Event planning can be a minefield, as an event management company, there are so many things we have to consider. Not to mention a heap of time, dedication and hard work. With all areas to consider and plan there are lots of opportunities for things to go wrong.

Therefore, we thought we’d write a list of all the things that could go wrong, and, most importantly how to avoid them!

ALL the data!

By not collecting enough data about your event your setting yourself up to lose. Collecting data is crucial to the success of your event. As an event management company we collect as much data as possible before planning events.

By collecting data about guests, catering figures, budget, CPH and more we are able to allocate out expenditure. Therefore, maximising the impact of the event we’re organising.

Additionally, we spend time collecting data after the event. For example how many bottles of wine were drunk? How many attendees? How did entertainment go down? And so on.

By collecting this information post-event, you set yourself up for an even bigger success next time you run a similar event. This is by understanding where you could cut and spend next time around.

Illustration of data chart collected by event manager to understand budget fr organising event.

Insufficient time

Even the most basic of events have multiple different components that need careful planning. To prevent running out of time or feeling that last-minute panic, ensure you have written a comprehensive list of tasks needed to organize and manage your events.

This needs to be functional, not one that sits in a pretty notebook never to be looked at again. You need to write a list of everything that needs completion, then set out an action plan and deadlines accordingly.

Although a decent amount of time is favourable for organising any event, as event managers we are able to plan, organise and manage giant events in under 2 weeks. This is due to our amazing network and brilliant industry connections.

However, if you’re planning a private event with limited experience of event planning and organising, we suggest allocating plenty of time aside to book and organise everything.

Conference event management services we used for our Opus Energy Conference.

Not enough people in attendance

When organising your event, the last thing you want is minimal attendance. Therefore, it is important to effectively market your event to ensure maximum attendance of the RIGHT kind of client. There’s no point in hosting an event about your new product launch to people who aren’t in the industry or have no interest in your product.

An effective way to do this is by utilising marketing platforms. These will help you take advantage of personalised email marketing. Additionally, you want to research into exactly the calibre of guest to invite, and give them a really good reason to attend.

As event managers, we are able to utilise our extensive list of industry contacts. Ensuring the best of the best are in attendance at your event.

Illustration of email marketing tools available to event managers to organise events and get guests to attend.

Entertainment cancellation

There is always a risk when running live events that your entertainment may cancel last minute. With booking the venue, sorting out the catering and getting the supplies in, this is something that can regularly get overlooked.

Whether it’s a speaker, performers or the DJ. If they cancel without a contingency plan this can be a big issue. Therefore, when planning your event you must have contingencies and back up plans.

Additionally, as an event organiser, you should always have a backup plan in regard to your catering and venue. If, for example, it is an outdoor event and there is inclement weather you must have a backup plan.

The best thing about hiring an event manager is that we have a whole host of contacts in the industry. Which, at the last minute, we can contact to ensure your guests are none the wiser to any potential setbacks.

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Inadequate budget

The worst thing to do when organising an event is to insufficiently plan your budget. Many event organisers simply track their spend per item or service as they go along. This is a big no-no.

It is crucial when planning to set out a realistic budget for your event. This should be based on your research and understanding of what the costs will be. Additionally, it is important to allocate out a set spend per service to ensure you are not overspending.

By having a basic budget framework you should be able to monitor and stay on top of your expenditure, without overspending and getting any unexpected nasty surprises!

Illustration of budgeting costs for event managers.

Unorganised registration

One of the worst things to experience as a guest at any event is messy and unorganised registration. It is frustrating for both staff and client and can make your event and company look rather unprofessional. The best way to avoid this scenario is by lots of pre-planning.

With COVID-19 still so prevalent, now more than ever entry into an event should be smooth and contactless. Therefore when organising your event make it so that guests can register or buy tickets online. This will ensure a seamless and smooth entrance into your event.

With pre-registration, it not only makes the entrance into the event smooth. But it also allows you to get a really realistic understanding of who and how many guests are attending. This is a really good way of then tracking statics and analysing data post event.

Guest entering into conferencing event after event manager organised pre-registration attendance online

Travel and Hotels

If you’re organising an international event this is something that needs to have a serious amount of consideration put in. Especially now that Virtual and Hybrid events are growing in popularity.

One of the most effective ways to minimise the stress of having to fly in and accommodate international guests is to turn your event digital and make the most of Hybrid technology. This allows for your guests to attend your event without the stress, cost and risk of travelling.

Our event management company tech team with live streaming equipment to capture a company fashion show. Part of our virtual conference management services where we can provide virtual streaming services for your company

Final results

Planning, organising and managing an event can be daunting. However, by having an eye to the common problems we’ve identified in this article it should ensure that your event runs smoothly and you avoid any rooky errors.

However, if you’d like to plan an event but don’t want to be in charge of the organisation aspect that’s what hiring an event management company is for. We deal with all of this and more and we guarantee a smooth and seamless event. Therefore if you’d like to have a chat today about your event get in touch, we’d love to hear from you!

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