The definition of an event organiser is: “The person who makes sure that the necessary arrangements are made.” To put it simply an event organiser is the person responsible for your event from start to finish.

Event organisers provide all kinds of different event services for a wide variety of different event types. From conference management to family fun days, private parties to product launches. A good event organiser company will be able to provide all the services you need for all of these events and more.

The details and areas which an event organiser needs to consider when planning an event include the planning, arranging, management and overseeing of all event details. Therefore, they will deal with admin, liaising with suppliers, venue sourcing, venue dressing, travel and delivery logistics and much much more.

Every event organiser is different and more often than not you can select the specific services that you would like your event organiser to provide. This means you can opt-in for a full-service event management package, or alternatively just pick a few services you would like your event organiser to be responsible for. As an example, these could include prop hire, entertainment booking and venue dressing.

What Events Can You Book Event Organisers For?

There are all kinds of events that you can book an event organiser for. From private to public events and from small scale events of 30, to large scale events for over 1,000 attendees.

Below are is a list of the different kinds of events you can book an event organiser for:

1. Private Events

Whether you’re hosting an exclusive members-only party for your club, or perhaps you want to blow your friends and family away with an incredible party to celebrate a big milestone. Private events are any event that is hosted by an individual.

By selecting a private events organiser they will be able to guide you on everything you need for your private event. From catering to entertainment and more. Private event organisers know exactly what will work well for your event and what will get your guests into the party spirit. Furthermore, they will take your budget and your priorities and create a private event that your guests won’t be able to stop talking about for all the right reasons.

Private party 40th birthday event created and managed by our event organisers.

2. Public Events

Public events are any events that take place in a public setting. Unlike corporate and private events, public events generally do not require an invite and any members of the public are able to attend. Therefore, it is important that you book an event organiser who knows how to correctly organise and plan a public event.

There are often many factors that need to be considered in these kinds of events. From ticketing to staffing, crowd management and more. Your event organiser will ensure every detail is checked, all insurances and health and safety is put in place and the event runs smoothly,

Ice cream giveaway public event run and manage by our event organiser team.

3. BID and Council Events

BID and council events are often booked with the local community in mind. Whether it is to drive traffic to the local town centre, a celebratory event for a holiday or calendar event, or even a town centre activation to get the local community together.

Your BID or council event organiser will need to consider the needs of the client and what their goals are. they will also need to consider how the event will be marketed to the public and how the community will get involved. In these kinds of events, it is really important that your event organiser considers how the public will engage with the event and how this will then benefit the client’s needs.

An example of a BID event our event organisers created recently was a Christmas Grotto experience. This was created to help drive traffic into the town centre to boost the surrounding shopping areas.

The outside of the Bury Santa Experience Christmas shopping centre activation, featuring branding and fairy lights.

4. Corporate Events

Corporate events are any events put on by a company or firm for their employees and or clients. Like a private event, these will often require an invitation and will also, in some cases, need similar services to private parties and events. However, there are many different kinds of corporate events, some more celebratory and some more business-focused. Some examples of corporate events include:

There are many reasons to organise a corporate event. Whether you want to communicate key information with your employees, celebrate business success, promote a new product or perhaps host an event that both educates and offers additional training to employees.

Your corporate event organiser will be able to guide you on all of the services you will need to pull off a successful corporate event.

Delegates watching speaker at corporate conferencing event, managed by our conference organisers.

5. Outdoor Events

Outdoor events can be either public or private and are often large in scale. From festival events to family fun days and even community celebrations or parades.

A little like BID and council-run events, outdoor events need an event organiser that is aware of all of the crowd management and health and safety protocols. For example, with a public parade or carnival, they will need to organise things like road cordoning, staffing and traffic management. Alternatively, for a festival event, they will need to be in charge of all of the logistics of the creation of the event as well as the creative input on making an event that is visually appealing and an immersive experience for the attendees.

For events like these, booking an event organiser is integral. There are so many elements to planning and managing an event of this scale, that by not having an event organiser overseeing everything you are likely to miss something.

Friends sat down eating food and watching performers on stage at themed festival event

6. Seasonal

‚Äč‚ÄčThroughout the year there are lots of calendar and religious events that our clients choose to create events for.

Some of these include:

  • Christmas
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Diwalli
  • Royal Events
  • Easter
  • Halloween
  • Summer Solstice

Many of these events focus on the visuals of the event as well as the attendees’ experience. Therefore, you’ll want to book an event organiser who has a strong portfolio of creating visually impressive events, as well as ensuring that they can also manage the other aspects of the event.

Often these seasonal events will fall into subcategories of private and public events, with many clients booking themed corporate dinners or private parties.

Twisted Circus Halloween Birthday Party Photo Booth being used by Erin (our client), our snake charmer and zombie drag queen.

7. Promotional and Retail

Promotional and retail events are often run in partnership with corporations or county councils with the agenda of promoting a new product or service.

Your event organiser will need to have marketing experience so that they can work out a way of successfully marketing and promoting your event.

Whether you’re planning a fashion show event in a shopping centre to promote the clothing shops in the shopping centre. Or perhaps you want to promote a new product on sale so need some entertainment to draw people into the store. Your event organised will be able to manage and oversee all of this.

Product launch event for Monarch airlines run by our event organiser.

What Event Services Can Your Event Organiser Provide

A professional event management company will be able to provide every event service you need to create your event. Your event organiser will work with you to understand what services you require and be able to deliver a brief including all of the relevant services to ensure your outcome is met.

Below is a short list of some of the event services that your event organiser will be able to provide:

Event management

Event management services are booked to help run a smooth and successful event. Your event organiser will suggest booking event management services if you’re booking a bigger event where there are multiple different aspects and elements to your event that all need managing.

For example, if you have more than 5 suppliers and you are booking set build, catering and multiple entertainers then by booking an event management service you can ensure that all of these elements run smoothly.

Event theming and styling

Event theming and styling is an excellent option if you are looking to completely transform your event space. Within these services, your event organiser can provide prop hire, venue draping, bespoke set and stage build and much much more.

If you are looking to book decorations for a big event space our event organisers will always suggest booking theming and styling services. This allows you to create a visually inviting and cohesive event installed by professionals (you don’t need to worry about your decorations falling down halfway through your event because Uncle Bob has hung them up).


Our event organisers are able to supply a huge variety of entertainment options. From one singular act to a whole lineup of different entertainment options. Event organisers will be able to guide you on the best entertainment options for your event as they will know exactly what will work with the guests you have attending.

Furthermore, by having an event organiser manage all of your entertainment you’ll ensure that any equipment needed will be set up in a timely manner and none of the performers schedules will clash. Additionally, if for whatever reason an entertainer had to drop out at the last minute your event organiser would be the person in charge of finding an alternative act- reducing stress for the clients.

Venue Sourcing

Your event organiser can also provide venue sourcing service, finding the very best venue to suit your event. With all kinds of industry connections, as well as insider knowledge of venues that aren’t always listed, your event organiser will be able to source an amazing venue.

Furthermore, they will work within your budget, ensuring that the venue offers everything you need. They will also liaise with the venue to ensure that the contracts signed allow you to use the venue as you need and that there aren’t any hidden clauses or fees involved in hiring out the venue.

Arguably though, the biggest advantage to booking venue finding services is having access to some of the most exclusive venues across the UK and internationally.

Workshops and Seminars

For many workshops and seminars, especially large scale events, there will be a degree of technical set-up and production needed to run these events. Whether that includes AV, lighting and staging, furniture hire, catering or travel logistics, your event organiser will be able to arrange all of this.

Furthermore, our event organisers will also be able to source any speaker or workshop hosts to help elevate your event. They can even include team-building break out activities to keep attendees focused and enjoying their experience.

Virtual Events

Whether you require the organisation of a virtual conference event, virtual workshop or online event management our event organisers have lots of virtual event services to help support you in this. Providing virtual studio hire, AV production teams, virtual entertainment, live streaming and webcasting and much much more.

Working with your event organiser you will be able to tell them what kind of virtual event you want to host and they will be able to guide you on what virtual event services you will need to create this event.

Reasons to Book an Event Organiser

There are all kinds of reasons to book an event organiser for your next event, however below we have picked out our top 7 reasons you should book an event organiser for your next event:

  1. Event Organisers deal with all elements of your event so you don’t have to worry

2. Access to exclusive offers and resources meaning you get more for your money

3. Saves you time and ensures no detail is missed

4. They are highly professional and organised

5. Event Organisers ensure the events they create meet business objectives

6. They are creative and resourceful-making your vision a reality

7. Manage all elements of your event, reducing stress

If you’d like to book an event organiser for your event then get in touch with our team today. Alternatively, if you would like to look at the wide variety of different event services we offer check out our website to find out more

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