As an event management company, pre-COVID we would spend a lot of time attending all kinds of events. Therefore, travelling the length and breadth of the UK including regular international travel to network and attend panels as well as organising awesome events.

Que Covid-19 and this all comes to a stop! Not only that, but due to the constant changing of government guidelines whenever a spike or a new bit of research is found, clients have been more cautious when booking physical events.

However, with this comes a silver lining and that silver lining is virtual events. We can admit that initially, we felt sceptical, receiving lots of invites to virtual panels, meetings, conferences and more. Surely they couldn’t create the impact and interaction you get from attending a physical event right? Wrong!

Keynote Zoom motivational Speakers for hire

The Benefits of Virtual Events

Virtual events offer endless opportunities to maximise attendance, reach and green sustainable accreditations. Not to mention the fact that your company will look like they are at the forefront of innovative event solutions!

As an event management company, we look at factors such as uniqueness, impact and conversion of your virtual event. Ensuring that your virtual event creates maximum impact!

Savy companies such as Apple, Facebook, Microsoft and Dell are already using virtual events regularly to stay connected. Therefore, serving their customers and clients in the same way they would be if physical events were still going ahead.

Our event management company tech team with live streaming equipment to capture a company fashion show. Part of our virtual conference management services where we can provide virtual streaming services for your company

Additionally, many companies are running virtual product launches. Creating an event that guests can tune into. The key is working out that one thing from your physical event that needs preserving for your virtual event. Ensuring that it ‘feels’ the same to your attendees.

This could mean sending out an activity pack for guests to use whilst attending your virtual event. Or new products for them to use, just like they’d receive if they were physically attending.

Diesel Only The Brave brand activation event we produced and managed. See how we put this event together.

Setting a Precedent For The Future

There is no arguing that physical events still have their place. However, with the innovation, creativity and continuous success of virtual events, it looks like they are set to stay even after the pandemic.

Not only do we expect to see virtual events thrive. We also expect Hybrid events to be the new solution to large scale events. With their ability to combine both physical events with virtual they are a brilliant solution. Ensuring guests can experience the best of both worlds.

Covid-19 has forced the events industry to quickly and thoughtfully address how events run. Virtual events have been the only viable way to get things done throughout the pandemic. Therefore, many companies have been made to realise how many perks and solutions virtual events can offer when compared to physical events.

Camera used to capture footage of fashion show event for Monarch Hybrid event

Through the lack of any other option, virtual events have been embraced globally. They have become the ‘new normal’ and have unexpectedly found solutions to all kinds of issues previously faced when organising a large scale in-person event.

Now going forward, companies are able to make informed decisions about what kind of event they want to host. We suspect that with all of the perks virtual events offer, we won’t be saying goodbye to them anytime soon!

Working From Home or ‘Hybrid Working’ is The Norm!

Now as time goes on, we’ve seen working from home or hybrid working becoming the new norm for companies and their employees. With this comes a new set of challenges; keeping connected with your ‘remote’ team, maintaining staff morale and adapting how you work to this new format.

However, these challenges can be conquered by adapting to the new norm by bringing team building online!

Virtual escape room entertainment for virtual team building

As an events company and entertainment agency, we were one of the first to bring events and activities online, creating a wide range of Virtual Experiences, including a range of online team building activities.

We’ve found our Virtual Murder Mystery, Virtual Escape Rooms and Virtual Race Nights our most popular virtual team building activities for our clients not only in the UK, but around the world.

Virtual Activities like these are paramount with keeping your remote team working together as a team, keeping them connected and maintaining staff morale with these changes in their working environments.

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