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Twisted Circus Event Production

Twisted circus is one of our most popular themes to choose for our Halloween event theming service. The Twisted Circus theme is such a flexible, adaptable theme that gives a lot of room for creativity!

When putting on any type of Halloween event, it is a good idea to follow a central theme to tie everything in the event together. Our creative event and design team, with their years of experience, provide all the services necessary to put together a twisted circus Halloween event that will never be forgotten. As a company, we’ve organised a large number of twisted circus themed events for a range of clients, from large scale birthday parties to house dressings.

We provide the following Twisted Circus event theming services:

  • Venue Sourcing
  • Twisted Circus Halloween event theming Venue Dressing
  • Halloween Prop Design
  • AV & Lighting services
  • A wide range of Twisted Circus themed Entertainment Options
  • Bespoke Catering Services
  • Halloween Party DJ Hire

Why choose the Twisted Circus theme for your Halloween event?

If you love scaring your guests to death, the Twisted Circus theme is perfect!

The unique Halloween theme guarantees to create a special, memorable Halloween experience that will stay with your guests for the rest of their lives.

What goes into creating a Twisted Circus themed event?

We provide twisted circus event theming as a service for all types of clients and events. There’s a lot of work that goes into creating a twisted circus themed event including:

  • Designing Bespoke Twisted Circus themed Halloween props
  • Installing Bespoke backdrops, lighting, furniture and more
  • Organising Halloween entertainment
  • Managing Event catering services
  • Creating and installing Photo booths and other attractions.

We’ve been providing our Twisted Circus event theming for years.

To get a better idea of what goes into creating a twisted circus themed event, take a look at the Twisted Circus themed birthday party we done in Shoreditch, London here.

Twisted Circus themed eventse1832

Bespoke Halloween event Production

The Halloween season gives you a wide range of options to choose from in terms of event theming!

As mentioned before, the Twisted Circus theme is one of the most popular. Our event specialists can completely design and put together a twisted circus themed event from scratch with our bespoke room decor, Halloween entertainment, AV services and more for your event that will create a spooky, spine-chilling atmosphere for you and your guests to enjoy at your Halloween themed event.

Halloween Venue Dressing service

Putting on any Halloween themed event has more to it than just booking entertainment – you want the space the entertainment will be in to compliment it!

The venue decor will have a big impact on how well your Halloween theme comes across to your guests.

It is important the venue is the best it can be, so that it can not only accommodate your guests, but also create the overall theme of the event.

Twisted Circus Backdrop
Twisted Circus Snake Performer

Experienced Event Management company producing Halloween themed events

With an extensive amount of experience producing Halloween themed events, we provide an extensive venue dressing service that will ensure your event meets and exceeds all of your expectations. We provide everything from venue sourcing, venue dressing, booking entertainment and full event management, depending on your needs.

Venue dressing consists of supplying, designing bespoke decorations to your theme, fitting and supplying draping, lighting, event furniture, booking and organising entertainment to fit the twisted circus theme of the event, full event management services and more.

Creating a Twisted Circus Halloween party

There’s are a lot that goes into creating a Halloween event production and our experienced team offer a full Halloween event production service that covers everything required to put one of these together.

Depending on your requirements, our event specialists cover everything from sourcing the venue, dressing the venue, booking the entertainment and catering, to full event management services for your event, so you don’t have to do anything.

Twisted circus is the perfect Halloween party theme. Over the years we have created special experiences for a wide variety of clients – both private and corporate – and with the experience we have gained over the years, we will create a truly special event that will stay with you and your guests for a lifetime.

Twisted Circus themed eventse1807

Twisted Circus Themed Halloween events

More recently, we put together a full twisted circus production for a valued client of ours, Erin, where we sourced and fully transformed a luxurious venue in Shoreditch, London into a full twisted circus themed space.

We created the concept for the event from scratch, provided bespoke twisted circus props and decor, supplied a DJ, a range of AV equipment, twisted circus themed performers and even hired bar staff.

You can read the full case study on the event here.

Bespoke Twisted Circus Halloween Prop

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