Event management involves the overseeing, management, production, installation and logistics of any event. Whether you’re booking a Conference, Exhibition, Virtual Product Launch, Corporate Christmas Party or Wedding it is always important to consider event management companies as a tool to help you manage our event.

Crucially, event managers and an event management company can deal with as many or as few details of your event as you want. From dealing with staffing, budget management, health and safety reports, event analytics, timings of the day and more. A good event manager company is worth its weight in gold and will create a smoothly run and successful event, achieving all of your desired outcomes.

When hiring an event management company the first step is to check out their portfolio. By seeing their previous work and looking at their case studies you will be able to gain an understanding of whether they are the right fit for your event.

What Is Event Management?

There are lots of roles and responsibilities that fall into the job of an event manager. However, generally, an event manager would be described as an individual who oversees and runs an event.

Generally, your event manager company will work with you throughout the whole process of planning your event. Starting at the beginning by coming up with concepts and USPs for your event.

Usually, an event manager company is hired for large scale corporate events such as festivals, conferences and product launch events. However, we are often hired for big-budget private parties and events such as weddings and luxury parties.

Roles Of An Event Manger Company

  • Project Management
  • Budget Control
  • Staffing
  • Sourcing Suppleirs
  • Liasing With Vendors
  • Managing Event Schedule
  • On The Day Event Management
  • Health and Safety Reports
  • Venue Dressing and Theming Installation
  • Post Event Analysis

and much much more!

These job roles and responsibilities may vary depending on what the client requires. A good event manager is fully adaptable and able to arrange all elements of your event.

What Makes A Good Event Manager?

If you’re considering booking an event manager company for your event, you want to ensure you are booking a confident and competent event manager.

Therefore, it is important to do your research and understand what different event management companies can offer and what their previous experience is. Take a look at their case studies and previous client base to gain an understanding of their previous work and reputation.

So what makes a good event manager?

We suggest looking out for these key skills when hiring your event management company:

  • Excellent Organisational Skills
    • Your event manager company will likely need to juggle multiple different roles, therefore their organisational skills must be exceptional.
  • Highly Creative
    • If you’re hosting an event, you want that event to stand out. Therefore, you want to ensure you’ve hired an event management company with bags of creativity and the ability to think outside the box. this will ensure that your event is unique, innovative and memorable to your attendees.
  • Strong Interpersonal Skills
    • Your event manager will be liasing with multiple different suppliers and vendors, not to mention being in charge of staff and potentially speaking to attendees on the day of the event. Therefore, you want to hire event management companies that have great communication skills and are able to speak to all kinds of people on all kinds of levels.
  • Ability to think on their feet
    • We would love to say that every event runs smoothly and without any hiccups, however, we would be lying. From clients booking the wrong day for their event, to venues cancelling last minute or suppliers cancelling unexpectedly. You need to book an event management company that is able to effectively work in high-pressured situations. This will ensure your event will run smoothly and, as a client, none of that stress is put on to you.
  • High Level of Execution
    • It goes without saying that the devil is in the detail. Therefore, you want to ensure that your event manager is detail orientated and always works to the highest standards. Your event will be a reflection of you so ensure you book an event management company that reflects your buisness’ standars.

Event Manager Companies vs. Event Planners- What’s The Difference?

Whilst event managers and event planners have a lot of very similar functions, the key difference between event management and event planning is the ability to see a project through from conception right through to completion.

Event planners primarily come up with the visions and preliminary plans for the events. However, event managers are able to do everything. This means, not only will they come up with the initial concepts and ideas, but they will also work with you throughout the whole event, managing everything and ensuring every detail of your event is taken care of.

Graph showing skills that event managers and event planners offer.

Therefore, if you’re looking to book an event and want the whole event taken care of right from conception through to completion then booking an event manager is the best solution.

Event planners take on all of the responsibility of the event, ensuring that the client does not need to worry themselves with any of the details of running the event. It also means that by working with an event manager as opposed to an event planner you will also be able to benefit from on the day management of your event.

Key points as to why booking an event manager is more beneficial than booking an event planner.

As an event manager company, we can offer full-scale event management and event productions. If you are looking for help with running your event then get in touch with our team today.

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