Vision 2030 has really paving the way for Saudi Arabia’s leisure and tourism industry. With plans underway to open its very first theme park. As well as new plans to increase cinema complexes and leisure facilities, Saudi Arabia is investing lots of time and money into building the Kingdom into a leisure and tourism hotspot!

Additionally, the first cinema complex in Saudi Arabia opened in April 2018. Since then we have seen more and more facilities open.

Most recently, Arabian Centres Company (ACC) has announced their intentions to open 13 new cinema complexes in their shopping malls across the Kingdom.

ACC had previously launched cinemas at Mall of Arabia, Jeddah; Hamra Mall, Riyadh; Nakheel Mall, Dammam; and U-Walk, Riyadh.

ACC’s chief executive officer, Faisal Al Jedaie, said: “The comprehensive rollout of cineplexes across our portfolio is part and parcel of our strategy to deliver a premier lifestyle experience to our millions of visitors.

Leisure activities in Saudi Arabia

Leisure activities within Saudi Arabia are on the increase. Therefore, there are becoming more and more options for both locals and tourists to enjoy the leisure scene in Saudi Arabaia.

There are numerous activities in the Kingdom to enjoy, these include:

Desert Experiences

Whether you want to hike the beautiful hill treks or go on a dune buggy. There are lots of ways to enjoy the breathe taking wilderness that is the deserts surrounding Saudi Arabia.

Many visitors choose to camp out and star gaze as the vast expanse of desert offers an ideal and suitably dark location. There are many companies who offer desert excursions to suit all visitors tastes.

Tourists trekking in the Saudi Arabian Desert with camels as part of the Kingdom's leisure activities.

Shopping and Eating

Shopping is probably one of the Kingdom’s favourite past times. Local Saudi Arabian’s really enjoy the mall culture and it is seen as a social event. In Riyadh alone there are 12 ‘mega-malls’. Shoppers can enjoy both local and international brands.

Additionally, you can find all kinds of eateries in Saudi Arabia, from local cuisine to international dishes. There is a strong emphasis on relaxing and enjoying spending time with others whilst out at restaurants in Saudi Arabia.

Man serving different kinds of teas and drinks in Saudi Arabian restaurant.

Sporting Events

Sporting events are a massive deal in Saudi Arabia. You’ll find that they champion lots of different kinds of sporting events from more traditional sports like football, tennis, horse riding and boxing. To exciting and up and coming sports such as camel dashing and Esports.

However, Sports played outside a private foundation, for example, a recreation centre or at school, is restricted to men. Ladies are not allowed to take part in any sort of sports activity in broad daylight. Going for a stroll is the maximum allowed.

However, in September 2017, Saudi Arabia’s national stadium welcomed its first-ever female spectators. Women were assigned their own section in the normally male-only venue to watch celebrations marking the anniversary of the founding of Saudi Arabia.

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