As an established events company, we regularly transform venues and other event spaces into un-recognisable themes, spaces and designs.

We know the tricks of the trade and the most effective ways of transforming your event space, whether it’s in a dedicated venue, outdoor space, or in your own home!

You’ll see how we transform blank canvases into a perfectly captured theme or concept and make for a truly unique event space that will leave attendees wondering just how it was transformed.

Collage of event designs using CAD software.

How To Transform an Event Space

So let’s get into it. How do we transform event spaces into spaces like this?

Event Space before (top) and after (bottom) transformation.


Lighting is one of the most effective ways of creating a mood/atmosphere in your event space. And what’s more; it’s a cost-effective option that is quick and easy to install.

Modern lighting options include wireless options, which means they’re much easier and safer to set up. No tripping over cords or installing expensive rigging.

For parties we like to go for moody lighting with highlights, illuminating the parts of the event space we really want to stand out, such as accent pieces, the dance floor, tables, entrances and more.

Lighting can also be used to accompany performers, whether it be a DJ or dance performance – lighting can be set-up to be part of the performance. For example, for a dance performance, you can have the light follow the dancer and give the impression the dancer is interacting with the light.

Here’s an example of how we used lighting to transform an event space:

Winter Wonderland Event we created for the University of London at Senate House, London 2019. Book our Winter Wonderland Themed Events service to enjoy an event like this for yourself.
Winter Wonderland Event we created for the University of London at Senate House, London.

You can see how we’ve used the dark blue colour with bright white accents to create the winter wonderland theme (along with some other tricks we’ll get into below).

You can see how creating projections bring much more to your event space – and this is a very easy trick to do yourself!

Make sure the lighting covers the walls, floor and even ceiling.

Bring Nature Into Your Event Space

Bring the outdoors in by bringing in greenery, flowers, hanging plants and more into your event space. This will transform a bland space into a truly spectacular event space.

Think flower walls, hanging plants and more.

You can go further by bringing in water features and other natural installations – these always add an element of class to your event space.

Here’s what we done for an oriental themed event space:

Colourful umbrellas hung from floral cover canopy as part of Tokyo themed event prop hire.
Colourful umbrellas hung from floral cover canopy as part of Tokyo themed event prop hire.

They’re a great way of bringing some variety into your event space and more importantly some colour!

Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality

Now we’re in 2022, you can now bring Virtual Reality into the picture! Transform your event space virtually.

The possibilities are quite literally endless if you’re creating a virtual event space.

With augmented reality, this is a mix between the physical and virtual world. You can bring ‘Virtual’ elements into your physical event space.

If you don’t want to go all the way in virtually, why not just add some virtual elements to your event, with virtual reality attractions and more?

Backdrops, Walls, Draping

Backdrops are a fantastic way of splitting up your event space and quickly getting rid of blank, bland walls.

Here’s a mix of backdrops, draping and hanging props that really transformed a blank white wall into this:

Twisted Circus style backdrops.
Twisted Circus style backdrops.

These elements add depth to your event space and make it interesting. Whatsmore; they’re a quick and cost-effective option to transform your event space!

Think about how you can bring these elements together to complement one another. For example, here you can see they all relate to the same theme -twisted circus.

Using red and white stripes in the backdrop and ceiling draping, along with spooky hanging props – they come together to create the ‘Twisted Circus’ theme.

Materials such as fabric add a touch of luxury and bring texture to your event design. It can be used on the ceiling or along the walls to transform the tone and feel of the event space.

They also go well with the lighting effects discussed above.

Draping makes sure every angle of the venue or event space is covered – no matter what angle you look at the event space from, it will look fantastic! (if done properly)

Backdrops can also be made to be more prominent by looking at LED backdrops.

Split Up Your Event Space

Bring more to your event space by splitting up one large space into multiple rooms or nooks!

This makes an uninviting space cozier by creating smaller, more intimate spaces in your event space.

You can use these smaller spaces to bring different elements to your event. For example, you can have a cozy seating area in one room, a photo room in the next and a bar with a dance floor in a larger section.

People love exploring different spaces and if you only have one space for your entire event – this can get boring quickly!

This is a trick we regularly use for corporate parties, private parties and more.

Having multiple areas is a must for parties and other events!

3D Projection

Similar to virtual reality, 3D projection comes with endless possibilities.

3D Projection transforms any old boring surface into whatever you please – a spaceship, render of the event space or anything else you can think of!

Because it’s virtual, it also means there’s minimal set-up and de-rig required – just the technology it uses.

Brand Projection on the side of a building to boost brand awareness for this private client. Book 3D Mapping Shows in the UK.
Brand Projection on the side of a building to boost brand awareness for this private client.

This is another quick and efficient way of transforming your event space.

We Are Expert Venue Dressers and Party Decorators

As expert venue dressers and party decorators, we regularly transform event spaces, whether it be a venue, home or outdoor space.

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