Events happen every single day, whether that’s a Live Event, Hybrid Event or Virtual Event. So what does an event manager add to these events and why consider booking them for your next occasion?

So what do event managers really do?

An event managers role varies depending on the client’s requirements. However, usually, they will organise the planning, managing and coordinating of all the separate elements that go into creating a full event.

From conception to completion they are with the client every step of the way. Working behind the scenes to ensure that the event goes off without a hitch.

Waiter carrying champagne glasses at Gala Dinner. Booked through Entertainment and Catering services supplied by our event management team

What do event managers offer

If you’re booking a professional event manager you want to know what their USP is. Additionally, you need to know what they can offer you that you can’t already achieve on your own.

Industry awareness

Whether it’s understanding the latest technology available on the market or booking that exclusive venue you didn’t even realise offered private hire. Event managers have years of industry insight.

Their jobs are to know the next biggest trend before it happens. What’s more, they can advise clients on the dos and dont’s of planning an event.

They will actually save you money

There seems to be a belief that hiring an event manager will cost you more money than if you did it yourself. This couldn’t be more wrong. One of the biggest befits of an event manager is that they work to your budget to produce an exceptional and professional outcome.

Event managers know the industry back to front, they know how to negotiate the best deals and they have a whole portfolio of entertainers, equipment, venues and more. Meaning they can secure the best rates.

Guaranteed service

By hiring an event manager you’ll get excellent service guaranteed. With all of their industry insight, they’ll ensure that everything you hire through them-whether that’s entertainment, props or equipment- is of a high-quality standard

When organising an event on your own you may fall into the trap of hiring a rogue business or not getting the quality of the product you hoped. With an event manager, this won’t happen.

Smoothly run event

Event managers are with you every step of the way. Therefore when it finally comes to the day of your event, your event manager is on hand to organise and sort everything.

The best thing about event managers is that they can take care of the whole day. Meaning you are able to relax and enjoy your event as if you were a guest. No one wants to spend money planning an amazing event and then feel stressed the whole night because they’re trying to make sure everything runs on time! Event managers will do this all for you.

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