As Albert Einstein said, ‘creativity is intelligence having fun’. The role of an event manager is all about creativity and thinking outside of the box and this event was no different.

We had two weeks to design and deliver a conference that was being held in two locations with 950 delegates. Hard? You bet, but we pulled it off, but how?

Opus Energy contacted us with the idea of a mid-year conference at which they would reveal their companywide business plan to all employees. However, they revealed to us we would only have a two-week lead time to pull it off!

Nevertheless, we decided to take on the challenge because, well, who doesn’t love a challenge from time to time?

How Did We Do It?

As event managers, we enjoy having a long lead time because we love to be creative and spend time fine-tuning all of the details. However, we also love a challenge! Challenges give us more motivation and we always strive to show off the skills that we have learnt over the years.

In the two weeks, Opus required not only venue sourcing but also transport, production, guest speakers and our event management on the day.

Of course, we got to work straight away, finding all of our best suppliers and ensuring we lived up to what we believe our brand is!

After providing the guests with a coach service to get to the venue, they were bought to the lobby area for refreshments that had been planned in consideration of each employee’s specific requirements. The guests were then taken through to the conference area to watch a video, a talk from their CEO and then finished with a presentation from our guest speaker.

Of course, being creative and enjoying the design aspect of an event, we produced and designed the furniture, lighting, stage and AV equipment as well as managing the event on both days.

The event ended a success, with no logistical issues allowing the event to run smoothly. Just what we like after all of our hard work! We are looking forward to more challenging and exciting events in the future and to top it off we have secured Opus as a client for another year running.

Proof that hard work does pay off, phew!

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