A few weeks ago, we helped our client Rotable Repairs organize a big launch for their brand new facility!

Rotable Repairs are expanding! Hence their need for bigger and better premises. Was there much wiggle room to think about air indoor pollution and clean air solutions in this context? Read on to find out…

The Launch day consisted of a HUGE ribbon cutting, to launch the opening of their new facility, followed by Workshop tours and finally, an Industry networking event to complete the official launch of the Warehouse.

We served luxury food & drinks and supplied and organised live music and entertainment.

Last but not least, we brought organic Cleaner Air to the event, using the Better Air product, but we will get into the topic in a minute…

First of all, who are Rotable Repairs and what do they have to do with Better Air?

Rotable Repairs' new warehouse facility opening ceremony event we organised where we launched our Better Air campaign.
Rotable Repairs‘ new warehouse facility opening ceremony event we organised where we launched our Better Air campaign.

Rotable Repairs is a UK based EASA Parts 145, Part 145 and TCCA Transport Canada approved repair station.

Put very simply: they test, inspect, repair and overhaul commercial and corporate aeroplane parts.

They have a very active and successful business, doing a crucial job for the Aviation Industry, an industry that is also detrimental for the development of the Events Industry -we rely heavily on planes and transport in general!

Whilst transportation is fundamental for pretty much everybody with an active lifestyle, we are all also very aware of its impact on our environment.

Richard Lane, Rotable Repairs’ spokesperson, expressed his dismay when we shared the statistics about Clean Air during the briefing of the product.

We have spoken about it a million times already: huge carbon footprint, waste, toxicity in the air… The sad reality is that one of the most needed industries is also one of the most harmful for our world’s wellbeing!  Rotable Repairs have acknowledged this. As a result, when we told them about Better Air, they were instantly invested in the idea!

“We spend a lot of time in confined spaces, like our office, our car, a plane and even exhibition venues! Often we share these spaces with other people, breathing the same recycled air. Some of them might be feeling a bit off that day, or maybe they have the flu! Then we will travel back and be patient zero! We call this an exhibition flu!”

“Also, in our industrial processes, we are constantly plummeting chemicals into the environment,” Richard says. “and we do feel that it is our responsibility to, when available, control the quality of the air. Today’s event is located in a huge industrial estate, in front of a very busy road, so it is an ideal situation to test the air treatment Better Air.”

Richard feels confident that Julia Charles-Wigington of Julia Charles Event Management improved the air quality at the Rotable Repairs event.

Also, he could tell the difference in air quality.

Better Air is completely silent, non-intrusive and small with a sleek design. It does not disturb the environment but rather, compliments it.

We activated the air treatment device a few hours before the event. Because of that, when guests arrived, they were breathing the cleanest possible air in that space and time!

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