Experiential & Immersive Production Specialists

We have been designing extraordinary and unforgettable creative event productions, bespoke to each client for over 15 years.

Our Event Production Services Include:

  • Event Technology Services
  • Digital Concept Design Services
  • Creative & Immersive Venue Transformation
  • Content Creation and Animation
  • LED Studios and Displays
  • Live, Virtual and Hybrid Technical Event Production
  • Transformative AV, Lighting, Staging and Rigging
  • Creative Branding

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Initially we discuss your events goals, inspiration and ideas. This helps us understand what you want to achieve and what strategy needs to be in place so we can deliver success for your event.

We take time to get to know you and your public image/ brand, allowing us to deliver unique ideas that match up to your desired outcomes.


Get Inspired by our team.

Our design team then works to create proposal and CAD renders to bring your event to life. We pitch unique ideas, bespoke to your event to ensure your event stands out above the rest.

We pride ourselves on delivering unique, immersive and experiential events, therefore each event design is bespoke to each client.


See your production bought to life.

Once the designs are approved, we work on delivering your event. Your personal event manager will be with you every step of the way from conception to completion of your event.

With a team bursting with technical skills, we deliver an immersive event production that will inspire and amaze your guests.


Bespoke Event Productions: What To Expect

Considering every element of your event we work hard to create outstanding world-class events which will inspire your audience.

The journey starts before your guests enter your venue space. We use our arsenal of event production tools to ensure every aspect of your event is managed to perfection.

  • Engage & inspire audiences
  • Creative & immersive experiential experiences
  • Breathe life into you brand’s content
  • Awaken your audience’s imagination & senses
  • Incredible AV production & projection
  • Build anticipation for product or brand reveal

Whether you’re hosting a brand activation, corporate party, public event, large scale festival or private party, our event production team will create a spectacular event.

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Technical Event Production

Our team is at the forefront of providing technical event solutions for a diverse range of events in the UK and Internationally.

We have a trusted, talented and highly knowledgable team of experts on hand at our events to install and manage all technical aspects of every event production.

Furthermore, we strive to always offer the latest in leading technology, ensuring our clients have access to all the services they want. We can source whatever technology our clients require.

Whether it’s an immersive brand activation, fan zone event, large scale outdoor festival, conference or experiential launch, Julia Charles Event Management offers the equipment, expertise and support required to exceed your expectations.

Structural & Environmental Event Design

Not only do we build all kinds of structures for events, but we can also create structures that blend in and compliment your event’s environment.

We thrive on being able to transform event spaces with innovative and unique structural builds. Taking empty warehouses and creating immersive event spaces with interactive zones, or building state of the art interactive conference spaces.

Designing brand activations where the structure looks like an extension of the landscape it sits in. Our design team will come up with a unique concept to showcase your event.

Our team will bring that structure to life and add the finishing touches with bespoke decorations, furniture, rigging and more.

Furthermore, with our venue finding, theming and event styling services, we can dress any event space to each client’s specific brief.



Unforgettable client experiences are the most important factor for any event production.

The difference between event planning and event production management is the experience.

As an event production company we focus your whole event around user experience.

A unique and captivating experience guarantees your clients’ undivided attention and creates a really positive event experience.


Every single element of your event must be considered to create the perfect atmosphere.

As an event production company we plan every single detail that goes into creating your event.

Using leading technology and creativity to fully engage with your audience.

Considering all the senses, we strategically plan unforgettable sensory experiences tapping into audience mood & emotion.


Every event production service we provide must add measurable value to your event.

Therefore it is not enough to simply add a service just because it’s relevant to your event.

Each event production we work on is offered a bespoke selection of services to maximise event potential.

Ensuring our clients achieve optimal resultsĀ  from every aspect of their event. Maximising budgets and achieving our client’s the desired results.

Southport Trick or Treat Street Event Production

One-Of-A-Kind Event Production

Events that make a statement are the events that will be remembered and that’s what we offer our clients.

Our goal is to create an event that resonates with your attendees, giving them an unforgettable experience and delivering on all of your desired outcomes.

Therefore, we offer a fully bespoke production for each of our clients. Ensuring each of the services provided is tailored to the needs and goals.

We make dreams a reality, breathing life into your ideas and creating truly unique concepts.

Furthermore, with a creative team offering decades of experience, we are able to come up with one-of-a-kind design concepts that powerfully deliver your brand message.

Offering all production services in-house means we ensure consistency across every element of your event production.

We will exceed expectations and design, install and manage your completely unique and one-of-a-kind event production.

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