Indoor air pollution increases risk of developing respiratory problems, asthma and dementia

Poor indoor air quality is reported to have an annual cost to the UK of over 204,000 healthy life years, with 45% of those lost to cardiovascular diseases, 23% to Asthma and Allergy and 15% to Lung Cancer.

In addition, everyone is at risk, especially children and people with lung conditions.

Even scarier, indoor air pollution has caused thousands of deaths per year which are associated with healthcare costs in the order of ‘tens of millions of pounds’.

Now, logic dictates that to prevent contamination of our living spaces, we need to clean them routinely. Consequently, we use a wide range of household chemicals every day to fulfil this task. This should be enough, right?

However, it seems like the chemicals we use to clean also affect the indoor air quality.

First of all, here are a few facts for you to consider:

Scary, right? So what can we do to avoid indoor air pollution?

We can bring Cleaner Air to your Events! But how?

Bringing Cleaner Air to a specific location comes in the shape of a discreet, small box that releases an organic probiotic mist to purify the air and surfaces: we are speaking about Better Air.

To start with, Better Air is a clean air solution that controls odour and eliminates allergens in a chemical-free and most importantly completely safe (both for humans and animals) way. Moreover, it improves indoor air quality massively.

This device does not only tackle indoor air pollution, but it also does so without affecting the good bacteria – rather, it works with it. It’s a simple solution to a complicated problem.

Read the latest article from Conference News Magazine that talks about our effort to tackle this problem with Champions of Sustainable Events!

Better Air improves Indoor Air Quality

As it stands, we are the first Event Management company in the UK and possibly in the world to offer Clean Air solutions for event spaces!

Most noteworthy, we are the exclusive UK provider of the product for the Events Industry!

And this is just the beginning: we plan to bring Better Air to our future events.

To test its efficiency, we launched the product at Rotable Repairs’ event at the start of August. It was a huge success and several guests expressed that they could actually notice the difference in the air!

We want to make the environment more sustainable and cleaner. In addition, we want our clients to have the best experience possible during our events and make sure that we do not force them to breathe recycled air. Better Air’s organic probiotics are constantly cleaning the environment and improving indoor air quality.

No other product does that – air purifiers just take particles out of the air however do not bring anything good to the environment.

So what do you think? Are you ready to bring better and more breathable air to your event?

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