Creative Director

Michael is our creative director at Julia Charles Event Management. Not only is he an expert event manager, but is renowned amongst our client base for the exceptional creative insight of his concept design.

Within minutes of one his trademark ‘eureka moments’, he is able to draft a 3D visual proposal on his iPad, helping translate one of his complex and innovative ideas into Lehman’s terms for the rest of the team to get their heads around. He never fails to bring energy and dynamism to the company, always using humour to make sure the office is an enjoyable environment for staff.

Don’t let his fun-loving attitude fool you though. He could not be more serious about his work and is always pushing himself and the staff to be better and think even further outside the box than before!

Brand Saviour 

After sister and co-director Julia’s first entertainment business folded during the 2008 recession, Michael stepped in to help lay the foundations of the success the two of them are able to enjoy today.

His ever-positive outlook was instrumental in building this business from the ground up, never letting doubt obscure the vision he knew the company could achieve. This, along with his creative flair and insight, has earned him the utmost respect of the staff and many high-profile clients in the industry … the likes of Mini, Renault and Netflix just to name a few. 

Family Man

Michael spends his spare time playing golf, going to the gym and listening to and making music. In spite of his busy schedule, he also manages to spend loads of quality time with his daughter, who he uses as an excuse to make frequent trips to Disneyland Paris.

You might think you were being covert using the kid boss, but, with those size ten glass slippers on, you weren’t fooling anyone!

Read About Michael’s Sister and Business Partner, Julia Charles here.

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