Assembling the Ideas

Blue Skies got in touch with our event management team to ask us to create their end of year conference. Given the climate, they wanted this conference to be completely virtual, something they had never done before!

Each year Blue Skies hosts an end of year conference to summarise the achievements of the year and the goals for the next. However this year, they wanted to create an engaging and interactive virtual conference event that would communicate important information as well as celebrating the company and the people who work for Blue Skies.

Therefore, we came up with the solution of hosting the entire virtual conference event from our virtual studio. Incorporating state of the art equipment, with Covid-safe guidelines and a combination of both pre-recorded and live content. We were able to create an engaging virtual conference and award ceremony.

Blue Skies Virtual Conference required:

  • 4hr virtual conference using both live and pre-recorded material
  • TV studio set to film all pre-recorded segments
  • Creation of Micro-site and live streaming to YouTube so that all attendees could access the Virtual Conference
  • PIP (Picture in picture) content, combining presenter with a presentation to create a ‘live event’ feeling
  • Bespoke transitions, graphics and music
  • A full team of technicians creating pre-recorded content and producing live content on the day
  • Team of technical engineers available to offer live support in real-time as the conference streamed out to attendees
  • Questions section on Micro-site for attendees to submit questions for a live Q&A segment


Adding our Expertise

With the understanding that Blue Skies wanted to create an informative and engaging virtual conferencing event, we set about planning how to do this.

Instead of running a live conference event, we decided that to create a slick and Covid-safe event, the best course of action would be to pre-record the majority of the conference in our virtual studio.

Equipped with high-tech LED screen as a backdrop. The virtual conference studio provided the ability to display personalised graphics, presentations and live stream guests internationally to present.

Throughout the recording days, we devised a strict running order ensuring there were never more than 4 people in the studio at any one time.

Key parts of Blu Skies Virtual Conference:

  • Team of technicians in the gallery coordinated custom transitions and PIP
  • Edited all of the footage to appear as though there were more people in the studio than there were
  • Created a bespoke Micro-site that attendees could access the virtual conference from
  • Coordinated the pre-recording of all nominees acceptance speeches to incorporate live when the winners were announced
  • All panellists featured on the live Q&A were sent a bespoke digital branded background that they could use as a backdrop when answering attendees questions
  • Created the opportunity for many international attendees to join, as well as incorporating presentations from employees in Uganda

Admiring the results

The feedback we received from Blue Skies was overwhelmingly positive.

Not only where they really pleased with the end result, but they also told us that it was the best company conference they had ever hosted, even better than their previous live conferences.

From an event management point of view, working with Blue Skies on this event was a joy. We were able to deliver them something totally new for them and really level up their virtual conference experience.

They really trusted us with the creation of the Blue Skies Virtual Conference. Therefore allowing us to offer our expertise and create an incredible, engaging and visually brilliant virtual conference event.

We were able to manage Covid restrictions really successfully ensuring that both clients visiting the studio and technicians at the studio felt safe.

Additionally, we were able to provide really comprehensive after event analytics for our client. Providing them with information on when people were engaging and where from.

By combining virtual studio technology, with live-streaming, we were able to create a really successful, informative and engaging virtual conference.

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