Assembling the Ideas

Rotable Repairs Ltd. approached us to create put together a Building Opening Ceremony to celebrate their new warehouse facility opening in Southend-on-sea, Essex!

The client had guests coming in from all over the globe, not just the UK and they needed an event where their guests could socialise and network and on top of this, go on full tours of their new facility.

With this new facility being on a busy industrial estate, we thought this would be the perfect event to launch our Better Event Air campaign. We wanted to tackle the issue of indoor air pollution head-on and use this as an example of what we can achieve with Champions of Sustainable Events.

Julia pitched this idea to the client and they were instantly sold on the concept, making this the first event in the UK and the Globe to provide clean, sustainable air to its guests!

The Client Requested:

  • A day for Rotable Repairs to celebrate the success of its new facility
  • Fully immersive workshop tours to promote their services to clients
  • An event with the perfect atmosphere for Business Networking
  • Live music and entertainment to keep guests entertained
  • Catering services for all guests attending

Adding our Expertise

The first event in the UK and the WORLD to provide cleaner air to an indoor event space!

Rotable Repairs’ staff work with chemicals daily and Richard, the client, agreed this would be a great way of giving due care to the guests in attendance. He now wants to get this system installed in the building’s air ventilation system!

To give the event a sociable feel to it, we put together a bespoke marquee to sit outside of the building for guests to interact with each other. We provided a bar inside the marquee, pallet furniture and an ice cream cart, with caterers walking around the event offering food, drinks and more.

To make the tours more immersive and engaging, we gave the guests MP3s and a tour guide to go around the facility. We roped off and signposted the entire facility to give the guests information about each part of the facility and to guide them around.

  • We presented a concept to Rotable Repairs for their event to be the first event in the UK and the globe with Clean Air!
  • Created a bespoke design for the Marquee
  • Used our expertise to create a fully immersive, interactive tour
  • Decorated the marquee and outside area with bespoke seating and decorations
  • Used our experience to manage the event, ensuring it ran smoothly

Admiring the results

The event was a huge success and the client was over-the-moon with the results!

Getting recognition in the Conference News Magazine, we are very happy with how it turned out!

Conference News Magazine covered the event and talk about our concept for Champions of Sustainable Events.

Our unique clean air concept was a huge hit and the guests of the event noticed a clear difference in the air they were breathing.

We created the perfect atmosphere for guests to network and create further business opportunities with Rotable Repair’s new facility!

Watch the full video to see the event in action and what the guests thought!

  • We tackled the indoor air pollution with Better Air and guests noticed the difference in air quality
  • We created a successful event with a unique concept that we will be bringing to future events
  • Fully immersive, interactive and informational tours of the new facility that impressed the client’s customers
  • We created a sociable atmosphere for networking
  • The event gained recognition in Conference News Magazine for Sustainability!

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Cleaner Air Solutions for Event Planners

“You can live 3 days without water, 3 weeks without food but only 3 minutes without air. You choose what you eat and what you drink. Today, thanks to JC and our Clean Air Solutions everybody in this event got to choose to breathe very good quality air.”

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