With cleanliness and safety at the top of everyone’s priorities list at the moment, we are looking into Cleaning Solutions in events.

There are lots of different cleaning services and solutions you can consider at your event. From Pre and Post event clean down. To thorough deep cleaning and large scale fogging of spaces. Not to mention in event cleaning and additional cleaning facilities for guests.

Group of delegates in marquee tent that we provided full event cleaning services including using better air to purify this event spaces air. Our event cleaning solutions were used to ensure the space stay clean and safe for delegates

Deep Cleaning Your Event Space

We would always recommend hiring a qualified and experienced company to give your venue space a thorough cleaning before and after your event. If you are hiring a venue space this is even more important. Because you want to ensure that your event isn’t harbouring any nasty germs that could be transmitted to guests!

Many of our event spaces are large scale and have a heavy footfall. For these events, we would also recommend having a team on site. They will make sure to regularly clean down touch surfaces and other potential bacteria zones. Therefore keeping your venue space clean and your guests safe!

Additional Cleaning Measures

There are lots of additional measures you can put in place to keep your event space clean and your guests reassured.

One of the things you can supply that has already been heavily in demand from shops and outlets is hand sanitisation stations. These can be dotted around your event at entrances and exits as well as near food vendors. Not only will these stations keep germs at bay. But they will also reassure your guests that cleanliness and hygiene are important factors in your event.

Additionally, you could include air purification systems at your events. We hire out BetterAir which simultaneously removes toxins and pathogens from the air as well as purifying without the use of nasty chemicals. Additionally, it keeps the good bacteria in the air and removes any lingering odours.

Better Air BA-1200 Commercial Product we used in the marquee area of the Rotable Repairs Opening Ceremony: the first event in the World supplying cleaner air to delegates, as covered in Conference News Magazine. This was booked as part of our event cleaning services

Events to Hire Additional Cleaning For

As an event organiser we would recommend that any event that has a high footfall should always put additional cleaning precautions in place.

Events such as Exhibitions, Conferences, Family Fun Days and Corporate Events are usually full of people, handshaking, being in close proximity and potentially touching lots of things.

With new guidelines in place, social distancing will likely still be in place for a little while to come. However, by hiring extra cleaning stations and additional cleaners on sites, it means that you’ll reduce the risk of transmission of germs

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