Why book your Santa’s Grotto Management with an experienced Event Management Company?

Have you ever found yourself being the designated person in your company or shopping centre to organise the Santa’s Grotto for the full Christmas season? If you have, then you know how stressful it might be to manage this awesome Seasonal Attraction for the length of the season. 

In this blog, we tell you about our Santa’s Grotto Full Management services and why we do think that you need them for your next Christmas Grotto event.

Santa's Grotto Management Services for shopping events

1. Before providing Santa’s Grotto Management, we help you pick your Grotto

Have you ever dealt with multi-choice exhaustion? Most of us have and this is why we, as experienced Event Managers are here to help you choose your ideal Grotto. Whether you are looking for a Luxury Grotto, an Inflatable one or even a Grotto Room Transformation, we have got LOADS of options. But do not worry, we will narrow them down to your aesthetic, vision and event needs!

Room Transformation Grotto Services for smaller venues

2. We assess and prepare the venue for your Grotto so that you don’t have to!

Our Grotto setups are incredibly versatile and can adapt to several kinds of venues. As Event Professionals, one of our Santa’s Grotto Management services is to make sure that your Grotto of choice is suitable for your venue. Therefore, whether you have a small office room, a conference room, a hotel, rented venue or even a shopping centre, we will assess the space and make your Grotto option fit it and shine!

Highly trained Staff Members fro Full Grotto Management

3. We provide highly professional Santa’s Grotto Entertainers and Staff Member 

Unless you have already chosen your own entertainers and have staff members ready to run the Grotto, we can help with that! -we are an Entertainment Agency with years of experience. A key service of our Santa’s Grotto Management Services is to source the best Santa Claus and Cheeky Elves entertainers for you. Also, our Events Team will be in charge of running the attraction. If necessary, we can also bring along extra trained staff members to help with the job.

Santa's Grotto Management for shopping centre Christmas events

4. We set up and pack down the Grotto for you at the end of the booking

Putting together a full Grotto Attraction can be quite the job -and to take it down can take the strength of a thousand men! Therefore, another key Event Service of our Santa’s Grotto Management Packages is to set up the entire attraction and to derig it at the end of the service. We make sure to come to your venue with plenty of time to set it up to perfection and to pack it down in no time!

Queuing system props and entertainment for Christmas Grottos

5. An integral part of Santa’s Grotto Management: decoration and venue dressing

The Grotto setup does not end with putting the attraction up and gathering a few entertainers-it also needs to be dressed and decorated appropriately to truly make an impression! As Event Theming experts, we have got lots of Christmas and Grotto ornaments and props to make sure that the interior and the exterior of your Grotto look their best! We also provide entertainment and photo setups for the queuing system as well as little gifts to make sure that your guests feel welcome!

Set up and pack down Grotto management Services

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