Are you booking a Christmas party or end of year party and need the perfect theme? Have you considered Winter Wonderland Theming? A Winter Wonderland theme is a perfect option for Christmas parties. It epitomises the festive season, offering a sleek and luxurious spin on a classic Christmas party.

The run-up to Christmas always feels magical and our Winter Wonderland theme encapsulates this feeling. By using props and techniques, we can transform any event space into an enchanting winter wonderland sure to wow your guests.

Imagine glittering white surfaces dusted with faux snow, soft draping in icy blue and soft lilac tones, snowflake projections and twinkling warm lights highlighting the sparkling snow-covered surfaces.

If you’re looking for Winter Wonderland theming you’ve come to the right place! Keep reading for inspiration and tips.

Winter Wonderland Venues

So you’ve decided you want to host a Winter Wonderland themed event but you need a venue to host it in. We work with each of our clients on an individual basis to hand-select the perfect venue that suits their needs and budgets.

Furthermore, our industry connections allow us to book some of the most exclusive venues within London and the rest of the UK, as well as venue spaces that typically aren’t available to hire to the public. This ensures the uniqueness and exclusivity of your event or party.

Therefore, whether you’re looking for a show-stopping stately home with extensive grounds, an exclusive rooftop bar in the heart of London or something a bit quirkier. We are able to source and style your dream winter wonderland themed venue space.

Bespoke Winter Wonderland Arch we created as a Christmas Attraction to book for Christmas Events in the UK. Click to view our top three Christmas Attractions for hire.

Winter Wonderland Venue Decoration

There are so many ways that we are able to decorate and transform your venue space. The beauty of full venue dressing is it doesn’t matter what the space looks like. Using techniques such as wall and ceiling draping we can completely change the way that your venue space looks and feels. Furthermore, by adding different layers of winter wonderland decorations, we can create a truly immersive environment.

Firstly, when creating the venue space, we recommend installing the draping. This can include colours that will match the winter wonderland theme and we can layer these up to create bespoke colours. Next, you want to start adding in your big props and any snow layers. After this, you can start adding the small props and finishing touches.

We offer all kinds of winter wonderland decorations including miniature and full-size log cabins, Christmas trees of all shapes and sizes, icicles, hanging snowflakes, sleighs, wreaths, garlands and more. Furthermore, we are able to source or create pretty much any winter wonderland decoration you can imagine, ensuring your event is completely unique.

White snowflakes projected over blue lit venue space for winter wonderland event theming for Christmas party

Magical Lighting

One of the very best ways to transform a venue space is by adding layers of lighting. There are so many ways that lighting and lighting accessories can be used to achieve effective and unique lighting.

Below are just a few lighting options that work well for a winter wonderland themed events:

  • Large chandelier lighting
  • Industrial fairy lights
  • Coloured up lighting
  • Snowflake projections
  • LED centrepieces
  • Lit up Christmas trees

By using a combination of different lighting options for winter wonderland themed events, we can create a really effective and magical look for your venue space.

Winter Wonderland Event Decorations we used to transform this event space into a Winter Wonderland!

Venue Draping

As skilled event stylists, we are able to change the way any venue space looks by adding clever draping. We start by adding black canvas draping to build and shape your venue space. Then we add different colours of draping material to create your dream space.

We highly recommend venue draping if you’ve got a large plain space that needs filling or if the space is very busy as this ensures you’re theme shines through.

White venue draping and Christmas themed backdrop used to decorate venue space for winter wonderland party.

Additional Services

Once you’ve got a perfectly dressed and styled winter wonderland venue space, you’ll want to consider what other winter wonderland themed services to book.

One of the best ways to create a buzz around your themed party or event is by adding entertainment. Whether this is Winter Wonderland themed walkabout entertainment or drinks girls, Christmas shows, Jazz bands or even an appearance from the big man himself. There are so many options to choose from and our event managers will be able to guide you on what will work best for your event.

Winter Wonderland Performer group on the Dance Floor we created inside the Conrad Hotel, London, for our client's Winter Wonderland Christmas Party.

If you’re looking for more inspiration, take a look at our Winter Wonderland themed event page or get in touch with one of our event managers.

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