7 Standout Virtual Event Questions and Answers from Clients

2020 has been an odd one right! As an Event Management Company, we have created a whole host of virtual entertainment and virtual event services. Therefore, enabling our wonderful clients to still host their virtual events and be entertained.

However, Virtual Entertainment and virtual events are still a pretty new concept to a lot of us. Therefore we often get asked lots of questions about how it works. In this blog, we hope we can answer lots of the general enquiries we get when clients book our virtual entertainers.

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From how long will the virtual performances last? To how many people will the virtual event host? Not only do we offer virtual entertainers, but also full virtual events. Therefore, there is a lot to understand.

So lets get down to it. If we haven’t answered your question in this blog please do leave a comment below and we’ll keep updating this article to ensure we answer all of your questions!

Virtual entertainment virtual gin tasting experience available to book for your virtual event

How long does this Virtual Activity last for?

This really all depends on what activity you’d like to book. Some can be 15 minutes and some, for larger groups, can run for 1.5 hours.

Generally, if you are looking to book virtual singers, musicians or magicians we can make these acts short and snappy to intersperse throughout a larger virtual event.

However, if you’re booking one of our virtual craft workshops such as our Virtual Wreath Making or an interactive online game like our Virtual Murder Mystery you can expect these to have a longer running time.

When it comes down to it our brilliant event managers will be able to work to your time limits and find an entertainment option that’s perfect for your virtual event!

Virtual entertainment murder mystery event. Available to book for your online virtual event.

Can we make this activity shorter?

As long as we do not fall short of standard we can change the timings of most experiences. The beauty of booking through us is that we custom create each virtual event.

We are proud to offer a bespoke virtual event service, therefore, we will endeavour to make your virtual entertainment choice fit into the timings of your virtual event.

Do we need to host the call or can you do it for us?

Our event management team can host an online event on most of the popular video call platforms, such as Zoom, Microsoft teams and Skype, organising everything for you. Or, alternatively, we can, of course, share your already existing call and allow our performers or artist to join at a certain time.

This is completely up to you as the client. Many of our clients find it daunting having to organise and host an event, therefore, this is where we can step in.

Our goal is always to make your event, whether it’s a live or a virtual event, feel as stress-free as possible. Therefore, we are able to run and manage as little, or as much of your event as you choose!

How many guests can this activity take?

Most activities can cater for groups of 50-100. However, if you have a larger audience then do not worry as we can help with this too.

Some of our events do have a minimum size booking so do get in touch if you have a specific virtual event in mind so we can offer specific guidances.

Additionally, we can run small group events as well. Our Virtual Caricaturist and our Virtual Christmas Superhero Messages can be done for individual/ small booking clients.

Virtual entertainment complimentary caricaturist available to book to create flattering e-caricatures of your guests at your virtual event.

Can you create something bespoke to our brand?

Absolutely! We are able to customise almost any virtual event or virtual entertainer.

There are lots of ways that we can make your event bespoke, from adding personal messages to branded backgrounds and even sending custom gift boxes to attendees prior to the event.

Get in touch with our event management team to see how we can customise and personalise your virtual event entertainment.

How do we go about booking?

Simple. Choose an experience which interests you, contact us, and our event planners will do the rest.

Alternatively, if you don’t know what you want you can take a look at all of our Virtual event services including our virtual interactive performers.

Furthermore, if you’ve got a rough idea of what you’d like and would like our advice we are more than happy to chat with you about exactly what we can offer!

Virtual entertainment virtual cocktail making Christmas party available to book for both corporate and private virtual events.

Will I have to manage the call or will this be done for me?

Depending on the type of experience we do offer an event planner who will sit in on the call and will act as live support. We want your experience to be as stress-free as possible!

We do also offer live Covid-safe event services and entertainment. An example of this is our multiple Simple Life activation events. We ensure our whole team and any entertainers stick to strict covid-safe practices and of course government guidelines.

Furthermore, we have a whole host of Covid-safe solutions we can provide at these events. If you are interested in finding out how we can host a live Covid-safe event please do get in touch!

Online Virtual Murder Mystery Experience available to book for Private Clients and Businesses looking for entertainment whilst COVID-19 restrictions are in place.
Online Virtual Murder Mystery Experience available to book for Private Clients and Businesses looking for entertainment whilst COVID-19 restrictions are in place.

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