‘Tis the season to be jolly and spread some festive cheer. Therefore, this Christmas we’ve come up with a winning list of virtual Christmas party ideas, sure to make even the biggest grinch smile.

The key to booking the very best Virtual Christmas Party is to make it FUN. No one wants to sit through another boring zoom call where the only sign of Christmas is the dated limp bit of tinsel in Bob’s background. So this ho-ho-holiday season why not choose a virtual activity that is both fun and interactive.

Forget the virtual charades, put down the printed out quiz sheet and get planning the ultimate Virtual Christmas Party.

22 Virtual Christmas Party Ideas To Spread Holiday Cheer

All of the virtual Christmas party ideas are great for team members as well as client appreciation activities. Guests will be able to tune in from the comfort of their own homes and create some brilliant Christmas memories.

With so many video call platforms, it’s never been easier to connect and have fun remotely. From Zoom to Skype, Microsoft teams to Google Meet you can pick a platform that works best for you. Alternatively, if you’re looking for something bigger budget you can even book companies to create your very own digital platform. Complete with VR headsets and your own personalised avatars.

From booking one activity to booking a whole day full of virtual festive activities and experiences. There are multiple options to choose from and ideas to be inspired by.

1. Virtual Gingerbread House Making

Nothing says Merry Christmas more than gingerbread houses. The smell of gingerbread wafting through the house mixed with the brightly coloured sweets and white icing snow peaks epitomises Christmas.

This Christmas tradition is fun, interactive and maybe just a little bit sticky. It is a great activity to get your team chatting and connecting with one another as well as an opportunity for everyone to get creative and showcase their personality through the art form of icing, sweets and gingerbread.

With a knowledgeable gingerbread house expert hosting the workshop and there to guide the team and talk them through the workshop, as well as the gingerbread house kit delivered straight to their door, your guests are sure to love this virtual Christmas party idea.

Gingerbread house making kit including all of the ingridients you need for this Christmas party idea

2. Zoom Cocktail Making

Soak up the Christmas spirit (yes we mean literally) with a festive-themed Zoom cocktail making party. With so many different options and formats available, Zoom cocktail making is an excellent way of celebrating virtually.

Choose the cocktails you want to make with your team and the ingredients will be sent straight to their doors. Alternatively, to keep costs low you could send out a shopping list of ingredients and get all your attendees to bring their own ingredients to this virtual Christmas party option.

Furthermore, this virtual Christmas party idea can be adapted to suit everyone. Therefore, you can add in mocktail options for those choosing to steer clear of the Christmas hangovers.

Hosted by an expert mixologist, you and your team will learn all about cocktail making. Learning some of the tips and tricks of the trade. You could even include a create your own round where everyone makes a festive-inspired cocktail and presents it to the group with a prize for the best cocktail or mocktail at the end.

Entertainer hosting a Virtual cocktail making party on Zoom for a LIVE audience.
Entertainer hosting a Virtual cocktail making party on Zoom for a LIVE audience.

3. Virtual Wreath Making

I’m sure we’re not the only ones who love seeing the wide variety of Christmas wreaths adorning our neighbour’s doors over the festive season. Therefore, why not book a virtual wreath workshop where you can make your very own Christmas wreath.

This Virtual Christmas Party Idea is excellent for creatives, especially if you’ve got a team of colleagues who love getting stuck in and have an artistic flair.

With so many options to choose from each team member can create a Christmas wreath that’s completely unique to them. Use dried flowers, foliage, ribbons, baubles and even brussel sprouts to adorn your Christmas wreath.

Led by an expert florist, you and your team will learn exactly how to make your very own Christmas wreath from the comfort of your own home. Learning tips and tricks of the trade and benefiting from both group and one on one learning this virtual Christmas party idea is a jolly good option.

Moss covered wreath with decorative natural materials around it ready for virtual Christmas party wreath making.

4. Online Murder Mystery

Online murder mysteries can be great fun for remote teams. With so many themes to choose from it is really easy to pick a theme that will work perfectly with your Christmas party. Whether it’s an Agatha Christie-style murder mystery set on the night of Christmas eve, or perhaps a murder mystery involving Santas workshop.

Depending on the murder mystery package you book you can incorporate multiple actors. You may also wish to allocate character cards to each of your attendees. This can be a really fun way of getting them involved as they will be able to take on the character persona and even dress up.

Not only is this activity great fun but it is also a brilliant way of getting your team to work together and communicate with one another, making it a brilliant and rewarding Christmas party idea.

Virtual Murder Mystery Game available to book as entertainment as a virtual Christmas party idea

5. Virtual Festive Truffle Making

Christmas is certainly the season to treat yourself and what better way to do that than with this delicious Christmas party idea. Get your colleagues and friends together for a virtual festive truffle making workshop.

You will all receive kits sent straight to your front door with all of the ingredients needed for this festive virtual party. With the option to include festive flavours such as Baileys, Gingerbread or Peppermint our expert chocolatier will show you exactly how to perfect the art of chocolate making in this virtual truffle making workshop.

Chocolate Truffle Making Workshop available to book as a unique online workshop and experience for private and corporate clients in the UK and Worldwide.

6. Virtual Food and Gift Hampers

If you’re looking for more of a DIY virtual Christmas party idea why not send all of your team a hamper or gift basket each. In these hampers, you can include festive food, games, secret Santa gifts and much much more.

Organise for everyone to get together and open their hampers on Zoom and have someone lead the call. This is a great way of having a more informal and relaxed virtual Christmas party with your remote team whilst still treating them and getting everyone together.

Some ideas of things to include in the hampers could be, secret Santa gifts, mince pies, Christmas fancy dress, Christmas games, Christmas craft activities and so on.

Collection of wrapped Christmas Gift Boxes. We can send out bespoke Christmas Gift Boxes and packages to the guests of your Virtual Christmas Event or Experience.

7. Online Christmas Themed Musical Bingo

There’s always that one person in the office who is just a little bit obsessed with Christmas songs and thinks it’s socially acceptable to blast All I Want For Christmas through the office space on November 1st.

We can promise that they will love this next virtual Christmas party idea! Christmas songs are undeniably a big part of the festive season and this virtual Christmas party idea is a great way of embracing them. When you book Christmas themed musical bingo your team will all get sent an online invite, log on to the platform and you’ll be introduced to the musical bingo hosts who will talk you through the activity.

With lots of rounds appealing to all kinds of music knowledge, your teams will check off the songs till someone shouts Bingo. We encourage lots of dancing, singing and festivity with this virtual Christmas party idea.

employees dancing with headphones on at musical bingo event. Great as a virtual Christmas party idea.

8. Virtual Christmas Decoration Workshop

If you’re looking for fun and relaxing virtual Christmas party ideas, a virtual Christmas decoration workshop is a great option!

Within this festive virtual workshop, attendees will get to decorate a ceramic ornament, with this activity really bringing out guests’ creative, artistic side. Participants of this online festive workshop get to decorate and personalise three star-shaped ceramic decorations, using high-quality ceramic paints in brilliant, festive colours.

Additionally, if you want to put a spin on this event you can arrange to send out different shaped ornaments for your guests to paint. You could even really mix things up by sending each guest a block of clay to create their very own Christmas decorations.

This is a great virtual Christmas party idea as it gets everyone creating something they can keep whilst relaxing in an informal and relaxed environment.

Book our Virtual Christmas Decoration Workshop for Virtual Christmas Parties and Online Events.

9. Online Festive Escape Room

If you want an exciting and strategic virtual Christmas party idea then our online escape room is a great option. Not only is this activity fun and interactive, but it will also boost team morale, as it brings people together during Social Distancing!

This online festive escape room involves a specially built platform where team members have to work through tasks to escape each virtual room. With multiple different levels and requiring multiple different skill sets, this is a great option for all the team.

Virtual Escape Game Hire available for private and corporate clients in the UK and Worldwide.

10. Virtual Carol Singers

Perhaps you’re already hosting a virtual Christmas event and need some festive entertainment. By booking virtual carol singers to perform on your call you’ll be sure to spread plenty of Christmas cheer.

Whether you’d like them to sing traditional carols such as Silent Night, The First Noel or We Three Kings, or perhaps you’d like some more contemporary carols such as Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer and Jingle Bells. Our brilliant online Christmas Carolers are an excellent virtual Christmas party idea to get everyone smiling.

You can even opt to book a sing-along version with carol sheets sent out to all attendees! Although not mandatory we strongly suggest some festive headgear to help get your team in the Christmas spirit.

Virtual Christmas Carolers available to hire for online virtual Christmas parties and events for Christmas 2021.

11. Virtual Santa Visit

Whether your guests are 2 or 92 a visit from Father Christmas is sure to create some Christmas magic.

Father Christmas can join your Zoom call for all sorts of activities. For the younger children, he can do storytelling and ask each of the little ones what they’d like for Christmas. Additionally, if you’re looking for Father Christmas to virtually visit your office full of adults, why not get him to talk about some of the colleagues, making jokes about whether they’ve been good enough this year.

You could also get him to assist with a virtual secret Santa gift exchange.

The Virtual Santa visits are very adaptable and can work around lots of different ideas and suggestions. This is certainly a great virtual Christmas party idea to create some fun moments and memories with your colleagues and friends.

Our Santa Claus performer delivering a personalised message to clients on a Virtual Christmas Grotto Experience.

12. Online Cheese and Wine Night

Are you looking for a low key virtual Christmas party idea with only a subtle nod to the festive season? Why not book an online Cheese and Wine Night! Sophisticated and delicious this virtual Christmas party idea can be specifically tailored to be as festive or un-festive as you like. Personally, we think nothing says Christmas is coming more than a cosy night in enjoying Cheese, wine and good company.

With tasting kits sent directly to all attendees doors, you will all be able to sample some delicious wines and various different complimentary cheeses. Hosted by an expert sommelier, you will learn all about how to correctly sample and understand different flavour notes. As well as learning about the body of different wines.

This is certainly a grown-up and suave way of celebrating the festive season with your team!

Wine and cheese board created for virtual Christmas party night

13. Online Festive Shadow Show

For clients wanting to hold virtual Christmas parties and events, this is the perfect virtual Christmas party idea! In the virtual shadow show your personalised message and logo integrated into the show. We will create a personal, meaningful and special online experience for you and your guests to enjoy.

The story follows the main character finding a strange Christmas present under the Christmas tree. He finds himself transported through the snow globe into a new world and embarks on a magical Christmas journey reuniting with his friends, colleagues and family.

Watch as the dancers create images of a reindeer, horse with sledge, snowman, fir tree and even a turkey! As they dance, tumble and reunite with each other, your unique, personalised message to your guest’s scrolls across the screen. The show finishes with your logo as the final image.

This is an excellent way of opening your virtual Christmas party and welcoming your guests into the event. Attendees will be able to enjoy the show and be impressed by the way the dancers skillfully morph into different festive shapes.

Virtual Christmas Shadow Show snowman scene. Available to book as part of virtual entertainment hire

14. Virtual Gift Wrapping Workshop

Everyone has gifts to wrap at Christmas! Therefore as a Virtual Christmas party idea why not have a creative gift wrapping party. Gifts are so much more than what’s on the inside. Learn how to use your creativity to wrap gifts like a professional with an Online Gift Wrapping Workshop.

By taking part in this Christmas Gift Wrapping Experience, your guests will learn how to perfectly finish the corners of wrapped gifts, learn tips and tricks for attaching pretty gift toppers, belly bands and tags.

As a great finish to any package, you will also learn how to create and design a perfect holiday bow.

Either ask your guests to provide their own materials, or book a package where the company can provide a box of wrapping goodies sent straight to their door.

Virtual gift wrapping workshop available to book for virtual Christmas party events.

15. Virtual Christmas Cook-along

Want to learn how to make the perfect turkey, or perhaps you need some inspiration on how to use up leftovers on Boxing day? A virtual Christmas cook along can be a great virtual Christmas party idea.

With ingredients boxes sent out to each attendee and a professional chef guiding you every step of the way, you and your team will be able to make a delicious dish.

This is a great virtual activity for your team as they are able to benefit from both group and 1-2-1 learning in an informal and fun environment. Additionally, they will be able to create something delicious that they can share with their families after the virtual workshop.

Virtual Christmas Cook-Along Party available to book for online experiences and events.

16. Online Christmas Party Experieince

If you’re looking to host a full-on Christmas party but are worried about the risks of big groups meeting in person then why not book a virtual Christmas party!

With so many options and formats to choose from you can create an event that reflects your company and work team. You will get a host who will lead the Zoom call introducing each activity and engaging with all participants. You could even work with a company to create your very own virtual world where attendees can interact with one another via their own avatars!

Your host will combine your chosen activities to create a bespoke package for you. You could also include hampers to be sent out to your guests. Include all the normal things you’d find at a work Christmas party such as Christmas fancy dress items, canapes, photo booth props, a bottle of fizz and much much more.

Virtual Christmas cocktail party dancers and singers drinking cocktails with mixologist. Available to book for virtual corporate Christmas parties.

17. Online Christmas Cookie Decorating

Whether you love sugar cookies, shortbread or gingerbread, this is a brilliant Christmas party idea for you and your team!

All attendees will receive a box containing prebaked festive cookies. It will also include a variety of different coloured icing, as well as different sprinkles and sweet treats to add to your cookies. An expert cookie decorator will then lead this virtual Christmas cookie decorating workshop via Zoom or another video calling platform.

They will talk your team through a variety of different icing techniques as well as how to create unique and easy designs. This is a fun and interactive Christmas party idea, enabling your team to learn a new skill in a relaxed environment. Want to know what the best part is? You get to eat all of your delicious creations! If you’re feeling generous you could also give them as a wonderful homemade gift sure to impress the recipient.

Virtual Cookie Decorating Party available to book as a unique online workshop for private and corporate clients.

18. Festive Themed Virtual Caricaturist

What could be funnier than you and your colleagues being transformed into Christmas elves via a skilled virtual caricature artist? Whether you fancy having your caricatures themed to tie into the festive season or not this virtual activity is a really fun Christmas party idea.

With multiple different formats, you can easily incorporate this virtual activity into your virtual Christmas party. Format one is getting your team together on a Zoom call and taking it in turns to have your caricature created. This can be done whilst doing another activity such as a virtual quiz. All attendees will then receive a digital copy of their personalised caricature.

Format two is the virtual caricature workshop. Now, this is a great option for a more hands-on and creative team. Guided by an expert artist, they will learn lots of tips and tricks to create a brilliant caricature as well as being able to have a go drawing some of their colleagues!

Whatever option you choose, this virtual Christmas party idea is sure to get everyone laughing.

Presentation showing remote teams how to draw famous celebrities in caricature style for virtual team building caricature workshop
Presentation showing remote teams how to draw famous celebrities in caricature style for virtual team building caricature workshop

19. Online Christmas Quiz

Let’s be clear, with this Christmas party idea we do not mean a bog-standard quiz where some senior manager has been forced to be the host and the questions are all about the company!

This virtual Christmas party option is the ultimate virtual Christmas quiz. Hosted by an enthusiastic and hilarious quiz host team, you and your colleagues will be split into teams to battle against each other to be crowned Christmas quiz masters!

With all kinds of rounds to choose from and lots of fun and interactive bonus rounds, this is a great way to celebrate Christmas, virtually, with your team!

Quiz Master pointing to the camera. Take a look at our range of Interactive Online Games.

20. Organise a Virtual Secret Santa

We know Christmas is not about presents! However, we would be lying if we said that it wasn’t a fun element of Christmas. What could be better than buying funny gifts for your colleagues without them knowing it was you. Perhaps you think it’s a great idea to get your boss a mug with a picture of you on it saying “favourite employee”. Or maybe you get the serial office snacker an epic snack hamper for their draw!

Arrange for all of your presents to be sent out to the team prior to the secret Santa event and then take it in turns to unwrap gifts on camera.

This is an excellent activity to start off a virtual Christmas party, welcoming everyone in and getting them all into the festive spirit!

Virtual Grotto experience with our Santa Claus performer delivering a personalised message to a private client.

21. Virtual Christmas Cracker Making

Christmas crackers are a staple on any UK table on Christmas day. Therefore, this online cracker making workshop virtual Christmas party idea is ideal!

Your team will be supplied with a Christmas cracker kit sent straight to their door. They can choose to buy special little gifts to go in each of the crackers or include the standard classic Christmas paper crown and joke. Led by a skilled host, everyone will learn how to assemble their very own cracker.

Both fun and creative, your team will be able to create something truly unique. They can even choose to incorporate their own ribbons and embellishments.

Online Christmas Cracker Workshop available to book in the UK.

22. Virtual Christmas Tree Decorting Workshops

Ever wanted to learn how the professionals decorate their trees? In this workshop, you can learn just that!

From how to correctly fluff your tree branches to how to expertly add lights. The professional tree decorator will teach you all of the tips and tricks of the trade to help you create a tree that resembles trees in top hotels and displays.

This is a great Christmas party idea to do at the start of the festive season. Tell your employees to get all their Christmas decorations ready for the event. Then our expert decorator will talk your team through the workshop. Not only will, they guide you on how to decorate your Christmas tree, but they can also help with decorating mantels, fireplaces and even Christmas tables.

Online tree decorating workshop, available to book as part of Virtual Christmas party idea

We hope we’ve managed to inspire you with some brilliant virtual Christmas party ideas! If you’re looking for more ideas check out our virtual Christmas page. Additionally, if you’d like to book any of the above workshops get in touch with our team.

Whatever you choose to do this year with your team, and however you decide to celebrate, we wish you all a very Merry Christmas!

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