An online experience is any live event hosted via an online platform, where guests are able to interact and join in live with the host. From Zoom to Teams and Skype to Google Meet, there are so many platforms to host online experiences on!

Generally, an online experience will be one or more hosts/ actors or specialists presenting some form of virtual entertainment. The beauty of these online experiences is that they are so varied and because they are presented live to guests that are highly interactive.

Why Book An Online Experience?

There are so many reasons why you should consider booking an online experience. Although virtual experiences have risen in popularity due to restrictions surrounding covid, they work as a great alternative to in-person events, regardless of restrictions.

Perhaps you have a team with people spread across the UK or even on different continents? If so an online experience is a great way of getting your team together!

Alternatively, you may have lots of your team working from home or minimising their day to day contact with others. A virtual experience is a great way for all of your team to connect and get to know one another in a fun, informal and safe environment. Many teams have team members that have never met in person due to more and more of us working from home. Therefore, organising online experiences and virtual events is a great way for those team members to get to know one another.

The Difference Between Online And In-person Experiences

The most obvious difference of course is instead of meeting in real life, you’ll be meeting via the powers of the internet. Another key difference between live and online experiences is the ability to invite more people as there are no limitations on venue capacities.

Depending on the virtual experience you book, you will often get to choose the platform you have the online event on. This means that if your company is familiar with a certain type of software then we can use that software for your virtual event

Quality of Online Experiences

One important factor when considering booking an online experience is ensuring that you book an agency or individual who has a lot of experience in hosting specifically virtual experiences. This is because you want to ensure that the event is of high quality.

When booking through a virtual entertainment specialist like us you can rest assured we provide the very best online experiences. We ensure that all suppliers have brilliant setups, high-quality filming equipment and are both engaging and knowledgeable within their specialist virtual experience.

Therefore you’ll find no low-quality webcams here!

Online Experience Options

The best thing about the rise in online experiences is the fact that there is now so much variety in high-quality virtual experiences. Meaning that whatever your teams preference and dynamic, we’re sure to have an online experience that will work for you.

From Virtual Murder Mysteries to Online Horse Racing, Virtual Cocktail Making to Online Candle Making Workshops. There is just so much to choose from.

Virtual team building seal the deal game being played on Zoom with staff. Get in contact today to discuss our Interactive Online Games available to book for Zoom calls and more.

Furthermore, we offer a huge variety of seasonal online experiences including:

All of these categories have all kinds of online experience options! Additionally, virtual experiences aren’t just a seasonal thing. With options available to book throughout the year, an online experience is an excellent option for remote team building.

The Best Virtual Team Experiences

With working from home, or having a balance of working from home and in the office (hybrid working), Virtual Team Experiences have become an extremely popular option with our clients who are looking to keep staff morale at a high and keep remoting teams working together with this change in a traditional working environment, working 5 days a week from the office.

We’ve found our Virtual Murder Mystery, Virtual Escape Rooms and Virtual Race Nights to be the most popular online team activities with our clients! This is because they are amongst some of the most interactive online experiences on offer!

If you’re interested in booking an online experience get in touch with our team today.

Presentation showing remote teams how to draw famous celebrities in caricature style for virtual team building caricature workshop
virtual candle making workshop available to book for virtual team building events
GBBO star Dan filming his virtual baking workshop for a corporate team building baking workshop

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