Globally 2020 has been a bit of a non-starter in the events industry. Since March this year so many plans, events and celebrations have been put on hold. Therefore, meaning that if you’re looking at planning at event for 2021 the time to start planning is NOW!

As an event management company, we have lots of insight into how the industry is adapting, changing and looking forward. Our diaries are already looking packed for next year. The world is trying to pack 2 years of events into 1.

Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, wedding or any other celebration we’d suggest planning way ahead of time to ensure, your venue and suppliers have the availability you need.

In this blog we’ll guide you on what suppliers you need to contact and book first to ensure you get what you want for your 2021 party or event.

How do I plan a party in 2021?

We get it. It may be overwhelming thinking way ahead but we’ve come up with a helpful guide to explain exactly what you need to think about and consider when booking your 2021 party or celebratory event.

Don’t forget that if planning your own event and dealing with all the logistics is to much you can hire an event manager. We are professional party planners with years of industry experience and expertise!

Booking Your Event Space

Trust us when we tell you that this needs to be the first thing you consider. We know it may seem early, but like we said 2021 is set to be busy!

Therefore, shortlist all of the different venue spaces you’re considering and make sure you have a few different options. If you are able to be flexible with dates and timing this stands you in better sted for booking exactly the venue you want.

However, if the date is important, make sure you have a few different venue options just in case your first venue space isn’t available.

Book your venue space for celebratory event in 2021. Venue space available for hire

Marquees and Temporary Structures

Due to the global pandemic, outdoor, private events are rapidly increasing in popularity. This, in turn, means that marquee and structure hire is in high demand. Therefore, like venue finding, if you’d like to book any kind of marquee or outdoor structure we’d suggest putting this right at the top of your priority list when planning.

As Event organisers, we’ve got a whole portfolio of different kinds of marquees you can have at your event. They are a great way to incorporate the outdoors into your event. Not to mention that they can work as really great socialising spaces.

With the ability to create a seamless journey from indoor to outdoor, your marquee can make your event feel twice as big. Especially if you utilise the outdoor space surrounding your marquee or structure.

Blue Chip Summer Festival Marquee we created using themed decorations.

Venue Transformation and Theming

Fortunately, prop hire and venue decoration hire is more readily available to book than venue spaces. However, if when planning your event, you have a specific stylist or certain props in mind we’d suggest booking those soon.

This is especially important if you’re looking for big stand out props as often companies don’t stock multiples of these items.

We’d argue that your venue decoration is the thing that creates your party. By decorating your venue correctly you’ll set the right tone and mood for your guests. Whether it’s low key or full theming, venue transformation and event theming add a lot to your event.

Book prop hire, venue decorations and theming for your party


Entertainment is another thing that you need to consider booking sooner rather than later. As an entertainment agency, we know that the very best in the business get booked up way in advance.

Therefore with the current climate, and the anticipation of celebrations in 2021 we’d suggest getting in there quick with your bookings.

It may be that the entertainment you want for your party or event is pretty non-specific, for example just a DJ. However, if you know you want to book THAT band that you saw at your best friends wedding and just have to have, then get in contact with them ASAP so that you can check their availability.

Live Jazz band available to hire for 1920's events.

The key with planning your 2021 party or event is to plan in advance. Be prepared and organised. As they say, the early bird catches the worm!

However, as previously mentioned, you can, of course, hire an event manager who can plan your whole party from conception to completion. Due to our industry contacts and knowledge, we are able to book some of the very best in the industry that the average organiser may not be aware of.

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