Chinese New Year is an opportunity to usher out the old year and bring forth the wealth and prosperity of the new year ahead. Celebrations are aplenty across Asia to celebrate the Lunar New year as well as plenty of parades and activities in China Towns across the globe.

If you are looking to celebrate Chinese New Year 2022- the year of the Tiger, then we have lots of ideas to help and options to choose from. Whether you’re looking to host a parade for a council-run BID event, provide entertainment at your university or place of work to showcase this celebration, or even host a corporate Chinese Themed Event.

We also have a huge variety of virtual Chinese New Year entertainment options, perfect for joining friends and team members together from across the globe!

In this article we will discuss…

  • Why people celebrate Chinese New Year
  • Ways to celebrate Chinese New year across the world
  • Popularity of dragon and lion dancers
  • The difference between lion and dragon dancers
  • Live Chinese New Year Entertainment
  • Virtual Chinese New Year Entertainment
  • Decorating for Chinese New Year
  • Chinese New Year Event Theming

Why Do People Celebrate Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year, also known as the Spring Festival has been celebrated all over China for thousands of years. With each different region comes a slightly different way of celebrating the New Year.

However, the consistent factor within all Chinese New Year celebrations is the idea of removing the bad and the old of the previous year and welcoming in the good and the new of the year to come. By both honouring and worshipping ancestors as well as warding off evil spirits, Chinese New Year celebrations aim to set the people celebrating up for success and prosperity in the year to come.

It is also tradition for those celebrating Chinese New Year to return home prior to the celebrations. In China, this is known as Chun Yun (春运 ) translated to Moving in the Spring.

Red lanterns used to help celebrate Chinese New Year 2022.

Ways To Celebrate Chinese New Year Outside Of China

There are so many wonderful ways to celebrate Chinese New Year. Additionally, you don’t have to be Chinese to celebrate, with many countries across the world celebrating the Lunar New Year, there are many ways for you to respectfully take part and celebrate in this occasion.

Corporate Chinese New Year Celebration Options:

This is great for businesses and companies who would like to incorporate employees of different cultures into their extracurricular activities!

  • Lion Dancers
  • Chinese New Year Themed Events
  • Live and Virtual Workshops
  • Cooking Lessons
  • Parades With Chinese Performers

Private Chinese New Year Celebration Options:

This is a great option for those who want to celebrate Chinese New Year with friends and family.

  • Chinese New Year Theming for private partries
  • Chinese Performers and acrobats
  • Calligraphy lessons
  • Chinese inspired Catering Options

Furthermore, many town centres and county councils run multiple different calendar events throughout the year to celebrate the culture of their communities. Therefore, parades with lion dancers, stalls with authentic Chinese food, traditional Chinese music as well as a celebration of the Zodiac are great ways to celebrate Chinese New Year as part of a community event.

With so many Chinese students living away from home, many universities also put on Chinese New Year celebrations to help the international students feel included and more at home.

Origami, Lion dancer and Chinese calligraphy all entertainment options used to celebrate Chinese New Year at a UK university.
Origami, Lion dancer and Chinese calligraphy were all entertainment options used to celebrate Chinese New Year at a UK university.

Why Are Lion Dancers And Dragon Dancers So Popular For Chines New Year?

You may have noticed that in many Chinese New Year celebrations you will often see Lion or Dragon dancers. So why are lion and dragon dancers so heavily featured in Chinese New Year celebrations? The lion symbolises strength, stability and superiority, whereas the dragon symbolises power boldness and excellence.

It is considered lucky to see these on Chinese new year as both the lion and dragon dance is used to chase away evil spirits and welcome in more prosperous times.

What Is The Difference Between Dragon and Lion Dancers?

Traditionally, lion dances are performed by two people. Dragon dances however are performed by up to 15 people. The dragons can be up to 25 meters long and are controlled by poles. Although not exclusively used for Chinese New year, both the Dragon and Lion dances are considered lucky, which is why they are so synonymous with the New Year.

Chinese New Year Entertainment

We have already mentioned the Dragon and Lion dancers that feature so heavily in Chinese New Year celebrations. However, there are many other entertainment options to help welcome in the Lunar New Year. Below we’ve listed our top 5 live and our top 5 virtual Chinese New Year Entertainment options

Top 5 Live Chinese New Year Entertainment Options

Take a look at our top 5 live Chinese New year entertainment as well as exploring all of our Chinese Entertainment options here.

1. The Fierce Shaolin Kung Fu Show

Showcasing a high-end production, our fearsome Shaolin warriors perform incredible Chinese martial arts. Performing unbelievable stunts that require the strictest of training, this Chinese New Year entertainment option is sure to wow your guests!

Shaolin Kung Fu Show available to book for stage appearances at events in the UK. We have a wide range of Spring Festival and Chinese New Year Entertainment available for hire in the UK.

2. Chinese Fan Dancers

Our Chinese fan dancers are a captivating, elegant and colourful entertainment option for Chinese New Year 2022. Fantastic as part of parade entertainment, shopping centre entertainment or even stage performances. The Chinese fan dancers move in a rhythmic and precisely choreographed fashion. Captivating audiences and spreading joy.

Chinese Fan Dancers pair performing at a public events in the UK. Book Chinese New Year entertainment for Chinese New Year 2021.

3. Chinese Circus Show

The Chinese circus show combines multi-talented artists, performing incredible feats of strength, balance and bravery. Incorporating chair balancing, aerialist, martial arts, fire breathers and of course a lion dancer or two. This show is an incredible Chinese New Year entertainment option and fantastic for large scale events!

Cirque Shanghai Aerial Hoop Performer on stage at a Chinese New Year Themed Event. Our Chinese Circus Show is available to hire in the UK and Worldwide.

4. Leaping Lion Dance Show

If you’re looking for a fun and engaging Chinese New Year entertainment option, the leaping lion dancers are an excellent option. Showing incredible skill and balance. The leaping lion dancers will leap from pedestal to pedestal entertaining guests.

White Chinese Lion performer available to hire for Chinese New Year events in the UK and Internationally.

5. Chinese Dragon Show

The Chinese dragon show is a great staple to any Chinese New Year event. Controlled by our skilled performers, watch the dragon weave and dance in time to the music. This Chinese New Year entertainment option is great as part of a parade or walkabout entertainment.

Chinese Dragon Dancers available for hire in the UK and Internationally.

Top 5 Virtual Chinese New Year Entertainment Options

Check out our top 5picks for virtual Chinese New Year entertainment below. Alternatively, why not look at our whole list of Online Chinese New Year entertainment here.

1. Online Chinese Cooking Class

Celebrate Chinese New Year by learning to create authentic Chinese dishes with our virtual Chinese cooking class. You and your guests will learn to create 3 authentic and delish Chinese dishes. Cook along with the professional chef and learn tips and tricks on how to optimise the flavours in these dishes. By the end of the workshop, you’ll have created some delish food and learnt invaluable cooking skills.

Beef noodle soup popular recipe from Chinese cooking class

2. Virtual Chinese Calligraphy Workshop

Learn the art of traditional Chinese calligraphy in this online workshop. You’ll learn how to form words and even write your name. Additionally, you’ll learn the different artistic methods to create the artwork as well as how to best use the tools.

Chinese calligraphy workshop examples with writing materials

3. Virtual Mooncake Workshop

In this mooncake making workshop, you will learn how to make delicious bake-free snow skin mooncakes with sweet potato and peanut butter fillings. Additionally, you’ll get to learn the history of mooncakes and share your delicious homemade mooncakes with friends and family.

Red and white snowskin mooncakes

4. Virtual Origami Workshop

Learn the art of folding this Chinese New Year with our virtual origami workshop. By creating different shapes to suit your team’s skillset, you’ll be able to create mini works of art. Additionally, we can incorporate the Chinese zodiac into the workshop and show you how to create the animal of the year.

Virtual Chinese New Year Origami Workshop teaching attendees how to make Chinese Zodiac inspired origami

5. Virtual Tea Tasting

The art of taking tea is one that the Chinese have perfected. In this workshop, you will learn all about different types of tea, explore their various flavours and brewing methods as well as learn about the process of creating and serving the perfect cup of tea.

Virtual tea tasting workshop available to boo for virtual team building, health and well being workshops and virtual food and dink masterclasses

Chinese New Year Decorations

Decorations are a huge part of celebrating the Chinese New Year.

It is traditional prior to Chinese New Year for those celebrating to completely clean and refresh the house ready for the new year. Once this is done, people will then go about decorating their houses ready to welcome in the new year.

Traditionally, people will spend lots of time creating a beautiful and well-decorated environment to welcome in the Gods of Wealth.

Hanging scores of red lanterns and the Chinese sign for luck or good fortune (福), often hung upside down as it suggests that luck is being showered onto the individual. Additionally, they will decorate with intricate paper cuttings, mandarin trees, cherry blossoms and orchids.

Chinese New Year Theming

If you’re looking to decorate for a Chinese New Year party or event why not consider hiring Chinese New Year theming. Whatever the event, we can provide all kinds of props, decorations and set builds to decorate for a Chinese New Year Party.

Lanterns, cherry blossom, signs and lily pads are just a few of the items used for Chinese New Year Event Theming.

If you love the sound of anything you’ve seen in this blog, get in touch with our team who can help you celebrate Chinese New year 20222.

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