With anticipation and excitement building around the release of the latest James Bond blockbuster ‘No Time To Die’ coming in September, we wanted to help you with tips and tricks on how to plan the ultimate James Bond Themed Party.

James Bond themed Parties are a brilliant theming option for so many parties and events. Oozing style and sophistication, a Bond theme is an excellent way to set the tone for your event. Furthermore, with ‘No Time To Die’ finally hitting cinemas this September, we predict that it will be the hottest party theme for Christmas and end of year parties and events.

There are so many clever and unique ways you can incorporate the James Bond Theme into your party. Therefore, in this blog, we will give you lots of ideas about how to decorate your venue and what exciting extras to include in your James Bond theme party.

James Bond Themed Party Invitations

It all starts with the invitations. You want to make sure you set the right tone for your guests and your Bond themed party invitations are a great way to do this.

Invitations are an important way of getting your guests excited for your Jame Bond theme party and invested in the theme, therefore it is important to get them right. There are so many creative ways that you can do this. For example, you may want to make your invitations look like a mission brief, or perhaps even like a top-secret document.

For your Bond-themed invites, we suggest using matte black and white colour palette with pops of either silver or gold foil for that touch of elegance.

We particularly love invitations with multiple elements to them like the ones pictured below!

James Bond Themed invitation inspiration for James bond themed parties.
James Bond Themed invitation inspiration for James bond themed parties. Invitations by Paper & Home.

Whatever design you go for, be sure to include key information and any expectations you may have on dress code- after all, you’ll want your guests to get into character.

James Bond Themed Venue Dressing

Once you’ve invited your guests, you’ll want to think about how you are decorating your James Bond themed venue. This may seem like a daunting task, however, there are so many ways to add touches of James Bond into your venue through the decorations and props you select.

One popular idea that lots of people go for is adding casino props and decorations into their event space as a nod to the Casino Royale film. You can include casino tables, with ‘fun money’ so your guests can have a spin on the roulette table.

Men in tuxedos gathered round a roulette table hired for Las Vegas and Casino Themed Event

However, rumour has it that the latest film ‘No Time To Die’ has been filmed in southern Italy. Therefore if you want to be on-trend and have your James Bond theme party match the latest film, you could choose to decorate your venue space like a southern Italian town- we’re thinking light airy spaces, marble counters, tropical plants and iconic backdrops of colourful Italian buildings.

Image of a town in South Italy overlooking the ocean.
Image credit Hand Luggage Only

Alternatively, you could also draw inspiration from other James Bond films and base your decor around these. We created a James Bond theme party for a client who wanted to draw inspiration from Goldfinger. We, therefore, created a Goldfinger inspired entranceway with Golden girls meeting and greeting each of the guests.

Golden girls ready to meet guests at special 007 themed event

Whatever, your preference, there are lots of creative ways to theme your Bond themed event. Check out our James Bond theming page to get inspired.

How To Dress For A James Bond Theme Party

One of the best ways to bring your James bond themed party to life is by encouraging guests to dress the part. Depending on your specific James Bond party theme, you may want your guests to dress slightly differently. However, generally speaking, a black-tie event always goes down well for a James Bond themed party.

For example, men could dress in a black tuxedo or smart black or grey suit paired with a crisp white shirt and a thin black tie. If they are going for more of a statement outfit they could also consider wearing a statement velvet suit in a dark gem-coloured tone or perhaps even an all-white suit with a black bowtie.

If you’re looking to accessorise you could also carry around a martini glass or a small object such as a lighter or pen which you can claim is a James Bond style gadget.

For women, we suggest wearing a sleek and stylish cocktail dress or floor-length gown that makes you feel confident and look like you’ve just been cast as a Bond girl. Don’t be afraid to use colour, we know black is stylish but consider wearing red, gold or white. Pair with a killer pair of heels and glittering jewellery.

James Bond themed guest outfit inspiration for men and women featuring man in white tuxedo and women in black floor length dresses.

How Do You Plan A James Bond Themed Party

When planning a James bond themed party there are some important things to consider. As experienced event planners and venue dressers, we’re here to plan everything for you. However, if you are doing a James Bond part DIY style here are some things you’ll want to consider:

  • Think about how to create an ambience. The best way to make your James Bond theme party a success is to create an immersive environment that makes your guests feel like they are in the film.
  • Create a show-stopping entrance. This is the first impression your guests will get of your James bond themed party, therefore you want it to be a good one! you may also want to consider making your party entrance a photo opportunity moment as this is something that is really popular at parties and events.
  • Have some interactive elements for your guests as soon as they enter your venue. Whether that’s casino tables, meet and greet bond girls or drinks performers- this is a great way to set the tone of your event and make your guests excited for the evening ahead.
  • Have lots of James Bond decor. This goes without saying but you’ll want to add lots of props and decorations to your venue space so that your party successfully carries the James Bond theme.
James Bond themed decorations available to hire for your event

James Bond Party Decorations And Props

There are two different options you can consider when organising the decorations for your James Bond themed party. You can either do everything DIY sourcing your decorations through party shops and retailers such as Amazon. Or alternatively, you hire a venue decorator who can provide large scale prop hire as well as venue styling, dressing and of course the installation and takedown.

Option 1- DIY

If you’re opting for the first option then make sure you’ve got a clear picture of how you want your James Bond theme party to look before you start purchasing anything. This will mean that you don’t waste your money on decorations you realise you don’t need or perhaps don’t match your theme.

We strongly suggest making a mood board! Pinterest is a great way of visualizing your party and getting all of your ideas in one place. Once you have a clear picture, you can then start ordering your decorations.

Option 2- Event Decorators

Option 2 is a great option if you are looking for a hassle-free, professional and immersive party space. It is also a great option if you have a big event space to fill and want some stand out decorations to really impress your guests.

As event decorators, we can work with your budget to create a James Bond themed party space that is unique to you. From sourcing casino tables, James Bond themed centrepieces, giant dice props, amazing entranceways, vintage cars and more.

Furthermore, with our party decorators service, we can also offer draping, lighting and staging to ensure the venue space looks at its very best.

Collage of James Bond themed party props, table centrepiece martini glasses and James Bond Entertainment.

James Bond Themed Entertainment

No James Bond themed party is complete without some dazzling James Bond Entertainment. Furthermore, with nearly 25 James Bond films to choose from, there are plenty of characters and scenes to draw inspiration from.

Below are just a few of our favourite entertainment options for a James Bond themed party:

Check out the variety of different James Bond themed entertainment options we offer here.

James Bond photo opportunity with meet and greet Danial Craig

One of our favourite things about James Bond Themed parties is that they are brilliant for all kinds of occasions. From Gala Dinners to Corporate Events, Christmas Parties to Luxury Private Parties.

We hope our blog has given you some inspiration on how to host the ultimate James Bond themed party. If you don’t fancy the DIY option and would like to hire an event specialist to create your very own James Bond Themed party then get in touch with our event management team today.

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