Netflix for full event production services including staging, lighting, AV, rigging and more. We created an out door festival for Netflix to film scenes from turn up Charlie

Production services for day of event

Our event production company offer bespoke service hire. Therefore, we have a variety of. services available to hire in preparation for your event.

Additionally, all our Event Production Services are available to book individually or as a full package.

Take a look at some of the services we can offer:

Southport Trick or Treat Street Event Production

Designing and decorating your venue space

There are loads of ways for our event production agency to help you with your venue. Our Event Production Company offers multiple services to find, source and fill your venue

Whether you need a venue space for your Conference, Private Party, Product Launch or even Corporate Gala Dinner. Our Event Production Agency is able to book everything you need to ensure your event space looks great.

A brilliant example of this is where we were tasked in transforming a giant indoor Tennis Court space into an extravagant 1920s themed Gala Dinner.

We also created a huge Event production for Southport called trick-or-treat street which involved bespoke structure builds as well as actors and prop hire

Additionally, we offer Corporate event production as well as creative event production hire.

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Options for the day of your event

Once our Event Production Agency has transformed your venue you need Event Production Services to fill it!

We’re talking about your Catering, Entertainment, Music and all of the other Production Elements that go into creating full-scale creative Event Production hire.

Depending on your event type we can provide all kinds of services. A brilliant example of our corporate event production services is the blue-chip family fun day we created.

Firstly, we supplied food trucks, fairground games and amazing music throughout the day into the evening. Not to mention the amazing line up of performers and Entertainment.

Not only did we supply main stage entertainment but we also booked loads of interactive walkabout entertainment as well.

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