Holding Virtual Events, specifically in the current climate is a great way to achieve many different things. Virtual Conferences still allow you to engage with your staff as you would at a normal conference. You can launch your product via a Virtual Product launch nearly the same way you would at a live event. Hold trade fairs, Job Fairs and even Exhibitions where you can allow exhibitors to buy stands and sponsorship packages like you would at a live Exhibition.

Virtual product launch platforms

Virtual event platforms are a brilliant way of taking your product to market, the same way you would at an exhibition at the Excel in London, for example. The only unique difference is that guests can log in online, anywhere in the world, from the comfort of their own homes or the office.

In this article, we give you some answers to the basic questions to help you get started on your own Virtual Event platform.

What events can you take Virtual?

  • Virtual Conferences
  • Virtual Job fairs, Empowering Job seekers to interact with potential employers  
  • Virtual Open Days – Helping Colleges and universities attract 3-5 times more applicants.
  • Virtual onboarding fairs – Cutting time to productivity with mass training. Save on hiring and training costs.

Let’s Take a Virtual Product launch for Example

Launching your product can be a daunting experience at the best of times. With companies around the work fighting for real estate in the retail event space such as shopping centres and pop up shop spaces which have been extremely popular. With Coronavisrus creating a global crisis it is now harder than ever to launch your product.

Like any Virtual event, your product launch can help in a Virtual space which can be custom made and branded ot your choosing. Like any real-world (Live) events, your attendees can take enter through a virtual lobby, speak to assistance online, take part in demonstrations of your brands newest offerings, all from the comfort of their own homes or offices.

Your Virtual Lobby

Where Can I see Other Successful Virtual Events?

Just this year we have seen the likes of Apple incorporating the launch of the new 2020 MacBook Air and the 2020 Ipad Pro being online. Both these products have been launched and have seen great success. “Perhaps even after the COVID-19 outbreak is over, we shall see an increase in online product launches in the future.

Glad you asked! The Virtual event space is a vast landscape of possibilities which is growing by the day. If it is not in stock, then with a bit of lead time, our developers can build it. Virtual Product Launch platforms are a small amount of the possible event formats which can be provided. Virtual Exhibitions where you can market your brand to 10s of thousands of online attendees. Virtual Conferences which allow for Networking via attendee avatars as well as online forums, guests speakers and 1-2-1 workshops via Zoom Conference calling. Here is a list of some of the formats out Virtual Events Platform can deliver on

How Many Guests Can Attend an Online Event?

This is where it gets super interesting and the costs of holding an event in a virtual reality format really come in to play. Any number of guests can join from 20 to 20,000.00 if you have the right platform.

How do I attend a Virtual Event?

It is very simple! Once a company much like ourselves starts to put together all of the details, the Guest Speakers, the agendas and all of the content to an event, the host (our clients) then sends out invites to all who wish to attend. This then allows the attendee to sign in, create an account and interact with 100 if not 1000s of likeminded individuals such as yourself.

What is the Best Virtual Event Platform For Me?

There are so many Virtual Event platforms on the market worldwide. Most of them are extremely easy to use and would give you all the functionality you need to successfully host your event online. We work with only a few select platforms who create custom formats and off the shelf event formats for us to use. We would recommend contacting one of our events team to organise an onboarding call to go over the best format for your next Virtual Event.

How Quickly Can I host an Event in a Virtual Space?

Very quickly! We have over 30 stock Virtual event Platforms for hire or Virtual Venues to choose from which can be branded and tweaked to your requirements. It takes a very short time to set up and can be ready in days depending on the nature of the event and with a good enough brief.

How Can I make my Virtual event or Conference calls more entertaining?

We have created many ways in which you can bring some entertainment to your virtual event. Lots of our clients are holding calls via Zoom, GoTo Meeting and other popular conference call platforms. For this, we have created a range of Virtual Entertainment and shows specifically designed for conference calls. Everything from Virtual magicians to Virtual team-building with our Virtual CSI and escape rooms.

Would you like to know more about Virtual Event Planning?

If you would like to know more about how we can help plan a Virtual event for you or your company then get in contact with one of our event planners.


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