If you’re looking for unique and creative Artistic Entertainment Options, you’ve come to the right place. Our Artistic performers can create a truly magical experience for your event.

There is a lot to choose from when it comes to Artistic entertainment. Everything from Speed Painters and Caricaturists to Digital Artists and Sand Artists.

Join us as we explore some truly exciting Artistic entertainment options.

#1 Rubik’s Cube Art?!

We’re going to start this list off with a bang and what better way that starting with a Rubik’s Cube Artist?

We were absolutely amazed when we came across what this talented artist made out of using just Rubik’s Cubes.

Giovanni Contardi, better known by his Instagram tag @jvenb, is a world-famous Rubik’s Cube Artist who can recreate a famous portrait or logo in less than two hours! He is also the world’s first Full-Time Rubik’s Cube Artist.

If you’ve got a public event or exhibition, our Rubik’s Cube artist is a fantastic option. What better way to draw in a huge crowd?

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#2 Large Scale Muralist

Our Large Scale Muralist creates masterpieces at Store Openings and Public Spaces, working with huge clients such as Nike, BT and Levis.

As a result, this artist is very popular for product launches, brand activations, store openings and other public events.

Not only does this artist create some amazing pieces of art, but he also brings a very unique aspect to your event. He creates his murals LIVE in front of an audience.

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#3 Blow Torch Artist

If you’re looking for an artist who will really cause a stir at your event, our Blow Torch Artist could be a great fit!

Mixing art with performance, James can create spectacular art right before your very eyes in a matter of minutes.

Preparatory sketches are first drafted and are later drawn with pencil onto the raw canvas. Once the pencil drawing is on the canvas, a blow torch is used to carefully burn the contour lines and details of the image. You then have a piece of art created using a blow torch!

See some nice examples of his work below:

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