John Wayne, Clint Eastwood, Kirk Douglas, are all pioneers in the popularisation of the western time period. Producing film after film, slowly capturing more and more aspects of the dangerous lifestyle of a rugged cowboy, surviving in the dusty streets of the US. These influential characters have made this time period an iconic part of our culture today.

With that in mind, you can understand why this theme has exploded as a great way to theme an event.

The perfect part about it? It can be used for anything! Birthdays, weddings, conferences, award events, exhibitions, marketing events, seasonal events, the list goes on…

In this post, we will delve into how to put the “Wild” into “Wild West”.

Building a Frontier Town

That’s right, instead of scattering simple decorations from a party store around your event space, you can turn it into an authentic old western town!

Wild West Frontier Town created with a traditional Saloon, Cacti and other bespoke props used to for a wild west themed family fun day for Amazon.

With this service, your venue isn’t merely themed like a western town, it becomes one, which is one of the best ways to experience this incredible theme.

Storefronts, wooden fences, horses, cowboys, cacti and backdrops are just some of the things that you can consider when transforming your event space.

Saloons, Backdrops and Cowboy Props

A huge part of building Western scenery is showing people what they expect to see. This would be the iconic parts of the old west like tumbleweeds, cacti, wagons, confederate flags, hay bales and other rustic features!

A great and inexpensive way to achieve this is through items like the ones shown below:

Themed Characters

Once you have created the perfect themed venue or event space, its time to bring it to life and nothing does that better than some real-life cowboys and cowgirls. The exciting thing about hiring wild west characters is the different types of entertainment they can offer for you and your guests!

Sheriff Woody

Perfect for Children’s Wild West parties and family fun days, Sheriff Woody is one of the most beloved cowboys there is!

Book our Toy Story Sheriff Woody Character for your wild west themed event in the UK.

Accompanied by buzz lightyear, or performing alone, Woody is a perfect themed character for western-themed events and parties.

Native American Hula Hoop Performer

Another huge part of the old west is the native Americans who also lived there, which is why you might consider hiring this Native American themed hula hoop performer!

Coming dressed in authentic styled clothing and with an impressive set of circus skills, this performer is a great addition to these parties.

Can We Provide Dancers? Yes We Can-Can

All through the western era, can-can dancers were an influential part of the entertainment industry, and that is still the case today. 

Offering a fast-paced, vibrant and exciting performance, can-can dancers can bring the energy into your saloon or tavern. 

Everyone Say “Howdy” for the Camera!

Book our Wild West Stagecoach Photo Booth for your corporate event in London & the UK.

If you plan to host your event outdoors, then the perfect thing to consider is the wild west photo booth carriage. In this carriage, you can see yourself riding in an authentic horse-drawn carriage! 

This attraction comes with a selection of props and decorations, so in addition to working as a photo booth, it enhances your scenery very well.

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