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Our clients can pick ‘n mix our services or we can deliver the whole event for them from start to completion.

  • Venue Finding:  Source the perfect Venue for your Themed Event!
  • Venue Dressing:  Transform your Venue with our Twisted Alice prop hire.
  • Event Management:  Ensure your Event runs smoothly
  • Event Entertainment:  Book Entertainment to match your Theme
  • Catering Services:  Book the right kind of caterers to feed your Guests

Bespoke Twisted Alice in wonderland Venue Dressing

Inspired by Tim Burton’s dark and twisted version of Alice in Wonderland, create a venue space your guests won’t be able to forget with our Twisted Alice in Wonderland Themed Event services.

Forget the riddles, rhymes and childlike nonsense that is typical of a regular Alice in Wonderland theme. Using our Venue decoration hire, event theming services, draping, Lighting and Staging we’ll take you to ‘Underland’ with our Dark Alice Themed Event Hire.

Our Tim Burton Themed Alice in Wonderland Event has become increasingly popular. It’s fun, quirky yet subtly dark nature makes it the perfect theme for pushing the boundaries of event experience.

We’ll create an event that transports you into a world of madness. You’ll be unsure which ways up and which ways down and the red queen will be demanding someone’s head!

Our ethos on this is “the crazier the better”. From strobe lighting to make you feel like you’re falling down the strangest rabbit hole, to eccentric venue decorations.

Because we are an Event production Company we have every single component you could possibly need for creating a stand out immersive and unforgettable experience.

From transforming your venue to managing your whole event from start to finish. Furthermore, with so many party themes to choose from we can combine and draw inspiration from lots of different sources.

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What Events Can I Book This Theme For?

Our Twisted Alice Themed Event Hire is a great option because it’s so versatile.

From Gala dinners, Corporate Parties, Brand Launches and Showcase Events it is sure to leave a lasting impression on your guests. Create a grown-up and fantastically dark world with your very own Tim Burton Themed Alice in Wonderland Event.

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Book Entertainment To Match Your Theme!

The venue is dressed and we’ve created an underland filled with eccentricity, now to add the characters and performers to bring this world to life.

We have a huge array of actors and performers to embody your Twisted Alice in Wonderland Themed Event.

Beware the demon Mad Hatter who always seems to be lurking on the edge of your line of vision. He’s always got a trick up his sleeve! Not to forget Tweedledee and Tweedledum, don’t let them fool you into thinking they’re naïve and innocent children, they will turn on you as soon as they get the chance!

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