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Looking to book a Guitarist for your event?

Our classical guitarists for hire are some of the most talented musicians in the UK. These stylish musicians have many years of experience between them playing a wide assortment of events, venues and occasions.

Our versatile musicians are able to play a variety of musical styles and genres including classical, Spanish, Latin American, pop, rock and much more. They have wide-ranging repertoires that regularly delight, impress and thrill crowds and audiences of all sizes.

Our flexible musicians have experience of playing at corporate events, weddings, private parties and also as concert musicians. We have a wonderful mixture of guitarists who have studied at university and gained degrees in music, but we also have guitarists who are self-taught and who have worked their way up the ladder to be where they are today.

These classical guitarists have earned their stripes by travelling the length and breadth of the UK performing at different events, as well as performing abroad in countries such as; Australia, France, Germany and Portugal to name but a few.

Duo guitarists for for hire for corporate events and parties in the UK.

Our talented musicians have comprehensive repertoires that cover so many different music genres.

They have extensive lists of covers of authentic classical and Spanish songs, Latin and Flamenco and the most modern pop songs including Ed Sheeran, Mumford and Sons and Lady Gaga.

As our guitarists can double as composers, they are able to arrange some of the best sounding and original compositions of well-known songs that will give it a fresh and modern feel.

Our talented guitarists also have experience working as session guitarists for film and TV and even for video games. They have also worked with some of the biggest names in the industry including Henry Olsen who used to play for one of the biggest rock bands, Primal Scream.

These accomplished guitarists have so much experience, talent and style that will elevate your event to new heights.

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