This year the UK will be celebrating the Queens’ Platinum Jubilee. With the last couple of years being tied down in lockdown restrictions, and the promise of a four day UK bank holiday weekend, we’re here to help with plenty of ideas on how to celebrate the Platinum Jubilee.

What Is The Platinum Jubilee?

The Platinum Jubilee is a celebration of the Queens’ 70 years on the throne. It is a really big celebration as it is the first time ever that a British monarch has celebrated 70 years on the throne.

As with previous Jubilee celebrations, the first weekend of June has been chosen as the date to hold celebrations. Taking place from the 2nd-5th June 2022 there is the hope of warm weather and lots of room for celebrations.

In a recent survey, 85% of the population have only ever known Queen Elizabeth II as the monarch on the throne, therefore there is lots of reason to celebrate.

The Queens guard stilt walkers as part of entertainment for quintessentially British themed event

What Events Are Happening For The Platinum Jubilee

Naturally, there will be lots of public celebrations hosted over the Platinum Jubilee weekend as well as in the run-up. We anticipate the full bank holiday weekend to be packed full of amazing public events! Take a look at just a few of the big events taking place:

Furthermore, expect to see local street parties fetes and big lunches across the Platinum Jubilee weekend. We expect to see most pubs and venues celebrating in one way or another so there will be plenty of public events to enjoy. Furthermore, county councils up and down the country will be sure to be putting on plenty of celebratory events as part of their BID campaigns.

Ways To Celebrate The Platinum Jubilee

There are so many different ways that you can celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. From giant street parties, tea party events, fetes, parties in the parks and more.

One staple element of any Jubilee celebration though is some amazing British themed entertainment. Whether you’re looking to book royal look-a-likes, WWII style signers, union jack stilt walkers or even medieval arena shows.

Take a look below at our top 10 Platinum Jubilee entertainment options as well as plenty of theming and British themed decoration inspiration!

Kate Middleton lookalike with lookalike of the Queen

Top 10 Platinum Jubilee Entertainment Options

Get your Platinum Jubille celebrations started with our top 10 Platinum Jubilee entertainment options sure to make guests Royale happy!

1.Royal Family Look-a-likes

From Prince Hary to Kate Middleton, Prince William to Meghan Markle and even the queen herself! Whatever royal family look-a-like you’re after we have plenty of options to choose from!

With the options of meeting and greeting guests, posing for photo opportunities and more, our royal family look-a-likes will bring the wow factor to your event and a fantastic conversation starter!

Group of royal family lookalikes posing for photo

2. Medieval Jousting Shows

This is a perfect entertainment option for large scale Platinum Jubilee events. Brilliant as an arena show but equally as good for private functions with large grounds. Our knights, kings, maidens and jesters will entertain your guests.

Entertaining you and your guests with incredible jousting stunts as well as reenacting medieval tales and meeting and greeting guests.

Hire medieval Themed Entertainment for your corporate or private event. Available int the UK and Globally

3. Imperial Band

There’s nothing more impressive than a big brass band and it’s a wonderful way to celebrate the Platinum Jubilee.

With over 90 members of the imperial band, it is one of the UK’s most successful traditional marching bands. A multi-functional ability allows this British themed band to perform as either a marching or a concert band.

Brass band parading down London streets in front of Buckingham palace

4. British Stilt Walkers

Whether you want your stilt walkers dressed in union jack print, wearing beefeater style costumes or even as the royal family. British themed stilt walkers are a great walkabout entertainment option.

Ideal for family fun days and outdoor events the British themed stilt walkers are an excellent walkabout British themed entertainment option.

Noble Union Jacks Stilt Walker Duo available to book as a British Themed Entertainment Option for events across the UK.

5. Royal Guard Entertainers

If you’re looking for comedy and fun our royal guard entertainers are a great option. Able to adapt to all kinds of situations and provide both rehearsed and improv comedy throughout your event.

We offer multiple different royal guard entertainment options. From our comedy royal guards to mime royal guards and even stilt walker royal guards.

Royal British Themed Walkabout Entertainment available for hire in the UK.

6. Vera Lynn Tribute Singer

If you’re looking for some classic British themed entertainment for your Platinum Jubilee party then look no further as our Vera Lynn tribute act is the perfect option. You can hire her singularly, to deliver a stirringly nostalgic performance. Or in addition, you can request her to be accompanied by a 7 piece band. Both guarantee to put a tear in your guest’s eyes!

Furthermore, some of the songs featured in her performance include: White Cliffs of Dover, Lili Marlene, A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square, Yours, We’ll Meet Again and many of the old singalongs loved by all.

Vera Lynn tribute act posing in front of sparkling union jack.

7. Winston Churchill Impersonator

If you’re looking to have a key British figure from the past attend your event then our Winston Churchill impersonator is a great option.

Available to deliver speeches in the iconic voice of Churchill, meet and greet guests and pose for pictures. Our Winston Churchill impersonator will make an excellent addition to any Platinum Jubilee party or event.

Winston Churchill standing on Land Rover with cigar in mouth making peace sign. Available to hire for British themed event

8. Victorian Magician

This talented close-up magician is dressed to kill in his authentic Victorian top hat and tails and can also be accompanied by his realistic Penny Farthing bicycle.

Riding his authentic penny fathering our victorian magician will ride around your event delivering impressive and mind-blowing close-up magic tricks to your guests.

This Dickensian-themed close-up magician will seamlessly interact with people, wowing them with his amazing magic and his dapper Victorian clothing. Our walkabout magician is incredibly versatile and can be booked as part of your Platinum Jubilee event entertainment

Amazing Victorian Magician performing at an outdoor Victorian Christmas Themed Event in the UK.

9. Bubble Artists

If you’re looking for a fun and interactive entertainment option for your Platinum Jubilee event our bubble artists are an excellent option. Our bubble performer has a plethora of bubble show entertainment options that are each as exciting as the last. 

Available in multiple different formats to suit your event type, this British themed entertainment option is sure to be a success at your event.

Bubble Man for hire. Our Bubble Man is available to book for children's parties, family fun days or shopping centre events in London & the UK.

10. Cockney Bands and Singers

Our traditional patriotic folk band performs a complete cockney evening for you and your guests to enjoy as they play the Piano, Guitar And Drums, whilst accompanied by a beautiful singing voice.

Their pearly suits have over 10,000 pearly buttons making them some of the most impressive pearly suits known to man. Additionally, our Cockney band can pose for photos in their elaborate pearly suits!

Pearly King and Queen in full costume, hired as part of British themed event production

Furthermore, we love the idea of getting creative and hosting British themed workshops. Host a crafty workshop either online or in-person and create something to help celebrate the Platinum Jubilee:

Best Of British Theming and English Decorations

When it comes to any celebration, you want to ensure your event space is well dressed. Whether it’s your street, venue space or perhaps even a local outdoor space- you want to make sure it’s looking perfect for the Platinum Jubilee.

There are so many fun and creative ways you can incorporate what makes Britain British into your event decorations. Therefore, there are so many different ways that you can decorate your event for the Platinum Jubilee party. Whether you want to use classic union jack theming, vintage afternoon tea theming or even royal theming.

Firstly you’ll want to consider your space. By walking around your space and working out how big it is you’ll be able to get an idea of what British themed props and decorations you may want to use. You can then start planning out the theming and decorations you may need and where to source them from.

You can of course use big retailers such as Amazon and other retail suppliers. However, for some of your larger props or more comprehensive venue dressing and prop hire you may want to book an event theming expert.

Best of British themed gala dinner venue dressing. Available to hire London UK

7 Themes for British Themed Parties

Whether you’re choosing a DIY approach or calling in the professionals it is a good idea to work out exactly what British theme you want for your Platinum Jubilee celebrations. Below are a selection of different themes to get you inspired!

  1. London Calling
  2. Royal Themed
  3. Seaside
  4. Downton Abbey Inspired
  5. Pub Themed
  6. Mad Hatter’s Tea Party
  7. British Icons

When it comes to planning a theme for your British themed event, you are spoilt for choice! With so many themes to choose from as well as being able to draw from British culture and iconic British people, you can create a completely unique and fun British party theme for your Platinum Jubilee celebration!

Mad hatters tea party, beach huts, pub set up and medieval table are all British theming options for your platinum jubilee event.

Whatever your plans for the Platinum Jubilee we can help! From entertainment to theming and every other service in between, our event management company is ready to help- get in touch here.

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