Halloween this year (2020) will be a bit different to say the least! With COVID-19 restrictions and social distancing guidelines in place, we have had to make some real adjustments to how we are bringing Halloween to clients this year.

We now offer Virtual Halloween Events and Virtual Halloween Entertainment. These are held on video conferencing programs, such as Zoom, Skype, or Microsoft Team Meetings and enables us to engage and entertain remote teams.

These Virtual Halloween Events include Halloween themed games and activities and are a great way of engaging and entertaining audiences. Another benefit of these Virtual Halloween events is that they are created with team-building in mind; it’s not only fun, it’s beneficial to those in attendance.

We provide a host who maximizes engagement and makes sure people are comfortable and confident participating.

Pumpkin Carving / Virtual Halloween Workshops

Pumpkins are a MUST for any Halloween Event, and this year is no different.

We have contacts with talented Pumpkin Carving Artists across the UK who can now provide online, virtual workshops for their pumpkin carving creations.

Our Artists provide a walk-through, step-by-step tutorial over a Zoom call and create Pumpkin Carvings in Live time. This is an exciting way for guests to learn new skills and gives them something unique to decorate their own homes with after!

Take a look at some of the Halloween Pumpkins carved by one Pumpkin Carving Artist:

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Virtual Halloween Murder Mysteries

One of our most popular Virtual Entertainment Options for Halloween Themed Events is our Virtual Murder Mystery.

This is because it is a great way of bringing people together whilst social distancing measures are in place. The interactive aspect of it really appeals to our clients and provides great value for money.

  • Lots of fun for all of those in attendance
  • Extremely interactive virtual entertainment option that really stands out from the rest
  • You can dress up for Halloween
  • Brilliant performances from our actors, making it as engaging as possible

Our Virtual Murder Mysteries come with several storylines including:

Downton Abbey inspired – Murder at the Manor: The murder of the Lord leads to twists, turns and very surprising revelations.

Death and the maiden voyage – 1920’s:  When the guest cabaret artist, Candy Cane is murdered during the Welcome Aboard party everyone must turn detective to catch the killer.

Our Virtual Murder Mysteries are a huge hit with clients and are a great way of celebrating Halloween this year!

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Virtual Haunted House Activity

Haunted Houses are iconic Halloween attractions and we can now bring these attractions to virtual events. Although you cannot physically attend a Haunted House, we can still give you the same experience through our virtual Haunted Houses.

Our virtual tours are of real-life locations, such as the Paris Catacombs and the Winchester Mystery House.

These virtual tours enable us to bring the thrills of visiting a haunted mansion to your screens.

Virtual Magicians

The supernatural is a running theme in the month of October. During your Virtual Halloween Event, you can entertain your team with digital magicians and magic shows.

Our Virtual Magicians and hosts are extremely popular due to social distancing. We are able to provide fully interactive magic and mind-reading shows for online events, conference calls and more.

Virtual Magician performing on an online event, on a Zoom call. We have a wide range of virtual magicians available to hire for online events.

These Virtual magicians use state-of-the-art live streaming software to provide a high-quality experience for all. What’s more, your host manages everything – split screens, photo and video sharing, sound effects, audience chat and more. They can also provide graphics of your company logo if you wanted to brand your online event.

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Halloween Cocktails

Drinking is almost compulsory to any adult Halloween Party, and our Halloween Cocktail service enables us to provide this.

We are able to send out Cocktail packages to clients who can then enjoy these over a Zoom Call or Online Event. We can provide a drink-making tutorial over a Zoom call whilst all the guests attempt to make the cocktails at the same time.

Halloween Cocktail service available to hire for virtual Halloween events in 2020.

This makes for a very exciting time and you can still enjoy each other’s company at the same time.

If you’re interested in any of the above or are looking to book some Halloween Entertainment this year, please get in contact with a member of our team.

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