If you want to grab your guests’ attention or simply explore a new entertainment option for your events – then creating Art Installations is the perfect start!

Art Installations are designed to take up large venue spaces and gives your guests the opportunity to enjoy art through a unified experience.

In this blog, we’ll be discussing what entertainment options there are for Art Installations and what the best events are for booking Artistic Performers. Event Artist Entertainment is a great way to engage your guests with a unique experience. Depending on the artist, many guests get to take home a commemorative artwork as a keepsake.

In addition, all of our artist recommendations can be provided as either walkabout entertainment or as live stage show demonstrations – creating the artwork for your event as a performance piece.

What Are Art Installations?

Art Installations are described as temporary or permanent artwork fixtures found in any indoor or outdoor venue. These artworks are often constructed to fit a specific space and are often on a larger scale.

The Art Installation concept emerged from the term ‘environments‘ and grew in popularity from the 1960s onwards.

Today, Art Installations are best described as immersive experiences that connect the audience to the artwork through fun, interactive elements – making them the perfect entertainment option if you’re looking to create an impact at your events!

Art based entertainer for corporate hire

Top 5 Entertainers For Art Installations

With many different Artistic Performers available, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed when deciding on the entertainment options for your events. Not to worry – we have a wide selection of Art Based Entertainers available! We’ve even created a handy summary of each one to guide you in your decision.

1) Sand Artists

Let’s start off with Sand Artists! Probably one of the most impressive forms of Art Based Entertainment, Sand Artists can be divided into two types:

  • Those that draw using sand, creating stunning portraits or landscapes.
  • Those that sculpt using sand, creating large-scale displays.

Both types of Sand Artists have something different to offer your guests. Usually, Sand Artists or Animators that draw using sand are booked for Art Installations with live demonstrations. These Sand Artists can often perform in the background of a music show or simply take requests during their demonstrations.

On the other hand, Sand Sculpture Artists create displays that are made to last for weeks or months at a time. They have a 2-3 day set-up time and can be weather-proofed – making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor events.

Scuktpures made from sand for art based events

2) Origami Artists

Origami is the practice of folding paper to create three-dimensional objects. These artists can work on a smaller scale, creating artwork that is often hand-held to create intricate displays.

However, Giant Origami Artists can work with larger sheets of paper to produce origami art that is on a bigger scale – making it ideal for Art Installations.

Using either colourful sheets or stark white paper, these artists can create beautiful displays that are eye-catching and unique. As origami paper is recyclable, you might want to consider using origami art to boost your Event Sustainability.

Origami Entertainment can also be booked as walkabout entertainment at your Art Installation, teaching guests how to make their own origami creations to take home with them.

Origami artist creates giant display

3) Speed Painters

These performers certainly know how to put on a show! Speed Painting Artists can create artworks in a matter of minutes, often painting well-known figures such as celebrities and politicians.

Speed Painters usually perform to crowds on a stage, pairing event discussion with performance art. The beauty of Speed Painting is that once an artwork is created, you then have a permanent piece of art to display at your Art Installation event.

These Artistic Performers vary in their use of creative mediums. Some Speed Painters use regular paints while others also perform with glitter, fire or charcoal – creating a performance with a wide variety of options.

Speed artist performs live on stage

4) Digital Artists

This is definitely a more modern option for Art Installations. Digital Artists work on tablets or other digital hand-held drawing devices to create their artwork.

Digital Artists can often produce an abstract view of your event – creating a unique perspective for your guests. Furthermore, the best part about hiring a Digital Artist is that each guest can receive a copy of the artwork!

You can also get a wide variety of Digital Artists that produce work in different art styles such as Digital Caricaturists and Digital Graffiti Artists. In addition, using our Event Technology, digital artwork is bought to life for an immersive experience using AR technology.

Digital artist draws guests and scenery at gala dinner event

5) Caricaturists

A more traditional option for Art Installations, Caricature Artists work with pen and paper to produce portraits that exaggerate the features.

If you would like an artist that provides your guests with a physical memento, then Caricature Artists are ideal! Caricature Artists can also work with a variety of mediums such as inks, markers, wine and food.

This entertainment option works great as both walkabout entertainment and pop-up shop entertainment at your event. Your Caricature Artist can draw guests as they browse your event or guests can choose to visit the stand of your Caricature Artist for a more personal experience.

Caricature artist drawing guests at exhibition event

Where Can I host Art Installations?

Once you’ve selected the entertainment for your Art Installation, you might want to start thinking about the type of event to host it at. With a wide variety of Event Options available, you want to be able to feel confident in your choice.

Depending on the motive for your event – such as promoting a product or entertaining guests – you want to make sure that you choose the correct event type.

As a leading Event Management Company, we have a wealth of experience in managing all types of events. Each event provides something different for your guests and comes with varying formalities and expectations.

Gala Dinners

If your entertainment option performs in front of guests on a stage or offers walkabout entertainment, then you might want to consider a Gala Dinner Event.

Gala Dinners allow for large groups of people to be comfortably sat during a performance and gives you the option to create your own custom-built stage for your entertainment. Using staging, lighting and AV equipment, your Artistic Performers will have their very own dedicated performance space that allows them to be seen and heard by the entire room.

Brand Activations/Product Launches

This event type is perfect for Artistic Performers that create artworks that are customisable and available to be put on display.

You might want your Art Installation to contain company branding or elements of product design, so you will want to discuss this with your Artistic Performer beforehand to make sure this is achievable. For example, Sand Sculpture Artists can create displays that feature logos, slogans or products.

Art Installations for Brand Activations or Product Launches can also feature interactive elements for your guests – such as the opportunity to create your own art at a workshop event or interactive experience.


For this event, you might want to consider hiring an Artistic Performer that grabs attention. The reason for this is because you want to attract guests to visit your stand at an Exhibition Event.

Whilst you can also make your exhibition stand visually engaging, choosing the right performer will also add that element of appeal to visiting guests. Performers such as Caricature Artists and Digital Artists are the perfect option for exhibitions, as they can offer guests a physical or digital memento to take home and will also keep guests at your stand for long enough to engage in conversation.

Conference Events

If you’re looking to add an element of fun to your Conference Event, then hiring an Artistic Performer is certainly the way to go! Ideal for entertaining your guests during breaks between presentations, performers such as Sand Animators or Speed Painters can entertain on stage.

Additionally, Caricature Artists are also a great option for Conference Events as they can provide walkabout entertainment while guests are still networking.

You want to make sure that the entertainment option you choose for a Conference Event is engaging but also non-intrusive to help your guests keep the conversation flowing at your event.

Sand Artist performing live on stage

We hope you’ve managed to gather some great entertainment options for your Art Installation Event! If you have an idea of the type of event you would like to create or still need some help, why not get in contact with us?

We provide a full Event Management Service that will help you run your event smoothly from start to finish – allowing you to sit back, relax and enjoy your event!

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