As an events company, we have produced and managed plenty of Hybrid events in our time. Therefore we know exactly how to make it a success for your next corporate event! We offer Hybrid Conferencing as one of many of our virtual event solutions.

A Hybrid conference refers to a conference where there is the option for a select amount of delegates to attend the physical conferencing event live, in the same location. Additional delegates will be able to attend via an online platform.

The aim is to reach far more delegates than possible with a physical event whilst also offering an interactive and in-person event.

Virtual and Hybrid Event Companies are paving the way in the events industry for corporate online events. Furthermore, with 2020 nearly over companies are looking ahead to how they will hold their conferencing events in 2021.

With there still being uncertainty about exactly when the live event industry will return, hybrid conferences are becoming increasingly popular.

Hybrid conference created for corporate clients

When to host a Hybrid Conference

Firstly, you need to weigh up what you want your event to achieve and whether it will work best as a live in person event, a completely virtual event or a Hybrid event combining both live and virtual elements.

Hybrid events are a perfect solution for events that can both be held in a virtual and live capacity. Therefore, making them a perfect option for conferencing events. Take a look below to see what other options our virtual and hybrid event companies think work really well as a hybrid event:

  1. Trade Shows
  2. Sales Kick-offs
  3. Global town Halls
  4. Exhibitions

Hybrid events are also a brilliant option for attendees who are unable to physically attend the event. This has become more prevalent this year with the limitations on travel as well as companies not having big budgets to spend on transporting guests.

If you are looking at organising an event and you are unsure what kind of format it should take, we suggest sending out a survey to your potential attendees far in advance. Therefore, allowing you to gain an understanding of what kind of event they are most likely to attend.

With this information, you can then understand whether you’re going to host a live, virtual or hybrid conference or another kind of corporate event.

Hybrid event with live event element and virtual streaming

What Are The Benefits of Booking a Hybrid Conference?

Virtual and Hybrid Event companies are able to seamlessly organise and run your Hybrid event. Making delegate experience brilliant regardless of whether delegates are attending virtually or in person.

One of the best things about booking a hybrid conference is that it allows twice the amount of attendees. Because hybrid conferences are accessible to virtual as well as in-person attendees, it allows people from all over the world to attend. Therefore, those guests who may not have joined due to travel restrictions can now attend without having to worry.

With a hybrid conference, you are able to store and keep the digital elements of your conference. Meaning that not only can you re-watch content. But you can also send it out to delegates who may have missed your event. As well as being able to use the content to promote future events or your company digitally.

Furthermore, one of the biggest benefits of running a hybrid conference is the reduction in your carbon footprint. With companies becoming increasingly aware of their sustainability and environmental impact this is an important factor to consider.

There are various different elements that virtual and Hybrid Event Companies can include in your Hybrid event. These include:

There are many benefits to organising a Hybrid event. From how economical they are, to how many attendees they can reach.

Hybrid conference studio filming

Key Elements of a Hybrid Conference

Contrary to belief, there is a lot more that goes into a hybrid conference than just having the ability to stream it. Virtual and hybrid event companies have to plan the same elements as they would have for a live conference. In order to host a successful hybrid conference there are many elements that need to be considered.

Engaging Content

Arguably, this is the most critical element to get right when organising a hybrid conference. In order for your Hybrid conferencing event to be worth the spend, you need to ensure that both live and virtual delegates are engaged and able to interact with the content.

Therefore, it is wise to prepare all of your speakers. Ensure that they cater to both a live and virtual audience. This, paired with engaging digital content is sure to make your hybrid conference a success.


Due to the fact that your Hybrid conference will be aimed at two different audiences, you have twice the reach to different attendees. Therefore, you are able to promote and gather interest from two different groups. Virtual and hybrid event companies will be able to create bespoke websites for you to use to garner interest for your hybrid conference. Additionally, monopolise on email marketing to reach out to your delegates.


Whether your delegate is attending virtually or in-person this needs to be a smooth process. In advance of your event speak to virtual and hybrid event companies and get them to design a registration page. This could be the webpage that you stream your virtual content from so think about design and what features you want to show off.

Make it easy for delegates by creating different registration sections for your virtual and live delegates. Because you are running a hybrid event these registrations need to be different.

Consider your in-person hybrid conference guests, they will want the check in element of your event to be easy. A popular option for in-person attendees at hybrid conferences is to have timed and contactless check ins.

Technical Team

All virtual and hybrid event companies will emphasise the importance of having a competent and skilled tech team at your hybrid conference. There are a lot of technical elements that need to be considered. From capturing footage, to editing content live, creating smooth transitions, offering technical support and of course live-streaming your hybrid conference.

Therefore, when considering booking a virtual conference really consider who you are booking it with. Make sure that they are experts and that they will offer the best service possible.

You want to ensure your event looks slick and runs seamlessly for both virtual and live delegates, therefore, having a good tech team is vital.

Hybrid conference behind the scenes editing and recording live content

Are Hybrid Conferences The Future

2020 has most certainly been the year of virtual events. In 2021 we predict a shift from virtual to hybrid as people start to slowly shift back to live events.

In the conferencing world, we expect to see a lot of hybrid conferences in 2021, as it will allow companies to successfully communicate information. Especially going into the new financial year, lots of companies will want the opportunity to reach all of their delegates. The most successful and safe way of doing this is through Hybrid events.

Furthermore, corporate clients are already beginning to understand the benefits and perks to hosting a hybrid conference. This perks will be something that encourages organisers to switch to hybrid.

However, if you’re looking to host a more traditional live conference, then we offer lots of live conference management services too.

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