As the patron Saint of England, it is only fitting that St. George is revered to the utmost standard! With that in mind, we have compiled some of our best suggestions for how you could potentially celebrate St. George’s Day. With lots of outdoor activities and entertainment to choose from this is the perfect way to welcome in St George’s Day in a safe and fun environment.

#1 Do It In Style

It seems pretty self-explanatory, but if you’re going to do something, then why not do it with a bit of flair? By this I mean, if you and your friends, family or colleagues are planning to go somewhere in celebration of St. George’s Day, then you could try and look the part with a creative costume!

St.George with English flag on armour sat on large black horse. Available as part of medieval entertainment to hire London UK

Come on, look at how awesome this chap looks in his armour, riding off into the battle of celebrations! Obviously, you don’t need to go out and raid your local stable for your very own trusty stead, but you get the idea…

#2 Grab Yourself A Long Sword and Slay A Dragon

Ok, so this one might be a bit trickier, but hey? Worth a go right? Ok, of course, I am joking, don’t go looking for dragons with a sword, but that doesn’t mean you can’t spend your St George’s Day with one!

As we hear about more and more people wasting their St George’s Day trying to hunt dragons, we decided to find some for you!

These magnificent beasts are an excellent way to experience what it’s like to come face to face with a fire-breather, without having to risk battling it.

#3 Pick A Champion And Watch Them Joust!

That’s right, you can hire your own personal jousting show that is performed by professional medieval-themed horse riders and knights. You and your guest will truly be blown away by this one, as it offers and adrenaline rush full of excitement like nothing else.

These two armoured knights charge towards one another in a battle of both impressive display and competition. It’s very cool, is what I am trying to explain here.

#4 “Event Dressing for Impressing”

So far we have determined that you need to be dressed like an awesome knight (or be accompanied by some awesome knights) and have a dragon at your side. But how do you go about dressing a venue in a medieval theme?

By theming your event from top to bottom, you will be transporting your guests from their day to day lives into the middle of a medieval banquet.

Thank you very much for taking a look at our ideas on how to spend your St George’s Day in 2017. If you would like to see even more amazing options and ideas for a medieval-themed event, simply head over to our website today for more.

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