It is no secret that environmental issues are a big cause of concern lately.

So how do we implement sustainability in the event industry? Certainly, many companies are taking responsibility. Some are tackling waste management. Similarly, some are finding alternative energy sources. Finally, other organizations are actively cleaning the planet.

A prime example is The Ocean Cleanup, which has developed next-generation technology to eliminate the Ocean Garbage Patches!

What Is The Events Industry’s Take On Becoming Greener?

Above all, it seems like we have got a huge carbon footprint behind us. Due to the fact that we organise events across the world, we move HUGE masses of people. hence, we produce A LOT of waste.

We used bespoke sustainable pallet furniture throughout the Xero company conference for staff to socialise around.
We used bespoke sustainable pallet furniture throughout the Xero company conference for staff to socialise around.

And don’t even get me started with the energy impact!

Of course, these concerns have been raised several times within our Industry. Articles about sustainability in the event industry are being written, conferences about waste management are being planned… It is safe to say that we probably understand that sustainability is a pressing issue by now!

However, is it doable in an Industry that relies so heavily on transports and also has to cater for hundreds of people at a time?

Think of this scenario: a client has an important event in their hands. They need to organise it successfully and quickly, hence they have to think about:

  • venue and location
  • number of guests
  • catering
  • entertainment
  • infrastructure
  • and much more

However, if this client wants a sustainable event, they will face these challenges:

  • reducing travel carbon footprint
  • finding a sustainable, energy-efficient venue
  • waste-free, sustainable providers and entertainment
  • get food banks involved to avoid food waste
  • make sure that their guests produce as little waste as possible

And the list continues…

Consequently, sustainable events are not time or cost-effective.

In addition, due to the amount of competition in the market, some companies feel the pressure of implementing all of these measures at once!

Hence here is where the problem lies: perfection.

Seems like there is the perception that we all have to be experts and create perfect sustainable events.

Which of course, is not a realistic standard to aim for…

Furthermore, the world does not only need a few perfect actions. Rather, we need loads of smaller actions from people who are willing to learn!

In conclusion, a million little actions will take the world to a greener place. Therefore, we invite you to learn with us. Because we are not experts! Hence, we will not be able to do all of the above at once but together we can strive to be better!

You can be the change!

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