The Saudi Seasons are back for their second year in 2022. Bigger and better than 2019, Saudi Arabia is hosting a year full of events celebrating and showcasing its rich history and culture, as well as getting its name on the map as a must-visit international tourist destination.

The Saudi Seasons started back in 2019 with the intention to activate the tourism industry in Saudi Arabia, moving away from the Kingdom’s dependency on oil, diversifying its revenue streams. Due to Covid, all of the events associated with the Saudi Seasons had to be put on pause for the last 2 years. However, 2022 marks the return of the Saudi Seasons and they are back bigger and better!

As an event management company, the Saudi Seasons are such an exciting range of events offering a huge variety of entertainment options to locals and internationals. It is a wonderful way to see our industry showcased.

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How Many Saudi Seasons Are There in 2022?

There will be 11 Saudi Seasons in total in 2022. The length of these Seasons vastly varies, with some seasons lasting a couple of days and others lasting up to 3 months.

The Seasons are as follows:

  • Riyadh season
  • Jeddah season
  • Eastern province season
  • Taif season
  • Almadinah Almonawarah season
  • National Day Season
  • Diriyah season
  • AlUla season
  • Hail season
  • Ramadan season
  • Eid AlFitr season

Riyadh and Jeddah Season are arguably the biggest seasons lasting the longest and with the most amount of events. However, the 9 other seasons also have plenty to offer, from Taif’s rose festival to the historical and architectural beauty of Medina.

Riyadh Season October 2021- March 2022

Riyadh Season opened on the 20th of October 2021 and ran all the way to March 2022. Hosting over 7000 events and spanning 5.4 million square meters with 14 different zones. These zones were as follows:

  1. Riyadh Boulevard
  2. Via Riyadh
  3. Combat Field
  4. Riyadh Winter Wonderland
  5. Riyadh Front
  6. Al-Murabaa
  7. Riyadh Safari
  8. Al-Athriyah
  9. Riyadh Oasis
  10. The Groves
  11. Nabd al-Riyadh
  12. Zaman Village
  13. al-Salam Tree
  14. Khalooha

Featuring international musicians such as BTS, Pitbull and multiple international and Arabic artists, Riyadh Season drew in crowds of over 15 million over the 5 months it ran for. With a Squid Game experience, giant Winter Wonderland experience, massive parades, fireworks and more, Riyadh Season 2021/22 was a real success.

Activities taking place as part of the Saudi Seasons in 2022.

Jeddah Season May- July 2022

Promising 2,800 events in its 2 month period and with a new slogan to celebrate Ayamana Al Helwa or “our lovely days” Jeddah Season is set to be bigger and better than ever.

Similar to Riyadh Season, Jeddah Season will be split over 9 different zones, these are:

  • Jeddah Jungle
  • Jeddah Yacht Club
  • Prince Majid Park
  • City Walk
  • Jeddah Pier
  • Jeddah Art Promenade
  • Al Jawhara Stadium
  • Jeddah Superdome
  • Al Balad

Jeddah season boasts lots of exciting entertainment and leisure events. These include Cirque du Soleil Fuzion shows tailored exclusively for Jeddah Season 2022, a giant science festival, a major comic-con event and fireworks every night at the Jeddah Art Promenade.

Furthermore, the Jeddah Jungle zone will feature KSA’s biggest zoo. Not to mention there will also be weekly bazaars, cultural events and a spotlight shone on art and culture in Jeddah.

Eastern Province Season

The Eastern Province Season runs for 2 weeks at the end of March. This Season is predominantly targeted at locals, however, does also attract international visitors as well. With a number of exciting events in multiple cities across the Eastern Province, this season offers a variety of cultural and entertainment-based events.

With a focus on sporting events, cultural showcases and Multimedia and immersive exhibitions the Eastern Province Season showcases the very best Saudi Arabia culture has to offer.

Taif Season

Taif is a mountainous city based in the western province of Saudi Arabia. This Season runs for 30 days in August and boasts over 100 fun and exciting events targeted at locals and ex-pats.

Taif is notorious for its roses, growing a special variety that can only be grown in Taif due to the exacting conditions this species needs to grow. These roses are known for their beautiful fragrance and are in high demand from perfumery companies. Therefore, they are something that is celebrated throughout Taif Season.

Taif Season celebrates Saudi arts and nature with many events around Arab music, poetry readings, camel exhibitions, heritage events, nature studies, mountain hiking and much more.

Diriyah Season

Beginning in November and ending in December, Diriyah Season has a strong focus on sporting and entertainment events. Most of the events are hosted in two areas of Diriyah, these are Diriyah Oasis and Al Bujaira.

Including Grand Prix events, Formula E, Boxing, Showjumping, Family Entertainment zones and much more, Diriyah season is targeted at attracting an international audience as well as appealing to locals.

Diriyah is the original capital of the first Saudi State still preserved today and known as Al Turaif. Located a few kilometres West of Riyadh on the banks of the Wadi Hanifah, it has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

AlUla season

AlUla is a rocky desert town located in Tabuk in the northwestern province of Saudi Arabia. The AlUla Season is a 3-month long season with events taking place every weekend from December through to February.

Hosting international music and dance shows, as well as show-stopping drone, shows AlUla Season is set to attract big crowds and lots of international visitors. Additionally, AlUla is known for its luxury tent hotels, high-end restaurants and magnificent hot air balloon displays.

With market stalls selling traditional arts, clothing, crafts, and traditional foods as well as Hegra Heritage Tours, Dedan Tombs and Volcano Tours. AlUla is a wonderful combination of culture and high-tech entertainment.

Places to eat and drink in Saudi Arabia as part of the Saudi Seasons 2022 entertainment.

Types of Events Happening For The Saudi Seasons

There are all kinds of events running across the 11 different Saudi seasons, however, they generally all fall under 5 different categories.

1. Sporting

From horse racing to boxing, wrestling to E-Sports there are lots of different sporting events taking place in 2022. Some of the highlights include:

  • Riyadh Dakar Race
  • Diriyah E-Prix
  • Riyadh Marathon

2. Festivals

There are so many large and small scale festivals going on in The Kingdom throughout 2022 and arguably the Seasons are festivals in themselves. However, some festival highlights for 2022 include:

  • The Science Festival
  • Design Festival
  • The Red Sea Film Festival

3. Exhibitions

Exhibitions are one of the biggest ways Saudi Arabia is drawing in new business and revenues. With all kinds of exhibitions running throughout 2022, you can expect their topics to cover perfume, entertainment, leisure and hospitality, art and culture and much more.

Some of the exhibition highlights for 2022 include:

4. Conferences and Seminars

In 2022 there are over 600 conferences and seminars taking place in Saudi Arabia. Attracting leading figures from a wide cross-section of industry experts. There is a strong focus on sustainability, engineering and medicine.

Just a few of these conferences include:

  • International Conference on Marine Science and Aquaculture
  • World Conference on Science Engineering and Technology
  • International Conference on Forestry Food and Sustainable Agriculture
  • International Conference on Political Science and International Relations

5. Celebrations

The Saudi Seasons comprise of so many different celebratory events. Celebrating culture, art and the history of Saudi Arabia.

Just some of the celebrations you can expect to see going on throughout 2022 include:

  • Large Scale Parades
  • Fireworks Shows
  • International Music Performances
  • Sound and Light Shows
  • Family Theatre
  • Stand Up Comedians

There’s no denying that there is a lot going on in Saudi Arabia in 2022, Julia Charles will be in Saudi Arabia both for work and pleasure throughout 2022 and we can’t wait to see what Saudi Seasons 2022 has to offer!

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