Whilst the media is busy trying to flood us with doom and gloom we want to look forward to all the exciting events to come, and our plans for 2020 and beyond! Using the hashtag #EventsToLookForwardTo we want to spread positivity and focus on all the good things to come!

It is easy to get bogged down in all the news of Covid-19. However, we are keen to focus on the positives for the future. Not only that but we have some great solutions for hosting events remotely. Therefore ensuring that coronavirus doesn’t halt all plans!

What’s Events Are Coming Up?

As you can imagine we’re bursting with bookings for the latter end of the year. We have got some incredibly exciting Halloween events in the pipelines and of course, we are planning an even more spectacular Christmas than last year!

Not to mention all the brilliant brands we are currently working with to showcase some very exciting events, stay tuned to find out more and follow #EventsToLookForwardTo for more information!

Webcast Conference Packages

Don’t let Social distancing bring a halt to your plans!

Our Webcast conference is a brilliant way of creating a technology-based event. Thousands of people from all over the world can tune in. We can supply everything you need to set up and transmit your event to your audience. Whatsmore we can include your company or event branding!

Julia Charles Events Management prides itself on creating innovative solutions to help our clients continue to be active and present throughout Covid-19. Follow #EventsToLookForwardTo for all the positivity, additionally use the # to shout about the good things you’ve got coming up.

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