If you’re putting together a Christmas Event where you want to book interactive performers that can bring the Christmas Spirit and a real sense of joy to your event, these unique Elf Performers will be a fantastic choice!

Our Christmas Elves are a fantastic option for Santa Grotto meet and Greet events, Christmas Parties and other Christmas Themed Events as they are an iconic part of the Christmas Season.

Join us as we explore our top five picks from our catalogue of Christmas Elf performers!

#1 The Comedy Elves

The Comedy Elves are one of our most popular Christmas Elf options with Shopping Centre Clients and people putting on public Christmas Events like Christmas Parades and other Christmas Retail Events.

The Comedy Elves are a high-energy duo that inject energy into your event and really spread the Christmas Spirit around your guests and visitors. They are also suitable for all ages and audiences as they can adapt their act; they are available to book on stilts or as a normal grounded act.

Comedy Elves performing at a Christmas Street parade event in the UK. This Elf Duo wear bespoke elf costumes with red and green colours and interact with your guests.

Perfect for boosting engagement at your Retail Event and mingling with your guests!

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#2 Bouncing Elf Stilt Walkers

Our Bouncing Elf Stilt Walkers are an extraordinary duo of elves who interact with guests and visitors from a height!

This duo have an extensive background in stage comedy and use this in their performances when interacting with guests. As a result, these elf performers are great at boosting engagement and interacting with guests at any public Christmas event.

Bouncing Elf Stilt Walkers standing in front of a large Christmas Tree at a Santa Grotto event in a Garden Centre in the UK.

These unique Stilt-walking elves are often booked for Santa Grotto events as they create a unique attraction to your event.

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#3 Acrobatic Icy Elves

If you’re looking for unique Elf Performers to catch the eye of your visitors and guests, our Acrobatic Icy Elves are a fantastic option!

Our Acrobatic Icy Elves wear bespoke icy costumes and perform and interact with guests using their breathtaking contortions and balancing skills.

Acrobatic Icy Elves wearing their bespoke icy costumes in a bright blue, silver and white. Our Acrobatic Elves are available for hire across the UK.

As a result, these performers always turn the heads of passers-by and are great for public Christmas Events and Christmas Shopping Centre Events.

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#4 Gift Box Elves

How about our Gift Box Elves who wear funny Christmas Present outfits and roam your event, interacting with guests?!

This unique elf performer group can surprise guests by sitting still and surprising un-suspecting guests by jumping up at them!

At a glance these performers look like large presents wrapped in gift wrapping but there’s a Christmas Elf inside!

Gift Box Elves wearing their bespoke blue and red present outfits. Our Christmas Elves are available for hire across the UK, join us as we explore our favourite Elf performer options.

Not only are they a very amusing act to add to your event, they will also boost engagement and interact with guests in attendance.

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#5 Christmas Elf Balloon Modeller

Our Christmas Elf Balloon Modeller interacts with guests creating wearable items out of balloons for children and adults!

One fantastic bonus to this is that your guests can take something home from your event to remember it by!

This unique elf performer has been in the industry for years and has built up experience performing at all types of Christmas Events: retail events, shopping centre events, private parties and more.

Christmas Elf Balloon Modeller with a Candy Cane created from green, white, gold and red balloons. This unique elf performer is available to book for Christmas Events across the UK and Worldwide.

This unique Elf Balloon Modeller combines his talent with humour, creating masterpieces from just balloons!

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We have plenty more options when it comes to Christmas Elves for your Santa Grotto Events and Private Christmas Parties. Click here to view our full catalogue of Christmas Elves.

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