As an Entertainment Agency, we regularly provide Corporate Entertainment for a range of events and parties not only in the UK but around the world.

Clients often come to us asking for the best corporate entertainment ideas to make their event stand out from the rest as it’s very important to get this right to get the right outcome!

Corporate entertainment encompasses a range of entertainment types including meet and greet performers, bespoke shows and more.

FAQs About Corporate Entertainment:

Below we have listed some of our client’s most frequently asked questions about booking corporate entertainment.

What is the importance of entertainment in corporate events?

This is paramount! Entertainment is just that…entertainment! It brings enjoyment to your event and serves as a focal point to your event, creating moments to be remembered.

On top of that, entertainment makes guests feel more comfortable throughout the event and keeps the event more varied and therefore more interesting.

Entertainment can also reflect your brand image; performers, shows, attractions and more can be branded and made bespoke to you to suit your brand.

LED poi performer creates advertising performance for Google
LED Dancer ‘Google’ branded performance.

What are the types of corporate events?

Corporate events cover a whole spectrum of event types and purposes:

Digital painter produces artwork at gala dinner
Digital Artist creating art LIVE in front of an audience at a Corporate Gala Dinner.

What Are The Different Types Of Corporate Entertainment?

Corporate Entertainment covers a whole range of acts, shows, performers, displays, attractions and more. Whether it’s walkabout entertainment such as a stilt walker, a branded 3D Projection Show or Sports Attraction – these can all form as corporate entertainment. It’s corporate entertainment because it is provided for a corporate event.

4 Tips For Planning Your Corporate Entertainment

When booking corporate entertainment, it can be easy to get swept away by the wide variety of options and lose sight of what corporate entertainment option works best for your event. Below we have listed our top 4 tips for planning and booking your corporate entertainment

1. Know Your Event Objective

When booking corporate entertainment, you want to ensure that the corporate entertainment option you book supports the overall objective of your event.

For example, if you’re booking corporate entertainment for a themed company party, you’ll want to ensure that the entertainment selected is also correctly themed to match your event. Furthermore, if the aim of your event is to educate and inform your attendees then you may want to consider light entertainment to break up the day allowing your guests to relax and not have to concentrate too much.

2. Create Immersive Experiences

Increasingly, people are seeking experiences over material things, with experiences being valued more than ever before. Surveys are suggesting that 72% of millennials would rather spend their money on experiences instead of physical things. Therefore, we would suggest that you use this logic when it comes to organising your corporate entertainment.

By planning corporate entertainment that immerses your guest you are guaranteed to create unforgettable experiences for them and create a buzz-worthy feel about your event, but you will also add more value to your event from your attendee’s perspective.

3. Be Aware Of Budget

It is always important to keep an eye on budget when you book corporate entertainment, especially if you’re booking multiple entertainment options. Ensure you create a clear event budget prior to booking anything with realistic and accurate numbers- rather than guestimating what you think something might cost. By putting time into the allocation of the budget you will ensure that you do not overspend.

It is also important to be aware of any associated costs to your entertainers. For example, if booking an aerialist, what are the associated costs of the rigging and structures they may need in place? Likewise, if you are booking corporate entertainment that requires a stage to perform on this also needs to be clearly budgeted for.

4. Consider Your Audience

When you’re planning any event your audience is always your top priority. Therefore, you’ll want to keep your audience at the forefront of your mind when you book your corporate entertainment.

We would suggest getting a good understanding of the demographic of your audience prior to your event. You could also potentially look at prior events you may have hosted and see what corporate entertainment your audience was receptive to.

You will also want to consider the nature of your event and ensure that your audience is really receptive to it. For example, if you are hosting a conference event and your attendees are sitting all day and listening you may want to consider interactive entertainment that allows them to move around rather than a show that they also have to sit down and listen to.

6 Unique Corporate Entertainment Ideas

Because corporate entertainment spans such a wide spectrum of acts, performers, shows and displays, let’s explore our top corporate entertainment picks – here are our top 6 corporate entertainment ideas!

Rubik’s Cube Artist

Our Rubik’s Cube Artist is a unique corporate entertainment option. He creates stunning portraits and designs by just using Rubik’s cubes!

Everything our artist creates is completely bespoke to the client, meaning it can be branded to your company, making for a truly memorable and unique spectacle at your event.

See an example of our Rubik’s Cube Artist creating branded artwork for a Reebok brand activation:

Artist creating a branded portrait out of Rubik's cubes for Reebok.
Artist creating a branded portrait out of Rubik’s cubes for Reebok.

Rubik’s cube art is an iconic statement piece that will become the ultimate talking point at your event.

Aerial Pianist

Coming in at number two is our Aerial Pianist!

What better way of capturing the attention of your audience than with an incredible Aerial Display?

Supported by a full rigging system that allows our Aerialist for hire to effortlessly glide over the heads of your guests, the Flying Piano will combine Aerial Performers with stunning musical accompaniment.

Available to perform a choreographed routine or incorporate musical elements from your own compositions, our Aerial Pianist is a unique corporate entertainment option guaranteed to create an impact at your event:

Aerialist hangs upside down with flying piano
Aerial Pianist performing at an outdoor corporate event.

Golden Sway Poles

Choice number three is our Golden Sway Poles!

These are a unique meet-and-greet option, perfect for indoor and outdoor corporate events!

  • Duration: 20 – 30 minutes
  • Professional Aerial Performers
  • Able to wear bespoke costumes
  • Interchangeable props

Performing a choreographed routine, our Aerial Pole Meet and Greet performers interact with guests from a height of up to five meters!

It’s sure to leave an impression on guests.

The choreography can also be adapted to suit your event specifications and props can be interchanged to fit your chosen theme – see an example of what they can look like below:

Two aerial dancers perform at outdoor event on sway poles
Swaying pole meet and greet performers at an outdoor corporate event.

Sand Animation Show

Number four is our Sand Animation Show! If you’re looking for an engaging way of creating something special and unique to your event…look no further!

The sand animation shows are completely bespoke to the client and are created as a way of storytelling. Your guests will watch in wonder as the images transform and change in front of their eyes.

By using lighting, projections and music the story told in the sand art really come alive. Here’s what it looks like! Very unique…

Sand art portrait of people walking into the world
Sand painter for live event art

Acrobatic Drone Show

Number five is our Aerial Drone Show!

If you want an epic display at your corporate event, this drone show is perfect!

How is this drone show different? It also involves an acrobatic aerial performer!

The drones fly in and around the acrobatic performer creating a truly mind-blowing display.

If you’re looking to create a display of wonder and awe, our Drone Show is sure to create a unique spectacle for your guests with its cutting-edge display of LED lighting and aerial skill.

Woman hovers with drone in hand in sky
Unique LED acrobat drone show for events

Digital Graffiti Wall

Last but not least is our Digital Graffiti Wall!

This corporate entertainment option is perfect if you’re looking for something interactive for your guests to take part in.

This display allows guests to paint and draw on the board. Furthermore, it can also serve as a team-building exercise or even brainstorming exercise – perfect for a range of corporate events.

The software is projected onto a screen, where your guests will be given a ‘spray can’ to paint their own designs onto the Graffiti Digital Wall.

The display is also accompanied with a live artist who will be able to demonstrate how to paint on the wall.

Unique art installations for hire
Art based pop-up entertainment for corporate events

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