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Assembling the Ideas

Monarch wanted to launch a new range of uniform to celebrate the brand’s upcoming 50th birthday in 2018. As this was to mark such a significant occasion, there was a huge emphasis on the new uniform being personal to Monarch and its vast network of employees. We were tasked with creating an event that enabled nearly 3000 members of staff from 70 UK locations to be able to vote on which design they liked best, and publicised the brand heading into their 50th birthday campaigns … all in the short space of 2 weeks.

Monarch needed the event to …

•    Reach nearly 3000 employees in 70 UK locations

•    Produce a uniform that was personal to Monarch and representative of its values

•    Create a buzz around Monarch in the lead up to their 50th birthday product launches

Adding our Expertise

We decided the best way to achieve these objectives was to stage a catwalk event that could be streamed to Monarch offices throughout the country. Our plan was for each branch to host their own staff party to watch the fashion show on the big screen and vote for their favourite design at the end.

•    Designs were presented anonymously to prevent any voter bias

•    We used Monarch staff as models to add to the personal factor of event

•    Used 3D imagery design to transform a small venue into a vibrant space

•    Managed the entire event and took full creative and design control

•    Optimised site design to meet media and streaming requirements

Admiring the results

The event was a booming success. Our end product delivered all of the objectives outlined in the brief: a uniform that was personal to brand and chosen fairly by all members of the company, coverage extending to 70 UK locations, and huge hype surrounding the brand as it enters preparations for upcoming campaigns.

•    Post-event analytics showed huge engagement from employees at all 70 UK locations

•    Real-time text and email forums demonstrated lots of positive feedback from viewers

•    Monarch’s social reach was strengthened and staff were more invested in the brand

After the hysteria of the event had passed, Monarch got in touch with us to say – “Everyone pulled together to create a wonderful event and certainly the feedback I have had over the past few days has been quite overwhelming”

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