What benefits do they have?

Good bags and promotional materials are an excellent way of building a guest or clients experience at both live and virtual events.

It is one of the best marketing strategies. Promotional materials ensure your guests remember you by building up a memorable and enjoyable experience. Most importantly creating an association back to your brand.

You can do this in so many ways. From providing take-home corporate goody bags to promotional material such as branded photo booths or free useful items.

For example, one of the things guests look forward to most at fashion shows (other than seeing brand new creations go down the runway) is the corporate goody bags.

Furthermore, with the rise of virtual events companies are engaging with attendees by providing them with packages. These are sent to them pre-event with promotional material, equipment for workshops and various other suitable and relevant items.

Monarch fashion show goody bags


Why should I supply goody bags at My event

Goody bags are not just a great way of making your guests feel really special!

Additionally, they are a great promotional material for showcasing your company or the sponsors that you’re working with.

By giving your guests a gift or goody bag at the end of your event, you are ensuring that they take something away that will remind them of your event. They are actually a really clever marketing tool to remind your guests of what a brilliant time they had at your event.

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What kinds of goody bags can we provide

All of our corporate goody bags are completely bespoke. Therefore, we can include whatever our clients want, ensuring to fit with their budget, theme and intent.

An example of one of the corporate goody bags we created was for Monarch airlines. We invited a variety of senior business representatives and key players to the show. On each of their seats, they received a goody bag. This was full of Monarch branded merchandise, bottled beverages and edible treats.

However, we can also create items to be handed out at the end of your event to guests. A really great way we included this into an event was when we hosted an awards ceremony for Signature Flight Support in Venice. At the end of the night, each of the guests was handed a branded mug full of hot chocolate. They could take this with them on their journey back to the hotel via gondolas.

The beauty of this service is that it is bespoke. Additionally, we are always coming up with new and exciting ideas. Ensuring that your guests leave with a reminder of the brilliant event they’ve just attended.

Virtual PR packages and Goody bags

Virtual events are on the rise, therefor we have some creative solutions for how to incorporate goody bags and promotional material into your virtual event.

Many events send boxes to attendees pre-event. This boxes can include all sorts of materials depending on the tone and theme of your event.

Perhaps you are hosting an employee appreciation event or virtual Christmas party? One of the increasingly popular ways of celebrating these events is through, food, drink and craft workshops. Therefore, in your box, we can supply you with alcoholic drinks, festive dress-up items, tasty treats and any materials your attendee may need for the event.

Maybe you are hosting a virtual conference? We can include business cards, informational resources, healthy snacks and drinks, QR codes to get onto virtual platforms and much much more!


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