In this post, we will give you some ideas and insights into the sorts of things you could expect from a Science fiction themed event. We will share some of the theming variations that you could try, entertainment that you would enjoy and other useful tips for hosting your next Space themed production.

What Themes Does Sci-Fi Cover?

As sci-fi is such a broad title, the creativity you put into your next Sci-Fi event is only limited by your imagination.

Throughout pop-culture, sci-fi movies, comic books and other forms of entertainment have become engrained in what we love. Here are some popular themes that you could try:

Star Wars Theme

The Star Wars movie franchise is one of the biggest and most recognised movie series of all time and is an awesome way to theme your event.

By booking a selection of Stormtroopers and decorating your venue with official movie quality props and other venue decorations, you can take your guests on a guided trip through your very own Death Star!

Another fun way you can have your guests interact at a Star Wars themed event, is to have toy lightsabers scattered throughout the room. You can even set designated battle areas for your guest to duel as the dark side and the light side!

Futuristic Theme

A futuristic setting is the home to some of our favourite science fiction storylines, so why not host your events there! With a simple use of metal furniture, futuristic catering, robots, future dated signposts and other fun items, you will even be able to confuse the most experienced time travellers.

Future technology robot show performing on stage in front of crowd for Sci-Fi themed event

Time Travel

Following on from futuristic, another unique and creative way you can use a science fiction theme is to use time travel!

Not real time travel sadly, but the next best thing.

By theming different rooms/areas of your event by time period, you can have a great time pretending that you’re travelling through the decades as you walk to different areas of the venue.

Another fun way to enhance your time travel theme is by using props like the TARDIS from Doctor Who!


This style of sci-fi theme is an excellent way to create a fun and exciting venue for you and your guests to enjoy. Space is an extremely popular theme for events such as private parties, club nights, Halloween functions and can be used for a vast range of others functions including weddings and marketing events!

All you need to create a space-themed event is a starry backdrop, some moon rocks, planet props and a selection of amazing entertainment. Of course, if you wanted to go even further, you could add some space ship models, galaxy lighting effects and much more.

Space bubble performer on stage, entertaining crowd at Sci-Fi event

TOP TIP: A great way to make your time travel themed event feel even more realistic, is to have walkabout performers from each time period walking amongst the crowd in each area, for example, having 1920’s gangsters walk amongst the guests in your 1920’s area.

The Best Sci-Fi Themed Entertainment For You!

Entertainment is a MUST when it comes to any Sci-Fi related event.

Star Wars Characters

We can provide a huge range of awesome Star Wars characters that come in movie quality costumes!

These characters are a great way to entertain guests at any event.

FACT: The first use of the phrase sci-fi is credited to Forrest J Ackerman in 1954.

The Intelligent DJ’s

Another amazing addition to sci-fi themed events is our intelligent DJ’s. With televisions built into their heads, these musical cyborgs are a great way to turn any event space into a space event!

Thank you for taking the time to read our Sci-fi themed event production ideas. If you enjoyed this post and would like to see more, then please feel free to browse our other featured blogs!

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