As a country that is famous for its rich heritage and outright patriotism, Britain’s most iconic landmarks have become a huge part of the event industry today.

As people look for more and more creative inspiration for their parties and functions, our “Best of British” theme, part of our wide range of themed events, has flourished as a very popular path to take.

Classic British MINI prop with Uniform Jack.

In this post, we will share some of the different ideas you can use when hosting your next British themed events. Looking at different decoration options, a selection of entertainment and many other features that might offer you inspiration!

Decor & Venue Dressing for British Themed Events

When decorating a venue space for British themed events, it is no exaggeration to say that the possibilities are endless. Since you are able to choose any part of British culture for your theme, you can really get creative with it.

British Pub Themed Events

This is one of my personal favourites as you can bring pubs and pub culture, one of the UK’s most iconic attractions, into any event.

We transformed this ordinary Bar in a venue into a Classic British Pub using our bespoke props and decorations.

In addition to having a full bar set up and serving drinks, you can use event props such as dart boards, pool tables, TVs playing British sports, and a range of local ales to create a realistic night for your guests!

TOP TIP: Another way you can enhance your British pub Themed Events is by serving a range of “Pub Grub” catering. (Famous pub food such as fish & chips, Steak & Ale pie etc.)

For people that spend a lot of time down the local pub with their friends, it will be a familiar experience that they are sure to enjoy.

Royal British Theme Events

This form of British themed events is very popular amongst private clients throughout the year, especially during British celebrations such as the platinum jubilee and royal weddings.

This version of themed events focuses more on the British aristocracy by using decorations such as thrones, gold chariots, red carpets and other antique-styled items.

Classic Telephone Table Centrepiece Prop.

This theme is an excellent way to celebrate any occasion, due to its luxurious style and upscale manner.

In addition to using a selection of decorations for this theme, using the correct draping is crucial, as you are trying to create a lavished setting similar to Buckingham Palace.

FACT: Queen Elizabeth II was crowned on June 2, 1953, and was 25 years of age at the time.

British Seaside Themed Events

Another iconic part of British reputation is our fondness for the British seaside! With the smell of fish and chips floating through the air, the British seaside is a fun and creative way to theme your next event.

By using a range of simple decorations and attractions at your event, you are able to show people exactly what it is like to spend a day by the coasts of the UK.

  • Grand Pier signposts
  • Ocean colour lighting and draping
  • Indoor beaches
  • Seaside changing rooms
  • Seaside catering such as fish & chips, fried doughnuts and ice cream
  • Walkabout sea creatures
  • And More…

FACT: The first English ice cream recipe was published in 1718.

As you can see above, you could simply go on and on. Here are some other theming ideas:

  • British Summer Fate
  • Great British Bake Off Theme
  • British Television
  • 60’s Britain
  • Beatles Theme
  • WW2 Theme
  • Union Jack Theme
  • Victorian Theme
  • English Football Theme
  • And more!

To view more ways that you can theme your event using science fiction, simply get in contact today on 01908 969 322.

Spiffing Entertainment

Now on to entertainment…

In addition to making your venue or event space look the part, you need to have the appropriate “spiffing” entertainment. Here are some of the performers we feel are ideal for a range of British themed events.

Comedy Royal Palace Guards

The comedy royal guards are another great addition to British themed events. They are both walkabout entertainment and meet and greet performers.

By adding these palace guards to your event, you will make your guests feel like the royal family! (with a fun spin)

These performers come in a group of 3 and offer a comedic twist on your standard British themed characters.

London Beefeaters

Finally, our London Beefeaters. These performers are a talented duo that walk amongst guests, take photos and entertain everyone with their British charm and light comedy!

These performers can be added to a wide range of British themed events and parties.

Thank you for taking the time to read our Top ideas for hosting a Best of British themed event. If you enjoyed this post and would like to see more, then please feel free to browse our other featured blogs.

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