Dancers and Dance Shows are a very popular option for a range of event types; everything from Weddings and Award Ceremonies to Christmas Parties and Product Launches.

Therefore, it is crucial to choose a unique Dance performance to appear at your event if you want to make it really count.

As an event management company with over fifteen years of experience in the events industry, we work with dance performers not only in the UK, but on an International scale.

As a result, we have built up a huge catalogue of Dancers For Hire that we book all year round for events in the UK and Internationally.

So, we thought it was a good idea to narrow our catalogue of Dancers down to just FIVE options:

#1 LED Ballet Dancers

Our LED Ballet Dancers are a fantastic option for those looking to add a real visual spectacle to their event.

This unique Ballet group is made up of classically trained ballerinas who have a real talent in classical ballet and pointe work. Their fantastic, technical ballet performances and routines are magnified by their visual LED costumes that really glow

LED Ballet Dancers performing their unique LED Ballet Show on stage at a corporate event in London, UK.

Our LED Ballet Show can perform traditional ballet performances such as “Swan Lake” and “The Nutcracker”, but if you wanted something completely unique and catered to you, our Ballet Dancers also create bespoke performances, specific to your event. This is great if you have a running theme throughout your event.

These Ballet Dancers have performed for very high-end clientele and are perfect for Weddings, Gala Dinners and Product Launches / Brand Events.

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#2 Acrobatic Dance Duo

This exciting dance act performed by our Acrobatic Dance Duo will blow you away!

These extremely talented acrobatic dancers perform a unique Dance Routine that will blow your audience away with their fluid movement and athleticism. The dance routine performed by this duo is the perfect blend of acrobatics and traditional dance moves that comes together to create a visual spectacle at any event.

Acrobatic Dance Duo performing a dance routine outside on the UK coast. This unique Acrobatic Dance Duo perform amazing routines at private and corporate events in the UK.

Not only does the dance routine look elegant, is designed to emotionally move an audience with their stunning routines, making it a fantastic choice for Weddings.

To back up the talent of their dance show, this acrobatic dance duo has performed for huge clients such as ‘Lloyds Banks’, ‘Momentum’ and ‘Vectus Ventures’. The talent of the acrobatic dancers is really shown by the fantastic feedback they always receive, often being labelled ‘mesmerising and beautiful’ by viewers.

Watch a video of the Acrobatic Dance Duo performing:

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#3 Marlene Dietrich Foot Juggler

This unique Hollywood themed tribute of Marlene Dietrich performs an amazing foot-juggling Dance Performance that combines the glamour of the golden age of Hollywood, with the incredible skill of foot juggling, to create a stunning Dance Display that can be performed on stage in front of a LIVE audience.

Because this stunning dance performance is a tribute act of Marlene Dietrich, this unique dance show is often booked for themed events, such as Great Gatsby / 1920s Themed Events and Hollywood Themed Events.

Marlene Dietrich Foot Juggling performer performing a stunning dance routine on stage in front of a LIVE audience. Available to book for events in the UK and Internationally.

This stunning dance performer takes you back in time to the start of the silent era of Hollywood film.

Her dance routine will be a sure-hit and will be remembered by those in attendance. This unique dance routine is performed with multiple props including a dainty umbrella, hula hoop and cylinder, all of which this talented dancer moves in quick motions using only her feet and legs.

You have to see it to believe it!

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#4 Mirror Dance Group

If you’re looking for a unique Dance Show to add a special element to your event, our Mirror Dance Group are perfect!

The main appeal of this Mirror Dance Group is how amazing their dance routine looks on stage due to their mirrored clothing (hence the name). The Dance performance is set up in such a way that when the strobe lights aim towards the stage, the lights bounce off of their clothing, creating some amazing visual effects.

Mirror Dance Show being performed in front of a live audience on stage at a corporate event in London, UK. Contact us to enquire about our UK Dance Groups and Dancers for hire in the UK and Internationally.

Our Mirror Dance Group is a great option of you are looking to make a real statement at your next event!

Not only have these performers have a huge background in performing in front of crowds, but this Dance Group have also performed on TV shows such as “America’s Got Talent” and regularly work with clients such as Microsoft and Samsung.

Our Mirror Dance Group adds a real futuristic feel to any event, making it a great option for Product Launches and Brand Events.

To add to this, our futuristic dance group can also ‘brand’ their performances, showing logos, images or text of your choosing.

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#5 Blaze Fire Dancers

Add some heat to your event with our amazing Blaze Fire Dancers who create a fantastic display in front of LIVE audiences.

Made up of former Cirque du Soleil performers they created this stunning Fire Dance Show using their experienced background and bring this combination of elegance, pyrotechnics and world-class acrobatic entertainment to events in the UK and Internationally.

Blaze Fire Dancers performing a fire show on a beach in the UK. Our fire dancers are available to book for events in the UK.

This show can be performed as a duo, trio or quartet for event appearances.

The spark and fire dance show is very safe and uses fuel that is non-toxic, smoke-free, soot free and odourless.

Our Blaze Fire Dancers perform a visual Fire Dance Show on stage and have performed throughout the Middle East, Asia, Africa, Europe and North America, highlighting their vast experience in fire entertainment. On top of this, our fire dancers work with clients such as Red Bull, HSBC, BMW and Nokia.

Because their Fire Dance Performances are so visual, they are often booked for Product Launches and Brand Events, as they are sure to create a memorable experience for those in attendance.

Our Blaze fire dancers can deliver bespoke fire, aerial or ground performances depending on your requirements.

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We hope this gives you some guidance for choosing a unique dance performance for your event.

Dancers always create a spectacle at your event and are always remembered by those in attendance.

You can take a look at our full dance performers catalogue here.

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